First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1889/90 (Ordered by Average)

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DP Claffey (Ot)150100    
J MacFarlane (Ot)200170    
GJ Youill (NSW)251200    
HW Lawson (Well)481240    
ABM Labatt (Cant)1264680    
GH Fox (Ot)152211-22.0000
RB Mathias (Cant)252821-04.0000
C Frith (Ot)4845493135-187.1520
C Treweek (Cant)8052233-177.3300
WH Parker (Ot)12056385-317.8710
PHW Ogier (Well)251811-88.0000
W Frith (Well)16637594-248.3300
WW McGlinchey (NSW)80554269306-628.9621
CH Dryden (Well)57920214237-589.3031
ST Callaway (NSW)120089330326-1610.3141
AW Rees (Auck)111867416388-3610.9442
AE Moss (Cant)1024752852610-2810.9621
GL Butlin (Ot)101113333-2311.0000
AD Downes (Ot)43823178167-2211.1210
FV Kelly (Auck)34713119104-3311.9000
AE Clarke (NSW)5502622-1213.0000
WH Hawkins (Auck)168105443-1113.5000
WP McGirr (Well)278911084-3813.7500
DA Ashby (Cant)135114332-3914.3300
AFG Harman (Cant)36525144105-4314.4020
E Fitzsimmons (Well)5502922-2914.5000
I Mills (Auck)4731611-1016.0000
R Hewat (Ot)7081611-1616.0000
R Halley (Cant)71549225145-4516.0710
WI Stemson (Auck)4853613382-1316.6200
HB Lusk (Auck)41123187115-3517.0010
FJ Taylor (Well)6503421-1117.0000
HS de Maus (Cant)9025332-1817.6600
GL Cowper (NSW)17095433-718.0000
DF Hewat (Well)14607944-5319.7500
AL Newell (NSW)79151318165-5319.8710
R Neill (Auck)5004021-1720.0000
R McPherson (Auck)180138843-4722.0000
M Moorhouse (Well)16275221-2526.0000
F Wilding (Cant)12556222-4631.0000
JT Cottam (NSW)18109832-4832.6600
CW Garrard (Cant)248186211-2562.0000





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