Most Runs in a Series for Pakistan in Test matches

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Mudassar Nazar6827612314126.83Pak v Ind1982/83
Mohammad Yousuf3506651924133.00Pak v WI2006/07
Zaheer Abbas6616502153130.00Pak v Ind1982/83
Mohammad Yousuf470631202390.14Pak v Eng2006
Hanif Mohammad590628337169.77Pak v WI1957/58
Javed Miandad661594280*2118.80Pak v Ind1982/83
Zaheer Abbas352583235*2194.33Pak v Ind1978/79
Saleem Malik360557237292.83Pak v Aus1994/95
Younis Khan3505531992110.60Pak v Ind2005/06
Majid Khan5100530167153.00Pak v WI1976/77
Wasim Raja5101517117*157.44Pak v WI1976/77
Saeed Ahmed590508150156.44Pak v WI1957/58
Younis Khan3615082672101.60Pak v Ind2004/05
Shoaib Mohammad352507203*3169.00Pak v NZ1990/91
Javed Miandad3515042062126.00Pak v NZ1976/77
Saleem Malik582488165181.33Pak v Eng1992
Azhar Ali361474302*194.80Pak v WI2016/17
Younis Khan2414682133156.00Pak v Aus2014/15
Misbah-ul-Haq362464161*2116.00Pak v Ind2007/08
Mohammad Yousuf350461173292.20Pak v Ind2005/06
Saeed Ahmed5101460121251.11Pak v Ind1960/61
Wasim Raja610245097056.25Pak v Ind1979/80
Wazir Mohammad591440189255.00Pak v WI1957/58
Inzamam-ul-Haq3514311092107.75Pak v Eng2005/06
Javed Miandad611142176042.10Pak v Ind1979/80
Mohammad Hafeez2414181972139.33Pak v NZ2014/15
Aamer Sohail591413205151.62Pak v Eng1992
Javed Miandad350412211282.40Pak v Aus1988/89
Shoaib Mohammad451412203*1103.00Pak v Ind1989/90
Hanif Mohammad591410160151.25Pak v Ind1960/61

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