Women's Test Batsmen Sharing in Most Century Partnerships

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7JA Brittin
6BJ Clark
6CM Edwards
6CA Hodges
5DA Annetts
5E Bakewell
5KL Rolton
5SC Taylor
5P Verco
4BJ Haggett
4R Heyhoe-Flint
4DA Hockley
4LM Keightley
3S Agarwal
3G Banerjee
3KE Bond
3J Broadbent
3L Cooke
3JD Doull
3HC Knight
3OM Marshall
3LK Newton
3S Nitschke
3MD Raj
3LC Sthalekar
3ER Wilson
2CMG Atkins
2AJ Blackwell
2CJ Connor
2MK Fruin
2LS Greenway
2ME Hide
2HM Kala
2J Kennare
2KM Leng
2ME Maclagan
2UL Paisley
2EA Perry
2S Potter
2LA Reeler
2S Shah
2HM Sharpe
2K Smithies
2EA Snowball
2J Southgate
2JE Stead
2DL Thomas


The list shows the top 47 occurrences





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