Lancashire Benefit Seasons

1870FR Reynolds
1878C Coward
1881W McIntyre (raised 1,000 pounds)
1883W Hickton
1885A Watson (raised 1,101 pounds)
1886RG Barlow (raised 1,000 pounds)
1889R Pilling (raised 1,500 pounds)
1894J Briggs (raised 1,000 pounds)
1897FH Sugg (raised 1,000 pounds)
1898GR Baker (raised 1,850 pounds)
1900AW Mold (raised 2,050 pounds)
1902A Ward (raised 1,739 pounds)
1903WR Cuttell (raised 657 pounds (jointly with C Smith)), C Smith (raised 657 pounds (jointly with WR Cuttell))
1906JT Tyldesley (raised 3,111 pounds)
1910JS Sharp (raised 1,679 pounds)
1913AG Paul (raised 544 pounds)
1914W Huddleston (raised 896 pounds)
1920H Dean (raised 2,217 pounds)
1921JS Heap (raised 1,804 pounds)
1922B Blomley (Grant of 500 pounds), JWH Makepeace (raised 2,110 pounds)
1923LW Cook (raised 1,657 pounds), JD Tyldesley (raised 421 pounds)
1924GE Tyldesley (raised 2,458 pounds)
1925CH Parkin (raised 1,880 pounds)
1928C Hallows (raised 2,906 pounds)
1929EA McDonald (raised 1,947 pounds)
1930RK Tyldesley (raised 2,027 pounds)
1932FB Watson (raised 1,268 pounds)
1933GE Tyldesley (raised 802 pounds)
1934G Duckworth (raised 1,257 pounds)
1936J Iddon (raised 1,266 pounds)
1937FM Sibbles (raised 1,229 pounds)
1938JL Hopwood (raised 1,105 pounds)
1939W Farrimond (raised 1,000 pounds)
1945E Paynter (Grant of 1,078 pounds)
1948WE Phillipson (raised 1,750 pounds), C Washbrook (raised 14,000 pounds)
1949R Pollard (raised 8,000 pounds)
1950WB Roberts (raised 2,623 pounds)
1951JWH Makepeace (raised 1,099 pounds)
1952JT Ikin (raised 7,175 pounds), W Place (raised 6,297 pounds)
1955GA Edrich (raised 3,575 pounds)
1956KJ Grieves (raised 5,700 pounds)
1958A Wharton (raised 4,352 pounds)
1959C Washbrook (raised 1,520 pounds)
1960MJ Hilton (raised 11,701 pounds (jointly with R Tattersall)), R Tattersall (raised 11,701 pounds (jointly with MJ Hilton))
1961JB Statham (raised 13,047 pounds)
1962A Wilson (raised 4,023 pounds)
1964T Greenhough (raised 4,504 pounds)
1967G Pullar (raised 4,662 pounds)
1968K Higgs (raised 8,390 pounds)
1969JB Statham (Testimonial. Raised 1,850 pounds)
1970JD Bond (raised 7,230 pounds)
1972P Lever (raised 7,600 pounds)
1973K Goodwin (raised 6,700 pounds)
1974H Pilling (Testimonial. Raised 9,500 pounds)
1975K Shuttleworth (Testimonial. Joint with J.Sullivan. Raised 12,500 pounds), J Sullivan (Testimonial. Joint with K.Shuttleworth. Raised 12,500 pounds)
1976FM Engineer (raised 26,519 pounds)
1977CH Lloyd (raised 27,118 pounds)
1978D Lloyd (raised 40,172 pounds)
1979B Wood (raised 62,429 pounds)
1980J Simmons (raised 128,300 pounds)
1981DP Hughes (raised 76,500 pounds)
1983FC Hayes (raised 40,768 pounds)
1986CH Lloyd (raised 51,506 pounds)
1988J Abrahams (raised 52,500 pounds)
1990PJW Allott (raised 109,617 pounds)
1991G Fowler (raised 152,885 pounds)
1992DP Hughes (raised 68,901 pounds)
1993GD Mendis (raised 59,000 pounds)
1995NH Fairbrother (raised 206,000 pounds)
1996M Watkinson (raised 209,000 pounds)
1997MA Atherton (raised 307,000 pounds)
1998Wasim Akram (raised 100,000 pounds)
1999WK Hegg (raised 178,000 pounds)
2000ID Austin (raised 155,000 pounds)
2001GD Lloyd (raised 170,063 pounds)
2002PJ Martin (raised 174,000 pounds)
2004G Chapple (raised 450,000 pounds)
2005G Yates (raised 176,830 pounds)
2006Peter Marron, groundsman - raised 151,500 pounds, A Flintoff
2007SG Law (raised 110,000 pounds)
2008MB Loye (raised 70,465 pounds)
2009G Keedy (raised 55,000 pounds)
2011MJ Chilton (raised 74,500 pounds)
2012JM Anderson

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