Most Wickets in a Season in County Championship

252AP Freeman1933
249AP Freeman1930
241AP Freeman1931
239T Richardson1895
238T Richardson1897
216AP Freeman1928
215WC Smith1910
215TWJ Goddard1937
209AP Freeman1932
206W Rhodes1900
206TWJ Goddard1947
205CWL Parker1931
201AP Freeman1935
200CWL Parker1925
199AP Freeman1929
198CWL Parker1926
196W Rhodes1901
196CF Root1925
195CWL Parker1922
194AP Freeman1922
194MW Tate1925
191T Richardson1896
189TWJ Goddard1935
187AP Freeman1934
184EG Dennett1907
184CWL Parker1924
183CWL Parker1927
182AW Mold1895
182GH Hirst1906
182EA McDonald1925
181TWJ Goddard1939
179B Dooland1954
178C Blythe1909
178EA McDonald1928
177AS Kennedy1922
176CH Parkin1923
176GG Macaulay1925
175H Dean1911
175WE Hollies1946
174MW Tate1923
172JA Newman1921
172CH Parkin1922
171AR Gover1936
170C Blythe1912
170TWJ Goddard1933
170JC Clay1937
169WS Lees1905
169TL Richmond1922
169CH Parkin1924
169R Appleyard1951
169GE Tribe1955
168AS Kennedy1921
167C Blythe1908
167CWL Parker1923
167AW Wellard1938
165CF Root1923
165H Verity1939
164FE Woolley1920
164AS Kennedy1920
163EA McDonald1926
163AP Freeman1926
163TL Pritchard1948
163R Tattersall1950
162CWL Parker1930
161H Verity1935
161D Shackleton1958
161D Shackleton1962
160EG Dennett1906
160WE Bowes1932
160TB Mitchell1935
159C Blythe1914
159GG Macaulay1924
159TWJ Goddard1932
158A Fielder1906
158MW Booth1913
158AP Freeman1927
158JH Wardle1952
157H Verity1937
157JE Walsh1948
156GH Hirst1908
156JA Newman1910
156CWL Parker1921
156AP Freeman1921
156AS Kennedy1923
156DJ Shepherd1956
154AE Trott1900
154GR Cox1905
154WS Lees1906
154JW Hitch1913
154TWJ Goddard1929
153FW Tate1902
153AW Hallam1907
153EG Dennett1913
153H Verity1933
153H Verity1936
153TPB Smith1947
153GAR Lock1957
153D Shackleton1961
152WC Smith1911
152WE Astill1921
152H Howell1923
152TWJ Goddard1949
152B Dooland1953
151A Fielder1907
151C Gladwin1952
150LW Cook1920
150GAE Paine1934
150TWJ Goddard1946





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