Khulna Division Under-18s v Sylhet Division Under-18s
Young Tigers Under-18s National Cricket Competition 2014/15 (Group A)
VenueShaheed Chandu Stadium, Bogra on 25th, 26th, 27th December 2014 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossSylhet Division Under-18s won the toss and decided to field
ResultSylhet Division Under-18s won by 2 wickets
UmpiresHabibur Rahman, Reazul Islam
ScorersMahamudun Nabi, Shahedul Islam
Reserve UmpireKhaled Mahmud
Close of play day 1Sylhet Division Under-18s (1) 8/0 (Ataur Rahaman 3*, Asadullah Al-Galib 0*; 5 overs)
Close of play day 2Khulna Division Under-18s (2) 51/9 (Saiful Islam 10*, Nazmul Hossain 5*; 33 overs)
Man of the MatchKamil Ahmed

Khulna Division Under-18s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kamruzzamanlbw b Ariful Hasan Shuhan611261688- 
Ashraf Ahmed Asikc Nawshad Akber b Kamil Ahmed2054754- 
Ashikur Rahmanc Jamshed Haque b Asadullah Al-Galib40871155- 
+Jalal Uddinb Kamil Ahmed1267631- 
Abdul Ranac Ahadur Rahman Ovi b Asadullah Al-Galib042-- 
Minhazul Islamc Ahadur Rahman Ovi b Kamil Ahmed1433293- 
Sajul Islamc Asadullah Al-Galib b Kamil Ahmed933392- 
*Alif Akhterst Mamun Ahmed b Kamil Ahmed21517-- 
Tipu Sultanc Mamun Ahmed b Kamil Ahmed1547602- 
Saiful Islamnot out928501- 
Nazmul Hossainc Mamun Ahmed b Ahadur Rahman Ovi233-- 
Extras(9 b, 6 lb, 1 nb, 1 w)17
Total(all out, 82.4 overs)201
Fall of wickets:
1-48 (Ashraf Ahmed Asik, 17.4 ov), 2-123 (Kamruzzaman, 40.6 ov), 3-144 (Ashikur Rahman, 48.1 ov), 4-144 (Abdul Rana, 48.5 ov), 5-161 (Minhazul Islam, 59.5 ov), 6-164 (Jalal Uddin, 61.5 ov), 7-166 (Alif Akhter, 67.2 ov), 8-177 (Sajul Islam, 71.5 ov), 9-198 (Tipu Sultan, 81.6 ov), 10-201 (Nazmul Hossain, 82.4 ov)
Sylhet Division Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Ahadur Rahman Ovi14.424411-
Foysal Uddin7   2170-1
Ariful Hasan Shuhan15   3421--
Asadullah Al-Galib14   6272--
Kamil Ahmed31   13506--
Jamshed Haque1   060--

Sylhet Division Under-18s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Ataur Rahamanc Jalal Uddin b Sajul Islam2279981- 
*Asadullah Al-Galibc Sajul Islam b Tipu Sultan531381968- 
Oli Ahmedc Nazmul Hossain b Tipu Sultan2643543- 
Nawshad Akberlbw b Tipu Sultan0611-- 
Jamshed Haquec Jalal Uddin b Nazmul Hossain631261- 
Shakil Ahmed Oninot out1750712- 
+Mamun Ahmedc Minhazul Islam b Tipu Sultan097-- 
Foysal Uddinc Minhazul Islam b Alif Akhter828311- 
Ariful Hasan Shuhanb Alif Akhter014-- 
Ahadur Rahman Ovirun out (Saiful Islam)133-- 
Kamil Ahmedc Jalal Uddin b Alif Akhter71718-- 
Extras(3 b, 3 nb, 6 w)12
Total(all out, 67 overs)152
Fall of wickets:
1-54 (Oli Ahmed, 17.4 ov), 2-56 (Nawshad Akber, 19.5 ov), 3-65 (Jamshed Haque, 28.4 ov), 4-119 (Ataur Rahaman, 48.4 ov), 5-119 (Asadullah Al-Galib, 49.2 ov), 6-123 (Mamun Ahmed, 51.5 ov), 7-140 (Foysal Uddin, 60.6 ov), 8-140 (Ariful Hasan Shuhan, 62.1 ov), 9-141 (Ahadur Rahman Ovi, 62.5 ov), 10-152 (Kamil Ahmed, 67 ov)
Khulna Division Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Alif Akhter11   22331-
Nazmul Hossain10   2271--
Ashikur Rahman10   32301-
Sajul Islam12   5281--
Saiful Islam2   0140-3
Tipu Sultan20   6324--
Ashraf Ahmed Asik2   120--

Khulna Division Under-18s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kamruzzamanc Mamun Ahmed b Ahadur Rahman Ovi21422-- 
Ashraf Ahmed Asiklbw b Foysal Uddin01016-- 
Ashikur Rahmanlbw b Ariful Hasan Shuhan1539612- 
+Jalal Uddinb Ariful Hasan Shuhan21825-- 
*Alif Akhterlbw b Ariful Hasan Shuhan03350-- 
Abdul Ranab Kamil Ahmed57111- 
Sajul Islamc Nawshad Akber b Kamil Ahmed012-- 
Minhazul Islamc Asadullah Al-Galib b Kamil Ahmed816201- 
Tipu Sultanb Kamil Ahmed32620-- 
Saiful Islamnot out24414421 
Nazmul Hossainc Mamun Ahmed b Foysal Uddin1032382- 
Extras(1 w)1
Total(all out, 39.3 overs)70
Fall of wickets:
1-2 (Ashraf Ahmed Asik, 3.4 ov), 2-2 (Kamruzzaman, 4.2 ov), 3-10 (Jalal Uddin, 10.2 ov), 4-20 (Ashikur Rahman, 16.2 ov), 5-25 (Abdul Rana, 19.2 ov), 6-25 (Sajul Islam, 19.3 ov), 7-25 (Alif Akhter, 20.5 ov), 8-33 (Minhazul Islam, 25.4 ov), 9-36 (Tipu Sultan, 27.5 ov), 10-70 (Nazmul Hossain, 39.3 ov)
Sylhet Division Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Ahadur Rahman Ovi5   281--
Foysal Uddin7.341521-
Ariful Hasan Shuhan15   7263--
Kamil Ahmed12   6214--

Sylhet Division Under-18s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Ataur Rahamanb Alif Akhter01319-- 
*Asadullah Al-Galibb Tipu Sultan23751172- 
+Mamun Ahmedb Saiful Islam1013251- 
Oli Ahmedlbw b Tipu Sultan2465673- 
Shakil Ahmed Onic Ashikur Rahman b Alif Akhter14203011 
Jamshed Haquec and b Alif Akhter31517-- 
Nawshad Akbernot out2752574- 
Foysal Uddinc Ashikur Rahman b Tipu Sultan616201- 
Kamil Ahmedc Nazmul Hossain b Tipu Sultan31815-- 
Ahadur Rahman Ovinot out51311-- 
Ariful Hasan Shuhandid not bat      
Extras(2 b, 3 nb)5
Total(8 wickets, 49.3 overs)120
Fall of wickets:
1-2 (Ataur Rahaman, 4.1 ov), 2-20 (Mamun Ahmed, 8.6 ov), 3-58 (Oli Ahmed, 27.2 ov), 4-59 (Asadullah Al-Galib, 27.5 ov), 5-72 (Jamshed Haque, 32.5 ov), 6-78 (Shakil Ahmed Oni, 34.5 ov), 7-99 (Foysal Uddin, 39.5 ov), 8-111 (Kamil Ahmed, 45.2 ov)
Khulna Division Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Alif Akhter8   2293-1
Nazmul Hossain5   1150-1
Saiful Islam5   1141-1
Tipu Sultan19.35384--
Sajul Islam12   5220--

--> Each first innings was limited to 90 overs
--> Kamruzzaman (1) 50 in 87 balls, 123 minutes with 7 fours
--> Asadullah Al-Galib (1) 50 in 133 balls, 188 minutes with 8 fours
--> Ataur Rahaman retired hurt in the Sylhet Division Under-18s first innings (team had lost 0 wickets) - he returned when the score was 65/3





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