First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1958/59 (Ordered by Average)

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AF Nightingale (Well)6010    
RN Farman (Auck)6010    
BH Pairaudeau (ND)4020    
IN Brennan (Well)6020    
RT Barber (Well)6030    
WP Bradburn (ND)24140    
JW D'Arcy (Cant,SIs)12050    
GT Dowling (Cant)12050    
EM Meuli (CD)18070    
R Subba Row (MCC)12170    
BAG Murray (Well)180120    
SB Zavos (Well)180150    
JW Guy (NZ,Cant,SIs)100160    
TW Graveney (Eng,MCC)180210    
BE Bodle (Auck)846220    
GD Harper (ND)844230    
JH Bray (Well)420260    
BA Haworth (Cant)120311-33.0000
RA Vance (Well)120822-84.0000
TS Hambrook (Auck)437378393-99.2200
GM Tarr (ND)4231011-010.0000
ER Dexter (Eng,MCC)229136163-1110.1600
FS Trueman (Eng,MCC)60231244208-4512.2021
ME Chapple (Cant)83864197164-3612.3100
FH Tyson (Eng,MCC)55530199164-4012.4300
NS Harford (CD)4823932-1813.0000
JWF Kiddey (Cant)118396315246-5113.1210
KFH Smith (CD)316199573-3613.5700
BA Bolton (NZ,Cant,SIs)25689873-114.0000
GAR Lock (Eng,MCC)100164355246-5314.7921
KW Hough (NZ,Auck,NIs)2469152701466-5315.2342
JB Mortimore (Eng,MCC)66737202124-3016.8300
IB Leggat (CD,SIs)85647267154-2117.8000
RE Sutton (Auck)83447283153-2318.8600
JR Reid (NZ,Well)101258399217-3819.0010
NT Woods (Ot)61240212116-5619.2710
FJ Cameron (Ot,SIs)1696102571294-3619.6800
GO Rabone (Auck)3242110053-520.0000
AM Moir (NZ,Ot,SIs)195280841418-3720.5121
DD Beard (CD,NIs)1674104561276-3420.7720
JA Hayes (Auck)18696332-5621.0000
AH Preston (Well,NIs)192410952-1921.8000
LA Clark (Ot)110765334153-7122.2600
JP Marsdon (Auck)8424522-2122.5000
LC Butler (Well,NIs)121356478214-4222.7600
RW Blair (NZ,Well,NIs)2481107941417-5522.9530
JT Sparling (NZ,Auck,NIs)150178520224-1123.6300
N Puna (ND)158587534225-3324.2710
AF Lissette (ND)168594584246-3724.3320
MC Langdon (ND)6953525193-5827.8800
HB Cave (CD)104969291103-1729.1000
GA Bartlett (CD)78639302103-5130.2000
JC Alabaster (Ot)118164415134-4731.9200
AF Rapley (Cant)6893325883-5032.2500
RC Motz (Cant,SIs)114342488143-2534.8500
RE Reid (Well)132671496144-4335.4200
JL Wright (ND)5821928884-5236.0000
EL Child (ND)4022711732-2339.0000
W Bell (Cant)5822924162-3740.1600
B Sutcliffe (NZ,Ot,SIs)3371516841-042.0000
PAT Small (Cant)6144124052-5548.0000
PJ Bloomfield (CD)4842318031-1460.0000
BD Morrison (Well)8224427042-7667.5000
WT Walmsley13217511-7575.0000
TE Shaw (ND)3361915821-279.0000
EW Dempster (Well)14248211-8282.0000
DW Armstrong (CD)234612311-47123.0000





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