Vehari v Bahawalnagar
Inter-District Senior Tournament 2012 (Multan Region Pool B)
VenueQuaid-e-Azam Stadium, Burewala on 2nd, 3rd, 4th June 2012 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossBahawalnagar won the toss and decided to bat
ResultBahawalnagar won by 110 runs
PointsVehari 0; Bahawalnagar 9
UmpiresMohammad Kaleem, Raza Asghar
Close of play day 1
Close of play day 2

Bahawalnagar first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Mohammad Shahzadc Mohammad Waqas b Abdul Razaq8     
Shahid Akramb Mohammad Waqas25     
Mazhar Bashirc Ahsan Nazir b Faisal Rasheed43     
Qasim Iqballbw b Faisal Rasheed8     
*Sabiullah Khanrun out (Mohammad Yameen)16     
Ali Adnanc and b Ali Usman39     
Shahid Majeedc Kashif Siddiq b Ali Usman0     
Ansar Javedc Mohammad Yameen b Ali Usman54     
+Mohammad Umarst Shahzad Ali b Ali Usman41     
Mohammad Azamnot out5     
Mubashir Hussainlbw b Faisal Rasheed0     
Extras(10 b, 1 lb, 3 nb)14
Total(all out, 68.3 overs)253
Fall of wickets:
1-21, 2-57, 3-79, 4-110, 5-112, 6-113, 7-171, 8-232, 9-252, 10-253 (68.3 ov)
Vehari bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Mohammad Irfan6   1120- 
Abdul Razaq8   0361- 
Mohammad Waqas13   3541- 
Ali Usman22   4704- 
Faisal Rasheed16.32563- 
Mohammad Imran3   0140- 

Vehari first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kashif Siddiqc Shahid Majeed b Sabiullah Khan2     
Ahsan Nazirst Mohammad Umar b Mohammad Azam79     
+Shahzad Alilbw b Mohammad Azam10     
Wasim Buttb Mazhar Bashir13     
Mohammad Imranb Mohammad Azam18     
Mohammad Yameenlbw b Mohammad Azam1     
Ali Usmanb Mohammad Azam50     
*Mohammad Irfanrun out (Sabiullah Khan)10     
Abdul Razaqc Ansar Javed b Mazhar Bashir6     
Faisal Rasheedst Mohammad Umar b Mohammad Azam6     
Mohammad Waqasnot out4     
Extras(8 b, 4 lb, 4 nb)16
Total(all out, 67.5 overs)215
Fall of wickets:
1-10, 2-38, 3-64, 4-91, 5-98, 6-165, 7-191, 8-205, 9-205, 10-215 (67.5 ov)
Bahawalnagar bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Sabiullah Khan5   1191- 
Ansar Javed5   0150- 
Mohammad Azam27.55676- 
Mazhar Bashir20   1672- 
Mubashir Hussain3   0120- 
Ali Adnan4   0110- 
Mohammad Shahzad3   0120- 

Bahawalnagar second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
+Mohammad Umarb Abdul Razaq22     
Shahid Akramc Kashif Siddiq b Faisal Rasheed42     
Mohammad Shahzadlbw b Ali Usman28     
Mazhar Bashirlbw b Mohammad Waqas6     
Shahid Majeedb Mohammad Waqas27     
*Sabiullah Khanc Ahsan Nazir b Mohammad Waqas2     
Ansar Javedlbw b Mohammad Waqas6     
Ali Adnanc Mohammad Yameen b Mohammad Waqas9     
Qasim Iqbalb Mohammad Waqas16     
Mohammad Azamc Ali Usman b Ahsan Nazir29     
Mubashir Hussainnot out2     
Extras(28 b, 5 lb)33
Total(all out, 57.4 overs)222
Fall of wickets:
1-57, 2-94, 3-115, 4-125, 5-149, 6-150, 7-157, 8-180, 9-196, 10-222 (57.4 ov)
Vehari bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Mohammad Irfan8   2280--
Abdul Razaq8   1351--
Ali Usman21   6491--
Faisal Rasheed5   1191--
Mohammad Waqas15   2546--
Ahsan Nazir0.4041--

Vehari second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kashif Siddiqlbw b Ali Adnan7     
Ahsan Nazirlbw b Mohammad Azam32     
+Shahzad Alic Mohammad Umar b Mohammad Azam1     
Mohammad Imranlbw b Mazhar Bashir57     
Wasim Buttrun out (Ali Adnan)11     
Mohammad Yameenb Mohammad Azam0     
Ali Usmanc Shahid Majeed b Mohammad Azam0     
*Mohammad Irfanc Shahid Majeed b Mohammad Azam7     
Abdul Razaqlbw b Mubashir Hussain12     
Faisal Rasheedc Mohammad Shahzad b Mazhar Bashir9     
Mohammad Waqasnot out5     
Extras(4 b, 3 lb, 2 nb)9
Total(all out, 56 overs)150
Fall of wickets:
1-26, 2-27, 3-48, 4-70, 5-70, 6-70, 7-87, 8-121, 9-133, 10-150 (56 ov)
Bahawalnagar bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Sabiullah Khan3   150- 
Ansar Javed3   090- 
Ali Adnan4   0151- 
Mohammad Azam22   5425- 
Mazhar Bashir16   3512- 
Shahid Akram3   170- 
Mubashir Hussain5   2141- 

--> Each first innings was limited to 70 overs





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