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 Leicestershire County Cricket Club

The Leicestershire CCC Cricket Archive

First-class Bowling for Leicestershire in 2000

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SAJ Boswell5622127893-3930.88 00
CD Crowe111350453154-5530.20 00
JM Dakin127039641142-2045.78 00
PAJ DeFreitas27561221105334-4133.48 00
P Griffiths12636511-6565.00 00
A Kumble29911391133456-4425.17 21
CC Lewis5891230272-3343.14 00
DL Maddy5101727772-1039.57 00
J Ormond2283751116446-5025.36 30
BF Smith18160    
WF Stelling15084955-499.80 10
DI Stevens362140    
IJ Sutcliffe90120    
VJ Wells133548648234-5428.17 00
D Williamson306717853-6535.60 00
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