Multan Under-19s v Lahore Shalimar Under-19s
Inter-Region Under 19 Tournament 2007/08 (Pool B)
VenueGymkhana Ground, Okara on 8th, 9th, 10th October 2007 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossMultan Under-19s won the toss and decided to field
ResultMatch drawn
PointsMultan Under-19s 3; Lahore Shalimar Under-19s 0
UmpiresEhtesham-ul-Haq, Saqib Khan
Close of play day 1Multan Under-19s (1) 51/1 (Junaid Iqbal 31*, Abdul Rehman Muzammil 19*; 14 overs)
Close of play day 2Lahore Shalimar Under-19s (2) 47/1 (Asif Khan 25*, Babar Manzoor 6*; 16 overs)

Lahore Shalimar Under-19s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Saadullah Ghaurib Mohammad Javed15     
Asif Khanb Mohammad Javed0     
Babar Manzoorc Mohammad Ayaz b Mohammad Javed3     
*Ali Haiderlbw b Abdul Rehman Muzammil32     
Yasir Ajmalb Abdul Rehman Muzammil99     
Saad Alic Sanaullah b Farhan Ahmed38     
Saad Nasimc Adeel Hanif b Mohammad Javed6     
Naeem-ul-Haqc Mohammad Ayaz b Adeel Hanif32     
+Zaman Khannot out12     
Wasif Buttlbw b Farhan Ahmed3     
Hasan Darlbw b Farhan Ahmed0     
Extras(7 b, 1 lb, 10 nb, 6 w)24
Total(all out, 72 overs)264
Fall of wickets:
1-5, 2-19, 3-26, 4-87, 5-179, 6-186, 7-236, 8-244, 9-244, 10-264 (72 ov)
Multan Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Mudassar Ali11   1570--
Mohammad Javed20   2964--
Abdul Rehman Muzammil7   2212--
Farhan Ahmed18   7373--
Adeel Hanif16   3451--

Multan Under-19s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Khawar Alic Wasif Butt b Hasan Dar0     
Junaid Iqbalc Wasif Butt b Hasan Dar40     
*Abdul Rehman Muzammilc Saad Nasim b Babar Manzoor59     
Waleed Iqballbw b Wasif Butt23     
Adnan Razzaqlbw b Wasif Butt3     
Sanaullahst Zaman Khan b Saad Nasim109     
+Mohammad Ayazc [unknown] b Wasif Butt34     
Farhan Ahmedc Ali Haider b Saad Nasim24     
Mohammad Javedc sub b Saad Nasim25     
Mudassar Alic Babar Manzoor b Hasan Dar3     
Adeel Hanifnot out7     
Extras(8 b, 7 nb)15
Total(all out, 83 overs)342
Fall of wickets:
1-1, 2-67, 3-120, 4-124, 5-164, 6-226, 7-262, 8-326, 9-?, 10-342 (83 ov)
Lahore Shalimar Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Hasan Dar15   1833--
Ali Haider1   0160--
Saadullah Ghauri4   270--
Saad Nasim26   01083--
Wasif Butt25   7673--
Naeem-ul-Haq10   2410--
Babar Manzoor2   0121--

Lahore Shalimar Under-19s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Umar Waheedc Abdul Rehman Muzammil b Adeel Hanif54     
Saad Alic Junaid Iqbal b Mudassar Ali13     
Babar Manzoorc Sanaullah b Mudassar Ali11     
*Ali Haiderc Farhan Ahmed b Abdul Rehman Muzammil7     
Yasir Ajmallbw b Abdul Rehman Muzammil46     
Saad Nasimc and b Farhan Ahmed40     
Saadullah Ghauric Junaid Iqbal b Abdul Rehman Muzammil15     
Naeem-ul-Haqc Mudassar Ali b Abdul Rehman Muzammil5     
+Zaman Khanb Mudassar Ali18     
Wasif Buttnot out11     
Hasan Darlbw b Farhan Ahmed15     
Extras(11 b, 3 lb, 4 nb, 1 w)19
Total(all out, 87.2 overs)254
Fall of wickets:
1-33, 2-56, 3-85, 4-97, 5-161, 6-199, 7-206, 8-212, 9-235, 10-254 (87.2 ov)
Multan Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Mudassar Ali19   3793--
Mohammad Javed9   0300--
Abdul Rehman Muzammil18   5374--
Farhan Ahmed25.211572--
Adeel Hanif15   5371--
Khawar Ali1   100--

Multan Under-19s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Khawar Alic Zaman Khan b Hasan Dar5     
*Abdul Rehman Muzammilnot out25     
Adnan Razzaqnot out10     
Junaid Iqbaldid not bat      
Sanaullahdid not bat      
+Mohammad Ayazdid not bat      
Farhan Ahmeddid not bat      
Mohammad Javeddid not bat      
Mudassar Alidid not bat      
Adeel Hanifdid not bat      
Waleed Iqbaldid not bat      
Extras(1 w)1
Total(1 wicket, 14 overs)41
Fall of wickets:
1-16 (Khawar Ali)
Lahore Shalimar Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Hasan Dar4   261--
Ali Haider5   0270--
Saad Nasim1   100--
Wasif Butt2   130--
Naeem-ul-Haq2   150--

--> Lahore Shalimar Under-19s full substitute: Umar Waheed for Asif Khan
--> Each first innings was limited to 83 overs





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