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 Leicestershire County Cricket Club

The Leicestershire CCC Cricket Archive

Teams Jonathan Addison played for

Main FCLeicestershire (1983)
Main ListALeicestershire (1983-1985)
 Staffordshire (1987-1991)
 Minor Counties (1988)
Minor Counties ChampionshipStaffordshire (1986-1996)
Minor Counties TrophyStaffordshire (1987-1991)
Under-19 TestEngland Young Cricketers (1984/85)
Under-19 ODIEngland Young Cricketers (1984/85)
Under-19 two inningsEngland Young Cricketers (1984/85)
Under-19 limited oversEngland Young Cricketers (1984/85)
Second Eleven ChampionshipLeicestershire Second XI (1981-1991)
 Gloucestershire Second XI (1986)
Second Eleven TrophyGloucestershire Second XI (1986)
 Leicestershire Second XI (1991)
Warwick Pool Under 25Leicestershire Under-25s (1982-1985)
 Gloucestershire Under-25s (1986)
Birmingham Premier LeagueCannock (2003)
MiscellaneousLeicestershire Club and Ground (1982-1985)
 Leicestershire Second XI (1984-1985)
 Staffordshire XI (1990-1993)
 Staffordshire Cricket Association (1996)
 Cannock (2003)
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