ListA Bowling in New Zealand for 1975/76 (Ordered by Average)

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BF Hastings (Cant)8020     1.50
DW Stead (Cant)8090     6.75
GV Giles (ND)160110     4.12
PB McGregor (Well)240140     3.50
RJ Webb (Ot)320160     3.00
GA Powell (Ot)240180     4.50
GB Thomson (Ot)240180     4.50
B Dunning (ND)560240     2.57
CW Dickeson (ND)320260     4.87
JC Williams (Auck)390260     4.00
MJ Child (ND)160290     10.87
PH Sharma (Ind)480320     4.00
AR Taylor (Auck)560360     3.85
HJ Howarth (Auck)480480     6.00
Madan Lal (Ind)1472870     3.55
GN Edwards (NZ,CD)60511-55.00006.005.00
GB Troup (Auck)400811-88.000040.001.20
RO Collinge (NZ)8014255-238.400116.003.15
DG Trist (Cant)9605053-3310.000019.203.12
MG Burgess (NZ)801011-1010.00008.007.50
JM Parker (NZ,ND)1601011-1010.000016.003.75
BS Chandrasekhar (Ind)5603633-3612.000018.663.85
DR Hadlee (NZ,Cant)22228573-912.140031.712.29
H Unka (ND)4803933-3913.000016.004.87
LJ Forde (Cant)5612722-2713.500028.002.89
SB Cater (Well)5602822-2814.000028.003.00
MJ Coles (Well)144110174-3214.421020.574.20
AJP Stimpson (ND)5603022-3015.000028.003.21
JV Coney (Well)1601511-615.000016.005.62
JM McIntyre (Auck)5623222-3216.000028.003.42
BW Cederwall (Well)2401611-1616.000024.004.00
LRJ Eckhoff (Ot)5223722-3718.500026.004.26
BD Smith (Well)16838342-2520.750042.002.96
HA Morgan (Well)184111152-1822.200036.803.61
JFM Morrison (Well)3102311-723.000031.004.45
RS Cunis (ND)5614722-4723.500028.005.03
DR O'Sullivan (CD)6412411-1324.000064.002.25
BE Congdon (NZ,Cant)12827432-2324.660042.663.46
BL Cairns (NZ,CD)200210242-2025.500050.003.06
EJ Chatfield (Well)208113352-3526.600041.603.83
RJ Hadlee (NZ,Cant)16019432-3131.330053.333.52
CJ Ross (Well)224212943-3132.250056.003.45
ED Solkar (Ind)9607322-4636.500048.004.56
AR Hounsell (Cant)11224111-2041.0000112.002.19
BJ McKechnie (NZ,Ot)8804911-2449.000088.003.34
S Venkataraghavan (Ind)168010621-2253.000084.003.78
AB Jordan (CD)8005411-854.000080.004.05
BS Bedi (Ind)9805411-2454.000098.003.30
RD Cox (CD)5605511-5555.000056.005.89
RI Thomas (CD)7205611-5256.000072.004.66
M Amarnath (Ind)168014211-59142.0000168.005.07





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