Women's Test Highest Overall Partnerships

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3309  LA Reeler (110*) & DA Annetts (193)Australia Women v England WomenHarewood Road, Collingham1987
2275  MD Thirush Kamini (192) & PG Raut (130)India Women v South Africa WomenGangothri Glades Cricket Ground, Mysore2014/15
4253  KL Rolton (209*) & LC Broadfoot (71)Australia Women v England WomenHeadingley, Leeds2001
1241  Kiran Baluch (242) & Sajjida Shah (98)Pakistan Women v West Indies WomenNational Stadium, Karachi2003/04
2235  EA Snowball (189) & ME Hide (110)England Women v New Zealand WomenLancaster Park, Christchurch1934/35
6229  JM Fields (139) & RL Haynes (98)Australia Women v England WomenCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester2009
4222  DA Annetts (148*) & LA Larsen (86)Australia Women v England WomenNorth Sydney Oval, Sydney1991/92
4220  J Broadbent (200) & M Jones (131)Australia Women v England WomenWoodbridge Road, Guildford1998
2207  JA Brittin (125) & CA Hodges (121*)England Women v India WomenCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1986
4203  SC Taylor (177) & LS Greenway (70)England Women v South Africa WomenDenis Compton Oval, Shenley2003
1200  CMG Atkins (90) & A Brindle (85)England Women v India WomenKD Singh Babu Stadium, Lucknow2001/02
8181  SJ Griffiths (133) & DL Wilson (91*)Australia Women v New Zealand WomenCornwall Park, Auckland1989/90
1178  BJ Haggett (73) & BJ Clark (104)Australia Women v India WomenNorth Sydney Oval, Sydney1990/91
3178  CMG Atkins (68) & CM Edwards (105)England Women v India WomenCounty Ground, Taunton2006
2177  BJ Haggett (144) & DA Annetts (65)Australia Women v India WomenRichmond Cricket Ground, Melbourne1990/91
2174  BJ Clark (136) & KL Rolton (176*)Australia Women v England WomenCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1998
1164  E Bakewell (77) & DL Thomas (90)England Women v Australia WomenEdgbaston, Birmingham1976
4164  SC Taylor (131) & LS Greenway (66)England Women v South Africa WomenCounty Ground, Taunton2003
4163  UL Paisley (108) & ER Wilson (90)Australia Women v New Zealand WomenBasin Reserve, Wellington1947/48
1163  CM Edwards (117) & LK Newton (103)England Women v New Zealand WomenNorth Marine Road, Scarborough2004
3159  SC Taylor (79) & CM Edwards (94)England Women v Australia WomenBradman Oval, Bowral2007/08
7157  MD Raj (214) & JN Goswami (62)India Women v England WomenCounty Ground, Taunton2002
7156  HC Knight (157) & LA Marsh (55)England Women v Australia WomenSir Paul Getty's Ground, Wormsley2013
2155  LK Newton (85) & SC Taylor (115)England Women v India WomenGrace Road, Leicester2006
1153  G Banerjee (72) & S Agarwal (83)India Women v Australia WomenWankhede Stadium, Bombay1983/84
1150  MK Fruin (80) & DA Hockley (65)New Zealand Women v England WomenWoodbridge Road, Guildford1996
1149  CA Hodges (68) & L Cooke (117)England Women v India WomenHarewood Road, Collingham1986
1147  OM Marshall (63) & HM Sharpe (70)England Women v South Africa WomenNewlands, Cape Town1960/61
2146  MK Fruin (80) & KE Bond (204)New Zealand Women v England WomenNorth Marine Road, Scarborough1996
1145  ME Maclagan (119) & EA Snowball (71)England Women v Australia WomenSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney1934/35

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