Most Wickets in Career for South Africa Women in Women's Test matches

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  Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB Avge 5wI 10wM
LG Ward142069467276-4817.293-
G Williamson68643221123-2818.41--
S Loubser52327149115-3713.541-
JA Gove6832128493-5731.55--
Y van Mentz5651625084-9531.25--
M Payne8142732482-3140.50--
JF McNaughton276911666-3919.331-
C Brits5071425562-6842.50--
D Weyers6603620453-3340.80--
LZ Jacobs276417842-7244.50--
AE Smith3361913642-434.00--
WH Skog4202312631-2442.00--
J Barnard8606532-2521.66--
Y van der Merwe4622023032-8176.66--
C van der Westhuizen240711632-4938.66--
S Ismail150132032-56.66--
A Jackson14435921-629.50--
B Lang4622812421-3162.00--
SM Nefdt174210821-1654.00--
CE Eksteen228146422-6432.00--
SM Benade243122-10.50--
CS Terblanche108101422-117.00--
P Hollett10215911-4659.00--
D Moe27089811-5198.00--
KA Laing14477211-7272.00--
SD van Zyl258812111-63121.00--
J Logtenberg16267111-4771.00--
Y Fourie10807911-7979.00--
CL Tryon11445511-5555.00--
D van Niekerk22289011-9090.00--

The list shows the top 30 occurrences





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