First-class Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 1905/06 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
WP Redgrave (Well)350286165  57.20111 
CG Wilson (Ot)240207137  51.75113 
HC Hickson (Well)240201135  50.25101 
VH Waters (Well)1214642*46.00000 
H Graham (Ot)24017560  43.75010 
HG Siedeberg (Ot)24016990  42.25011 
LG Hemus (Auck)48033383  41.62041 
WR Patrick (Cant)2428340*41.50003 
FA Laws (Well)2318147  40.50002 
AE Hadden (Auck)48128176*40.14043 
BA Weyburne (Well)1104040  40.00002 
WK Hall (HB)24013993  34.75011 
W Brook-Smith (Auck)48120939  29.85003 
CH Cato (HB)24010856  27.00010 
JM Hussey (Auck)48214974*24.83012 
GG Austin (Ot)2409329  23.25000 
F Williams (Ot)2432310*23.000041
HB Lusk (Auck)48018141  22.62008 
JD Lawrence (Cant)36111338  22.60000 
AWS Brice (Well)2408950  22.25012 
A Anthony (Cant)2306533  21.66000 
KH Tucker (Well)3518632  21.50004 
HW Monaghan (Well)2424029*20.00002 
SA Orchard (Cant)36011738  19.50000 
WI Stemson (Auck)48211332*18.83002 
J Baker (Ot)2407338  18.25001 
A Barron (Well)1101818  18.00001 
JP Blacklock (Well)2407130  17.75003 
A Fenton (HB)2406939  17.25000 
JJ Mahoney (Well)2304949  16.330002
KM Ollivier (Cant)3609727  16.16003 
DC Collins (Well)1101616  16.00001 
FWP Dredge (Well)1101616  16.00000 
HB Whitta (Cant)3609562  15.83012 
EF Upham (Well)3414726*15.66004 
EH Frankish (Cant)2313113  15.50001 
CE Howden (Ot)2406039  15.00001 
HB Lusk (HB)2405930  14.75001 
JH Bennett (Cant)3608429  14.00001 
P Ashcroft (HB)2422515*12.50001 
SP Jones (Auck)3506145  12.20001 
C Olliff (Auck)3607225  12.00000 
EO Hales (Well)1101212  12.00000 
ST Callaway (Cant)2404731  11.75001 
CA Richardson (Well)1101111  11.00000 
G Hawke (HB)1202013  10.00001 
RC Torrance (Ot)2412817*9.33001 
C Boxshall (Cant)3513422  8.500043
WRL Gibbes (Well)1201713  8.50001 
A Sims (Cant)3604819  8.00005 
GM White (HB)1201514  7.50001 
CP Blacklock (Well)2302212  7.330012
WH Young (HB)1201414  7.00000 
AHS Howard (HB)120127  6.00000 
JH Hutchings (Well)2402314  5.75000 
AH Fisher (Ot)120118  5.50001 
FA McNeill (Auck)2411611  5.33000 
B Bailey (HB)2402111  5.25002 
T Elliott (Auck)4713014  5.00000 
RA Ridley (Cant)12153*5.00000 
TDB Hay (Auck)240168  4.00001 
HD Gold-Smith (HB)12084  4.00002 
AE Dakin (Cant)12084  4.00000 
JJ O'Brien (HB)24273*3.50002 
R Neill (Auck)23096  3.00001 
GE Schmoll (Auck)351105*2.500032
PR Fulton (HB)12055  2.50001 
WJ Hughes (HB)12054  2.50000 
HA Bishop (Cant)12044  2.00001 
AA Adams (Ot)12032  1.50001 
AD Downes (Ot)24033  0.75001 
PS Reaney (HB)12011  0.50000 
JGH Moore (Ot)24011  0.25005 
R Sands (Auck)11000  0.00001 
RL Fisher (Cant)1112020* 001 





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