Punjab Under-19s v Pakistan International Airlines Colts
National Under-19 Championship 1978/79 (Final)
VenueGaddafi Stadium, Lahore on 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th November 1978 (4-day match)
Balls per over8
TossToss not known
ResultPunjab Under-19s won by 7 runs
UmpiresSD Ahmed, Aslam Khokhar
Close of play day 1Punjab Under-19s (1) 282/8 (Qasim Shera 7*)
Close of play day 2Pakistan International Airlines Colts (1) 222/5 (Aurangzeb Mirza 33*, Zahid Ahmed 17*)
Close of play day 3Punjab Under-19s (2) 232 all out

Punjab Under-19s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*Waqar Malikc Javed Qureshi b Zahid Ahmed24      
Shahid Pervezc and b Zahid Ahmed45      
Sikander Naqic and b Zahid Ahmed22      
Rameez Rajac Javed Qureshi b Zahid Ahmed77      
Asad Mahmoodc Shoaib Mohammad b Zahid Ahmed63      
Tariq Javedc Aurangzeb Mirza b Zahid Ahmed2      
Saleem Razac Anil Dalpat b Rashid Khan18      
Ali Ahmedc Anil Dalpat b Rashid Khan4      
Qasim Sheranot out15      
Aqil Ahmednot out13      
Mustafa Malikdid not bat      
Total(8 wickets, innings closed, 78 overs)305
Fall of wickets:
1-77, 2-78, 3-105, 4-240, 5-245, 6-254, 7-273, 8-282
Pakistan International Airlines Colts bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Dara Bashir14   5530--
Rashid Khan17   0712--
Zahid Ahmed28   7986--
Javed Qureshi16   5270--
Iftikhar Ahmed3   0340--

Pakistan International Airlines Colts first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Talat Mirzac Tariq Javed b Qasim Shera22      
Rizwan-uz-Zamanc Saleem Raza b Waqar Malik44      
Shoaib Mohammadb Tariq Javed65      
Saleem Anwarlbw b Waqar Malik0      
Javed Qureshib Tariq Javed25      
Aurangzeb Mirzalbw b Tariq Javed44      
Zahid Ahmedb Aqil Ahmed17      
Rashid Khanst Shahid Pervez b Aqil Ahmed15      
Anil Dalpatnot out19      
Iftikhar Ahmedst Shahid Pervez b Aqil Ahmed0      
Dara Bashirb Aqil Ahmed3      
Total(all out, 64.3 overs)277
Fall of wickets:
1-36, 2-98, 3-98, 4-149, 5-179, 6-227, 7-237, 8-261, 9-271, 10-277 (64.3 ov)
Punjab Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Ali Ahmed9   1430--
Mustafa Malik5   1180--
Qasim Shera6   0211--
Aqil Ahmed21.38814--
Waqar Malik12   3432--
Tariq Javed9   0383--
Saleem Raza2   0100--

Punjab Under-19s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Tariq Javedc Anil Dalpat b Zahid Ahmed39      
*Waqar Malikc Anil Dalpat b Zahid Ahmed35      
Sikander Naqib Javed Qureshi52      
Rameez Rajac Aurangzeb Mirza b Zahid Ahmed6      
Asad Mahmoodlbw b Rizwan-uz-Zaman31      
Shahid Pervezc Talat Mirza b Javed Qureshi9      
Saleem Razab Rizwan-uz-Zaman7      
Mustafa Malikc sub b Javed Qureshi0      
Ali Ahmedc Javed Qureshi b Zahid Ahmed13      
Qasim Sherac Aurangzeb Mirza b Zahid Ahmed22      
Aqil Ahmednot out4      
Total(all out, 67.1 overs)232
Fall of wickets:
1-81, 2-82, 3-100, 4-156, 5-183, 6-190, 7-190, 8-196, 9-220, 10-232 (67.1 ov)
Pakistan International Airlines Colts bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Dara Bashir4   160--
Rashid Khan4   0170--
Zahid Ahmed20.12825--
Javed Qureshi18   4493--
Iftikhar Ahmed10   2280--
Rizwan-uz-Zaman11   1372--

Pakistan International Airlines Colts second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Rizwan-uz-Zamanc Tariq Javed b Aqil Ahmed43      
Aurangzeb Mirzab Qasim Shera7      
Talat Mirzac Tariq Javed b Aqil Ahmed32      
Saleem Anwarlbw b Aqil Ahmed15      
Shoaib Mohammadc Asad Mahmood b Aqil Ahmed4      
Javed Qureshic Asad Mahmood b Tariq Javed5      
Zahid Ahmedc and b Ali Ahmed33      
Anil Dalpatlbw b Waqar Malik27      
Rashid Khannot out41      
Iftikhar Ahmedc Shahid Pervez b Aqil Ahmed18      
Dara Bashirlbw b Aqil Ahmed0      
Total(all out, 54 overs)253
Fall of wickets:
1-15, 2-80, 3-91, 4-107, 5-114, 6-122, 7-178, 8-186, 9-245, 10-253 (54 ov)
Punjab Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Ali Ahmed7   1371--
Mustafa Malik4   1160--
Qasim Shera4   0131--
Aqil Ahmed21   4736--
Tariq Javed11   0471--
Rameez Raja2   0100--
Saleem Raza1   0120--
Waqar Malik4   0171--

--> Each first innings was limited to 78 overs
--> Punjab Under-19s second innings batting adds 1 run under





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