First-class Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 1877/78 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
HW Moore (Cant)1107575  75.00010 
S Fowler (Nel)1214328*43.00000 
MJ Godby (Cant)2417126*23.66000 
GH Clark (Ot)1204530  22.50000 
W Frith (Cant)2305751  19.00010 
WG Dixon (Ot)1203830  19.00000 
DA Ashby (Cant)2415632  18.66001 
GH Paramor (Ot)1203520  17.50000 
J Wigzell (Nel)1203519  17.50002 
E Fowler (Cant)2305134  17.000032
JP Spring (Ot)1203217  16.00000 
ECJ Stevens (Cant)1101515  15.00000 
WF Neilson (Cant)2405629  14.00001 
WA Fordham (Well)1211413*14.00000 
H Mace (Well)1202723  13.500031
C Gleeson (Auck)1202726  13.50001 
TTL Austin (Ot)1202313  11.50000 
J Wood (Cant)1202316  11.50001 
RJ Yates (Auck)1202322  11.50002 
WL Rees (Auck)1202220  11.00001 
WEW Morrison (Cant)1202216  11.00000 
RB Canney (Nel)1202215  11.00001 
JF Hartland (Cant)1101111  11.00001 
A Cargill (Ot)1202120  10.50000 
WW Robinson (Auck)1202020  10.00000 
AC Wilson (Cant)1201816  9.00000 
A Glen (Ot)1201613  8.00002 
OH Haskell (Ot)12185  8.00001 
ET Dufaur (Auck)1201414  7.00000 
KJ Knapp (Nel)1201410  7.00001 
W Eden (Nel)120138  6.50001 
HH Halliday (Nel)120137  6.50001 
JB Lockett (Well)1201310  6.50001 
WJ Crawshaw (Ot)1201212  6.00001 
JM Speed (Well)1201211  6.00000 
H Rose (Ot)12164*6.00001 
CJ Halliday (Nel)12164*6.00000 
TJ Grierson (Auck)1201010  5.00000 
J Arnold (Nel)1201010  5.00000 
H MacNeil (Ot)12096  4.50002 
DJF Lynch (Auck)12098  4.50002 
WV Millton (Cant)12085  4.00000 
GJ Silcock (Nel)12076  3.50001 
C Frith (Cant)23088  2.66001 
WC Kennedy (Well)12055  2.50001 
JAN Salmon (Well)12044  2.00001 
D Barnett (Nel)12043  2.00000 
JTB Armitage (Well)12044  2.00000 
M Robinson (Well)12122*2.00000 
TG Eden (Nel)12032  1.50000 
JW Blacklock (Well)12032  1.50002 
IJ Salmon (Well)12022  1.00001 
JJ Hamilton (Well)12022  1.00000 
HFW Colson (Auck)12000  0.000011
HE Cotton (Auck)12100*0.00000 
JB Mumford (Auck)12000  0.00001 
WF Buckland (Auck)12100*0.00000 
ETA Fuller (Cant)11000  0.00000 
EC Godwin Austen (Cant)1112323* 001 
A Perry (Cant)12200* 000 





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