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 Leicestershire County Cricket Club

The Leicestershire CCC Cricket Archive

Leicestershire Benefit Seasons

1888A Rylott
1892S Silvester
1900AD Pougher
1902JP Whiteside
1903A Woodcock
1905AE Knight
1908S Coe
1910JH King
1912T Jayes
1914H Whitehead
1922WE Astill
1923JH King
1924G Geary
1926TE Sidwell
1927A Skelding
1931WE Astill
1934AW Shipman
1936G Geary
1938GL Berry
1939HA Smith
1949P Corrall
1950FT Prentice (testimonial), GS Watson (testimonial)
1951GL Berry
1952J Sperry
1953G Lester
1954M Tompkin
1955JE Walsh
1956VE Jackson
1958J Firth
1962MR Hallam
1964CT Spencer
1966JS Savage (Testimonial. Raised 2,500 pounds)
1967R Julian (Testimonial)
1970CC Inman (raised 2,000 pounds)
1973BJ Booth (Testimonial)
1974J Birkenshaw (raised 13,100 pounds)
1975MEJC Norman (Testimonial)
1977R Illingworth
1979RW Tolchard (raised 40,000 pounds)
1980B Dudleston (raised 25,000 pounds)
1982BF Davison
1983JF Steele (raised 33,470 pounds)
1984JC Balderstone (Testimonial. Joint with K.Higgs. Raised 64,470 pounds), K Higgs (Testimonial. Joint with J.C.Balderstone. Raised 64,470 pounds)
1985FM Turner
1986PB Clift
1987DI Gower (raised 121,546 pounds)
1989LB Taylor
1990NE Briers
1993JJ Whitaker
1994GJ Parsons (Joint with L.A.Spence), LA Spence (Joint with G.J.Parsons)
1995TJ Boon
1997RA Cobb (Joint with P.Whitticase), P Whitticase (Joint with R.A.Cobb)
1999DJ Millns
2001VJ Wells
2002J Birkenshaw (Testimonial)
2004PAJ DeFreitas
2006DL Maddy
2007PA Nixon
2008JN Snape (Testimonial)
2011CW Henderson (Testimonial)
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