Tours in 2002

Australia in Zimbabwe 2002
Bangladesh A in Kenya 2002
Bangladesh in Sri Lanka 2002
Cricket Club of India in England 2002
Cumbria Under-13s in Scotland 2002
Derbyshire Under-13s in Scotland 2002
Durham Under-13s in Scotland 2002
Guernsey in Jersey 2002
Hampshire Under-19s in Guernsey 2002
India A in Sri Lanka 2002
India in England 2002
India Under-19s in England 2002
India Women in British Isles 2002
Ireland Under-19s in England 2002
Irish Schools in England 2002
Karnataka A in Singapore 2002
MacQuarie University in England 2002
Marylebone Cricket Club in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria 2002
Marylebone Cricket Club in Denmark 2002
Marylebone Cricket Club in Ireland 2002
Marylebone Cricket Club in Netherlands 2002
Marylebone Cricket Club in Singapore and Malaysia 2002
New Zealand in Pakistan 2002
New Zealand in West Indies 2002
New Zealand Women in Ireland and Netherlands 2002
Nomads in Spain 2002
Northamptonshire Under-15s in Scotland 2002
Pakistan in Australia 2002
Scotland B in England 2002
Scotland in England 2002
Scotland Under-13s in England 2002
Scotland Under-15s in England 2002
Scotland Under-17s in England 2002
Scotland Under-19s in England 2002
Scotland Under-21s Women in England 2002
Scotland Women in England 2002
Southampton Rangers in England 2002
Sri Lanka in England 2002
St Pauls Cricket Club (Antigua) in England 2002
Sydney University in England 2002
The Hills in England 2002
Wales Women in Scotland 2002
West Indies A in British Isles 2002
West Indies A in Canada 2002





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