Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s v Khulna Division Under-18s
Young Tigers Under-18s National Cricket Competition 2014/15 (Group A)
VenueCricket Garden, Rangpur on 4th, 5th, 6th January 2015 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossKhulna Division Under-18s won the toss and decided to field
ResultMatch drawn
UmpiresJahangir Alam, Shamim Kabir Apu
ScorersJR Mallik Jony, Nazirul Hoqu
Reserve UmpireEzaz Ahmed
Close of play day 1Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s (1) 78/5 (Aminul Islam 22*, Riazul Islam 0*; 43.2 overs)
Close of play day 2Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s (2) 105/4 (Afif Hossain 27*, Aminul Islam 4*; 37 overs)
Man of the MatchYasin Arafat

Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Sartaz Azizb Saiful Islam1439522- 
+Abbas Musab Saiful Islam410221- 
Afif Hossainc Anik Sarkar b Sajul Islam2560814- 
*Shafiul Hayatc Jalal Uddin b Sajul Islam42840-- 
Aminul Islamc Jalal Uddin b Tipu Sultan28811054- 
Mahabub Hasanb Tipu Sultan54653-- 
Riazul Islamc Taherullah Adnan b Ashikur Rahman1766722- 
Rahat Sarkarc Jalal Uddin b Alif Akhter3051555- 
Siddikur Rahman Showenc Jalal Uddin b Alif Akhter0510-- 
Ashiquec Jalal Uddin b Alif Akhter012-- 
Yasin Arafatnot out0010-- 
Extras(4 lb)4
Total(all out, 64.3 overs)131
Fall of wickets:
1-17 (Abbas Musa, 5.3 ov), 2-32 (Sartaz Aziz, 11.3 ov), 3-51 (Shafiul Hayat, 21 ov), 4-52 (Afif Hossain, 24.1 ov), 5-69 (Mahabub Hasan, 39.3 ov), 6-94 (Aminul Islam, 49.3 ov), 7-112 (Riazul Islam, 60.3 ov), 8-122 (Siddikur Rahman Showen, 62.5 ov), 9-122 (Ashique, 62.6 ov), 10-131 (Rahat Sarkar, 64.3 ov)
Khulna Division Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Alif Akhter14.32343--
Saiful Islam15   5352--
Ashikur Rahman5   281--
Sajul Islam18   9322--
Tipu Sultan12   6182--

Khulna Division Under-18s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kamruzzamanlbw b Yasin Arafat6431- 
Taherullah Adnanb Mahabub Hasan0510-- 
Ashikur Rahmanc Abbas Musa b Yasin Arafat1017281- 
+Jalal Uddinb Yasin Arafat63872-- 
Minhazul Islamc Abbas Musa b Yasin Arafat043-- 
Abdul Ranac Abbas Musa b Yasin Arafat048-- 
Anik Sarkarlbw b Siddikur Rahman Showen32020-- 
Sajul Islamb Siddikur Rahman Showen1511-- 
*Alif Akhterc Rahat Sarkar b Yasin Arafat42027-- 
Saiful Islamnot out22283611 
Tipu Sultanb Yasin Arafat21413-- 
Extras(4 b, 1 lb)5
Total(all out, 26.3 overs)59
Fall of wickets:
1-6 (Kamruzzaman, 0.4 ov), 2-6 (Taherullah Adnan, 1.5 ov), 3-20 (Ashikur Rahman, 6.1 ov), 4-20 (Minhazul Islam, 6.5 ov), 5-21 (Abdul Rana, 8.4 ov), 6-24 (Anik Sarkar, 13.3 ov), 7-26 (Sajul Islam, 15.4 ov), 8-30 (Jalal Uddin, 16.3 ov), 9-49 (Alif Akhter, 22.4 ov), 10-59 (Tipu Sultan, 26.3 ov)
Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Yasin Arafat13.33297--
Mahabub Hasan5   281--
Siddikur Rahman Showen8   3172--

Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Sartaz Azizrun out (Sajul Islam)2246563- 
Mahabub Hasanlbw b Saiful Islam813151- 
Afif Hossainnot out7514520111- 
+Abbas Musalbw b Tipu Sultan27395331 
*Shafiul Hayatlbw b Sajul Islam1425312- 
Aminul Islamb Sajul Islam1735413- 
Riazul Islamc Kamruzzaman b Saiful Islam157-- 
Rahat Sarkarb Saiful Islam048-- 
Yasin Arafatnot out6715-- 
Siddikur Rahman Showendid not bat      
Ashiquedid not bat      
Extras(1 b, 3 lb, 1 nb)5
Total(7 wickets, declared, 53 overs)175
Fall of wickets:
1-10 (Mahabub Hasan, 3.6 ov), 2-46 (Sartaz Aziz, 12.4 ov), 3-83 (Abbas Musa, 27.1 ov), 4-100 (Shafiul Hayat, 34.4 ov), 5-145 (Aminul Islam, 47.1 ov), 6-152 (Riazul Islam, 48.5 ov), 7-160 (Rahat Sarkar, 50.3 ov)
Khulna Division Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Alif Akhter10   3400--
Saiful Islam11   0413-1
Sajul Islam13   7272--
Tipu Sultan6   1241--
Ashikur Rahman6   1200--
Minhazul Islam5   0160--
Kamruzzaman1   020--
Abdul Rana1   010--

Khulna Division Under-18s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Taherullah Adnanb Siddikur Rahman Showen977-1 
Kamruzzamanc Afif Hossain b Rahat Sarkar1855701- 
Ashikur Rahmanc Abbas Musa b Shafiul Hayat591351458- 
Minhazul Islamc Aminul Islam b Yasin Arafat13234-- 
+Jalal Uddinnot out611491515- 
Abdul Ranac Rahat Sarkar b Aminul Islam812141- 
Anik Sarkarlbw b Riazul Islam2541582- 
Saiful Islamrun out (Afif Hossain)151618-1 
*Alif Akhterlbw b Siddikur Rahman Showen028-- 
Sajul Islamnot out021-- 
Tipu Sultandid not bat      
Extras(6 b, 2 lb, 1 nb, 1 w)10
Total(8 wickets, 75 overs)206
Fall of wickets:
1-11 (Taherullah Adnan, 1.3 ov), 2-63 (Kamruzzaman, 20.4 ov), 3-78 (Minhazul Islam, 31.4 ov), 4-106 (Ashikur Rahman, 46.4 ov), 5-117 (Abdul Rana, 51.4 ov), 6-177 (Anik Sarkar, 67.6 ov), 7-204 (Saiful Islam, 73.5 ov), 8-206 (Alif Akhter, 74.4 ov)
Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-18s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Yasin Arafat11   14811-
Siddikur Rahman Showen22   5542--
Ashique5   360--
Riazul Islam8   1171-1
Afif Hossain7   1130--
Rahat Sarkar6   1221--
Aminul Islam7   0191--
Sartaz Aziz3   210--
Shafiul Hayat6   1181--

--> Each first innings was limited to 90 overs
--> Afif Hossain (2) 50 in 119 balls, 162 minutes with 7 fours
--> Ashikur Rahman (2) 50 in 109 balls, 110 minutes with 7 fours
--> Jalal Uddin (2) 50 in 135 balls, 126 minutes with 5 fours





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