Dewan Farooq Motor Limited v Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited
PCB Patron's Trophy (Grade II) 2004/05 (Pool A)
VenueAsghar Ali Shah Stadium, Karachi on 17th, 18th, 19th March 2005 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossDewan Farooq Motor Limited won the toss and decided to bat
ResultMatch drawn
PointsDewan Farooq Motor Limited 3; Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited 0
UmpiresAkbar Khan, MH Dars
Close of play day 1Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited (1) 74/5 (Mansoor Ahmed 28*, Shahid Dawood 15*)
Close of play day 2Dewan Farooq Motor Limited (2) 171/4 (Shahid Qambrani 68*, Waqar Kundi 22*)

Dewan Farooq Motor Limited first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Naeemuddinc Shahid Dawood b Wajahat Farooq25      
Zahid Ghauric Sarfraz Ahmed b Wajahat Farooq5      
Fahad Anjumc Rameez Raja b Wajahat Farooq1      
Salman Khanc Javed Mansoor b Wajahat Farooq2      
Waqar Kundic Tariq Haroon b Shahid Dawood53      
Shahid Qambranic Tariq Haroon b Wajahat Farooq5      
*Mansoor Baigc Arshad Azam b Tariq Haroon3      
+Mati-ur-Rehmanc Javed Mansoor b Wajahat Farooq2      
Adnan Kaleemc Shahid Dawood b Asifuddin24      
Aamer Yousufc Wajahat Farooq b Mansoor Ahmed4      
Aqeel Abbasnot out0      
Extras(6 b, 10 nb, 4 w)20
Total(all out, 56.3 overs)144
Fall of wickets:
1-18, 2-24, 3-32, 4-48, 5-54, 6-59, 7-72, 8-121, 9-144, 10-144 (56.3 ov)
Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Wajahat Farooq16   5306--
Asif Rabbani8   0350--
Tariq Haroon9   1211--
Asifuddin12   3451--
Mansoor Ahmed10.3771--
Shahid Dawood1   101--

Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Kamran Mansoorlbw b Aqeel Abbas2      
Sarfraz Ahmedb Aamer Yousuf1      
Rameez Rajac Aamer Yousuf b Aqeel Abbas8      
*Tariq Haroonc Fahad Anjum b Aamer Yousuf9      
Arshad Azamc Naeemuddin b Aamer Yousuf9      
Mansoor Ahmedc Aamer Yousuf b Aqeel Abbas59      
Shahid Dawoodlbw b Aamer Yousuf17      
+Javed Mansoornot out24      
Asifuddinc Aamer Yousuf b Mansoor Baig0      
Wajahat Farooqc Aamer Yousuf b Aqeel Abbas2      
Asif Rabbanib Aqeel Abbas0      
Extras(2 b, 4 nb)6
Total(all out, 55.4 overs)137
Fall of wickets:
1-2, 2-6, 3-16, 4-28, 5-30, 6-79, 7-124, 8-127, 9-134, 10-137 (55.4 ov)
Dewan Farooq Motor Limited bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Aqeel Abbas21.45505--
Aamer Yousuf13.45324--
Mansoor Baig13.24281--
Adnan Kaleem7   0250--

Dewan Farooq Motor Limited second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Naeemuddinlbw b Asifuddin50      
Zahid Ghauric Rameez Raja b Tariq Haroon11      
Fahad Anjumc Sarfraz Ahmed b Wajahat Farooq10      
Shahid Qambranic Asifuddin b Asif Rabbani111      
*Mansoor Baigc Sarfraz Ahmed b Asifuddin4      
Waqar Kundic Asifuddin b Asif Rabbani61      
Salman Khanc Sarfraz Ahmed b Wajahat Farooq13      
+Mati-ur-Rehmanc Tariq Haroon b Rameez Raja71      
Adnan Kaleemlbw b Rameez Raja61      
Aamer Yousufc and b Asifuddin4      
Aqeel Abbasnot out0      
Extras(1 b, 2 lb, 9 nb, 2 w)14
Total(all out, 143.1 overs)410
Fall of wickets:
1-27, 2-58, 3-94, 4-122, 5-234, 6-264, 7-282, 8-395, 9-405, 10-410 (143.1 ov)
Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Wajahat Farooq34   11682--
Asif Rabbani14   4582--
Tariq Haroon21   2711--
Arshad Azam3   040--
Shahid Dawood7   1240--
Mansoor Ahmed21   8320--
Rameez Raja9   3352--
Javed Mansoor2   0120--
Kamran Mansoor2   0110--

Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Sarfraz Ahmednot out37      
Arshad Azamnot out51      
Mansoor Ahmeddid not bat      
Shahid Dawooddid not bat      
+Javed Mansoordid not bat      
Asifuddindid not bat      
Wajahat Farooqdid not bat      
Asif Rabbanidid not bat      
Rameez Rajadid not bat      
*Tariq Haroondid not bat      
Kamran Mansoordid not bat      
Extras(1 w)1
Total(no wicket, 17 overs)89
Dewan Farooq Motor Limited bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Aqeel Abbas5   0290--
Aamer Yousuf2   080--
Adnan Kaleem4   2140--
Mansoor Baig2   0130--
Naeemuddin1   0130--
Waqar Kundi2   070--
Salman Khan1   050--

--> Each first innings was limited to 90 overs





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