Lahore North Zone Blues v Lahore West Zone Blues
Inter-District Senior Tournament 2012 (Lahore Region)
VenueCricket Centre, Model Town, Lahore on 6th, 7th, 8th June 2012 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossLahore North Zone Blues won the toss and decided to field
ResultLahore North Zone Blues won by 8 wickets
PointsLahore North Zone Blues 9; Lahore West Zone Blues 0
UmpiresJaved Iqbal, Saif Ullah
Close of play day 1
Close of play day 2

Lahore West Zone Blues first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Waqas Hasanrun out (Qaumbar Iqbal)21     
+Adil Akramb Mohammad Tanvir4     
Raees Babarlbw b Abdul Matin1     
Saad Nasimc Wasif Butt b Mohammad Suleman37     
*Mohammad Sohailnot out102     
Mohammad Irfanb Salman Ghafoor46     
Adil Shahb Mohammad Suleman0     
Rohail Alinot out17     
Saadullah Khandid not bat      
Asim Buttdid not bat      
Zain-ul-Abidindid not bat      
Extras(5 b, 2 w)7
Total(6 wickets, innings closed, 70 overs)235
Fall of wickets:
1-16, 2-17, 3-61, 4-69, 5-175, 6-183
Lahore North Zone Blues bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Abdul Matin14   13812-
Mohammad Tanvir11   3391--
Wasim Aslam19   3620--
Mohammad Suleman18   6542--
Salman Ghafoor6   0251--
Wasif Butt2   0120--

Lahore North Zone Blues first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*Wasif Buttc Rohail Ali b Zain-ul-Abidin11     
Saad Alic Waqas Hasan b Zain-ul-Abidin26     
Ikhlaq Buttc Saad Nasim b Asim Butt76     
Rizwan Ahmedc Adil Akram b Saadullah Khan3     
Atiq Ahmedc Waqas Hasan b Asim Butt0     
Salman Ghafoorc Mohammad Sohail b Mohammad Irfan43     
+Qaumbar Iqballbw b Mohammad Irfan33     
Mohammad Sulemanlbw b Saad Nasim14     
Mohammad Tanvirnot out19     
Abdul Matinc Adil Akram b Mohammad Irfan17     
Wasim Aslamnot out30     
Extras(8 b, 4 lb, 2 nb, 1 w)15
Total(9 wickets, innings closed, 70 overs)287
Fall of wickets:
1-14, 2-112, 3-116, 4-116, 5-127, 6-201, 7-208, 8-216, 9-240
Lahore West Zone Blues bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Saadullah Khan9   3201-1
Zain-ul-Abidin10   04621-
Mohammad Irfan18   6413-1
Saad Nasim11   1541--
Rohail Ali6   0400--
Asim Butt10   1392--
Adil Shah6   1350--

Lahore West Zone Blues second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Waqas Hasanc Qaumbar Iqbal b Mohammad Tanvir1     
Raees Babarb Salman Ghafoor20     
+Adil Akramlbw b Mohammad Tanvir0     
Saad Nasimc Wasif Butt b Abdul Matin9     
*Mohammad Sohailc Atiq Ahmed b Abdul Matin0     
Mohammad Irfanc Atiq Ahmed b Mohammad Tanvir0     
Rohail Alilbw b Mohammad Suleman5     
Zain-ul-Abidinc Qaumbar Iqbal b Salman Ghafoor12     
Saadullah Khanb Mohammad Suleman10     
Asim Buttc Ikhlaq Butt b Salman Ghafoor21     
Adil Shahnot out8     
Extras(13 b, 1 lb, 1 nb)15
Total(all out, 38.3 overs)101
Fall of wickets:
1-1, 2-1, 3-21, 4-21, 5-24, 6-43, 7-54, 8-68, 9-71, 10-101 (38.3 ov)
Lahore North Zone Blues bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Abdul Matin10   2302--
Mohammad Tanvir8   5113--
Mohammad Suleman8   1232--
Wasim Aslam6   290--
Salman Ghafoor5.3093--
Wasif Butt1   050--

Lahore North Zone Blues second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Rizwan Ahmedlbw b Zain-ul-Abidin15     
Saad Alic Adil Akram b Zain-ul-Abidin5     
Mohammad Sulemannot out10     
Atiq Ahmednot out15     
Ikhlaq Buttdid not bat      
Wasim Aslamdid not bat      
+Qaumbar Iqbaldid not bat      
Salman Ghafoordid not bat      
Mohammad Tanvirdid not bat      
Abdul Matindid not bat      
*Wasif Buttdid not bat      
Extras(5 lb)5
Total(2 wickets, 14.2 overs)50
Fall of wickets:
1-23, 2-24
Lahore West Zone Blues bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Saadullah Khan7.21260--
Zain-ul-Abidin7   0192--

--> Each first innings was limited to 70 overs





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