First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1888/89 (Ordered by Average)

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RB Mathias (Cant)20160    
GL Rayner (Cant)221140    
W Frith (Cant)554180    
TTL Austin (Ot)300190    
HA Boddington (Ot)401220    
CH Broad (Nel)420260    
J MacFarlane (Ot)956310    
AH Gore (Well)168104184-165.1200
CH Dryden (Well)2411222-126.0000
DF Hewat (Well)15774776-306.7110
ABM Labatt (Cant)160144265-177.0010
WP McGirr (Well)2801422-147.0000
TG Eden (Nel)16345766-579.5010
LA Cuff (Cant)130124044-4010.0000
WP Studholme (Cant)4512222-2211.0000
G Marshall (Cant)2502222-2211.0000
WH Parker (Ot)10015644-5614.0000
R Halley (Cant)15997154-2914.2000
CS Cross (Nel)1802311-2323.0000
AD MacCormick (Ot)11775222-5226.0000
SF Bolton (Nel)6632811-2828.0000
AD Downes (Ot)250169633-9632.0000
FH Cooke (Nel)7216811-6868.0000
DP Claffey (Ot)185107911-7979.0000
JWH Wood (Nel)14418411-8484.0000





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