First-class Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 1958/59 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
PBH May (Eng,MCC)441315124*105.00121 
TW Graveney (Eng,MCC)550298108  59.60113 
MC Cowdrey (Eng,MCC)550252117  50.40208 
PE Richardson (Eng,MCC)440198111  49.50111 
BH Pairaudeau (ND)611145680  45.60064 
W Watson (Eng,MCC)451168106  42.00101 
JR Reid (NZ,Well)8152539191*41.46127 
AF Rapley (Cant)5867840  39.00001 
DL Donald (ND,NIs)7130485106  37.30132 
B Sutcliffe (NZ,Ot,SIs)916153996  35.93058 
ER Dexter (Eng,MCC)550176141  35.20101 
R Subba Row (MCC)34110040  33.33001 
JP Marsdon (Auck)46116472  32.80021 
JW D'Arcy (Cant,SIs)612038974  32.41033 
R Swetman (Eng,MCC)5529730*32.330092
AM Moir (NZ,Ot,SIs)915241870  32.15052 
GT Dowling (Cant)581225103*32.14103 
MC Langdon (ND)58025572  31.87034 
RN Farman (Auck)58217596*29.16012 
JW Guy (NZ,Cant,SIs)815139962  28.50035 
BA Bolton (NZ,Cant,SIs)815042279  28.13023 
RM Harris (NZ,Auck,NIs)815138882  27.71035 
SC Guillen (Cant)48022176  27.620282
DD Beard (CD,NIs)712129760  27.00024 
SG Gedye (Auck)510124044  26.66002 
NR Thompson (Ot,SIs)7133264100*26.40101 
AH Preston (Well,NIs)713034371  26.38027 
KW Hough (NZ,Auck,NIs)812517642  25.14009 
KFH Smith (CD)510122552  25.00022 
NS Harford (CD)58117458  24.85010 
BAG Murray (Well)2409848  24.50000 
HB Cave (CD)59314641*24.33002 
IB Leggat (CD,SIs)59020575  22.77025 
RA Vance (Well)510022764  22.70025 
GO Rabone (Auck)35011257  22.40012 
JT Sparling (NZ,Auck,NIs)814225969  21.58015 
WR Playle (Auck,NIs)611119094  19.000115 
SN McGregor (NZ,Ot,SIs)917032170  18.88021 
EL Child (ND)3407541  18.75002 
AF Lissette (ND)6737327*18.25001 
ME Chapple (Cant)510116459  18.22012 
DJ Gray (ND,NIs)611118174*18.10014 
RT Barber (Well)48112545  17.85006 
AE Dick (Ot)58013959  17.37015 
IN Brennan (Well)36010240  17.00001 
RW Blair (NZ,Well,NIs)916321737*16.69002 
LC Butler (Well,NIs)713021435  16.46001 
RE Reid (Well)611313033*16.25002 
EW Dempster (Well)1211615*16.00000 
EC Petrie (NZ,ND,NIs)914317429  15.810097
TE Shaw (ND)611115744  15.70002 
LB Reade (CD)2406230  15.50000 
DS Clarke (ND)4736128  15.25001 
AF Nightingale (Well)510014961  14.90014 
TS Hambrook (Auck)57010434  14.85001 
JR Veitch (Ot)48011343  14.12002 
RG Small (CD)48011146  13.87002 
PAT Small (Cant)4709526  13.57001 
FJ Cameron (Ot,SIs)71166726*13.40001 
JT Ward (SIs)121138*13.00004 
LA Clark (Ot)610111538*12.77008 
RE Sutton (Auck)4515130  12.75001 
AW Ritchie (Auck)2312413  12.000041
GA Rose (CD)510011633  11.60004 
IA Colquhoun (CD)5936935  11.500083
FS Trueman (Eng,MCC)5514621*11.50005 
JC Alabaster (Ot)69010043  11.11007 
N Puna (ND)6835524  11.00004 
RC Motz (Cant,SIs)611110829  10.80001 
SE Belsham (Auck)3404341  10.750062
JWF Kiddey (Cant)5909231  10.22005 
SG McKnight (Ot)51019123  10.11001 
EM Meuli (CD)3605422  9.00000 
JE England (Cant)1201816  9.000001
DN MacLeod (Well)2403332  8.25000 
BD Morrison (Well)353166*8.00000 
BA Haworth (Cant)3604626  7.66002 
GA Bartlett (CD)4705121  7.28001 
DL Perry (Auck)2402924  7.25001 
JB Mortimore (Eng,MCC)5503612  7.20002 
PA Newman (CD)2402816  7.00000 
JEF Beck (Well)1201311  6.50000 
GAR Lock (Eng,MCC)5301815  6.00007 
NT Woods (Ot)442128*6.00004 
JB Morrison (Well)120127  6.00000 
WM Curtis (Well)61015113  5.6600113
GM Tarr (ND)3603023  5.00002 
PJC Coutts (CD)3602913  4.83003 
FH Tyson (Eng,MCC)54296*4.50001 
DW Armstrong (CD)23198*4.50002 
W Bell (Cant)3411311  4.33004 
MR Edmunds (Ot)6922811  4.0000122
SB Zavos (Well)12085  4.00000 
JH Bray (Well)23097  3.00001 
BE Bodle (Auck)12133  3.00000 
JL Wright (ND)33076  2.33002 
WP Bradburn (ND)23075  2.33000 
PJ Bloomfield (CD)35195  2.25001 
WT Walmsley11011  1.00000 
JA Hayes (Auck)11122* 000 
GD Harper (ND)11100* 000 





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