Middlesex County Cricket Club


Most Innings in a Season for Middlesex

28CT Radley1975
27JM Brearley1980
27CT Radley1980
26NG Featherstone1975
26DL Haynes1990
26MA Roseberry1990
25MJ Smith1975
25CT Radley1977
25MR Ramprakash1990
25MA Roseberry1992
25PN Weekes1995
25JD Carr1995
24JM Brearley1975
24MJ Smith1977
24JM Brearley1982
24PN Weekes1996
23MW Gatting1977
23NG Featherstone1977
23GD Barlow1977
23GD Barlow1980
23CT Radley1982
23WN Slack1984
23JD Carr1989
23KR Brown1990
22GD Barlow1975
22JT Murray1975
22IJ Gould1979
22CT Radley1979
22GD Barlow1979
22WN Slack1982
22JE Emburey1982
22CT Radley1983
22MW Gatting1984
22CT Radley1984
22CT Radley1986
22MW Gatting1988
22RO Butcher1988
22JD Carr1988
22MW Gatting1990
22MW Gatting1992
22JC Pooley1995
22KR Brown1995
22MR Ramprakash1995
22JC Pooley1996
22KR Brown1996
21CT Radley1973
21JT Murray1973
21JM Brearley1973
21MJ Smith1973
21MW Gatting1978
21RO Butcher1982
21RO Butcher1984
21WN Slack1988
21PR Downton1989
21MW Gatting1989
21MR Ramprakash1989
21KR Brown1991
21MW Gatting1991
21DL Haynes1992
21JD Carr1996
21MR Ramprakash1996
21PN Weekes1997
21OA Shah1998
21PN Weekes1998
21OA Shah2003
21AJ Strauss2003
21PN Weekes2003
21PN Weekes2004
20CT Radley1972
20MJ Smith1972
20CT Radley1974
20JM Brearley1974
20PH Edmonds1975
20MJ Smith1976
20PH Edmonds1977
20MW Gatting1979
20MW Gatting1980
20MW Gatting1982
20GD Barlow1984
20GD Barlow1985
20WN Slack1986
20RO Butcher1986
20JD Carr1992
20KR Brown1992
20MW Gatting1996
20JL Langer1998
20EC Joyce2003
20BL Hutton2004
19JM Brearley1972
19NG Featherstone1976
19MW Gatting1983
19WN Slack1985
19PR Downton1988
19MR Ramprakash1992
19MR Ramprakash1994
19KR Brown1997
19JC Pooley1997
19JL Langer2000
19OA Shah2004
18MJ Smith1970
18KV Jones1972
18MJ Smith1974
18GD Barlow1976
18GD Barlow1978
18RO Butcher1980
18PR Downton1982
18WN Slack1983
18JE Emburey1984
18RO Butcher1985
18KR Brown1988
18JE Emburey1990
18JD Carr1993
18KR Brown1994
18AJ Strauss2001
18PN Weekes2001
18PN Weekes2005
18ET Smith2005
17MJ Smith1971
17KV Jones1973
17PH Edmonds1976
17JM Brearley1977
17MJ Smith1978
17JE Emburey1979
17VAP van der Bijl1980
17GD Barlow1981
17CT Radley1981
17PH Edmonds1981
17GD Barlow1983
17CT Radley1985
17PR Downton1986
17JE Emburey1988
17JE Emburey1989
17MR Ramprakash1993
17DL Haynes1993
17JD Carr1994
17MA Roseberry1994
17MW Gatting1995
17MR Ramprakash1997
17MW Gatting1997
17RL Johnson1998
17KR Brown1998
17PN Weekes1999
17OA Shah2001
17DC Nash2001
17PN Weekes2002
17OA Shah2002
17EC Joyce2002
17BL Hutton2003
17ET Smith2007
16CT Radley1969
16MJ Smith1969
16CT Radley1970
16CT Radley1971
16NG Featherstone1971
16JT Murray1972
16JSE Price1973
16CJR Black1973
16NG Featherstone1974
16JT Murray1974
16JM Brearley1976
16CT Radley1976
16PH Edmonds1979
16JM Brearley1979
16MWW Selvey1979
16RO Butcher1981
16JE Emburey1983
16KP Tomlins1984
16PR Downton1984
16MW Gatting1986
16WN Slack1987
16DL Haynes1989
16JE Emburey1991
16MA Roseberry1991
16KP Dutch1997
16KP Dutch1998
16OA Shah1999
16KP Dutch1999
16MR Ramprakash2000
16PN Weekes2000
16AJ Strauss2002
16SG Koenig2002
16DC Nash2003
16JWM Dalrymple2004
16JWM Dalrymple2005
16OA Shah2005
16OA Shah2006
16EC Joyce2007
16JWM Dalrymple2007
16DJ Malan2009
15JT Murray1969
15FJ Titmus1969
15JT Murray1970
15PH Parfitt1970
15NG Featherstone1970
15JT Murray1971
15PH Parfitt1972
15NG Featherstone1973
15MWW Selvey1973
15FJ Titmus1973
15FJ Titmus1975
15CT Radley1978
15RO Butcher1979
15PR Downton1983
15MW Gatting1985
15PR Downton1987
15RO Butcher1989
15PN Weekes1992
15DJ Nash1995
15JH Kallis1997
15MR Ramprakash1998
15AJ Strauss2000
15EC Joyce2004
15EC Joyce2005
15ET Smith2006
15EJG Morgan2007
14PH Parfitt1969
14PH Parfitt1971
14KV Jones1971
14NG Featherstone1972
14HA Gomes1974
14IJ Gould1977
14JM Brearley1978
14NG Featherstone1978
14IJ Gould1978
14JM Brearley1981
14GD Barlow1982
14KP Tomlins1983
14PH Edmonds1984
14JD Carr1987
14RO Butcher1990
14MR Ramprakash1991
14M Keech1991
14KR Brown1993
14DL Haynes1994
14PN Weekes1994
14MA Feltham1995
14ARC Fraser1996
14JC Pooley1998
14MA Roseberry1999
14DC Nash1999
14CB Keegan2001
14BL Hutton2001
14CB Keegan2003
13JM Brearley1971
13KV Jones1974
13HA Gomes1975
13TM Lamb1975
13MWW Selvey1976
13JE Emburey1978
13MWW Selvey1978
13IJ Gould1980
13NF Williams1985
13PR Downton1985
13JE Emburey1986
13RO Butcher1987
13SP Hughes1988
13SP Hughes1989
13PR Downton1990
13PN Weekes1993
13MW Gatting1994
13OA Shah1996
13SJ Cook1999
13MR Ramprakash1999
13D Alleyne2000
13SJ Cook2001
13SP Fleming2001
13SJ Cook2002
13SJ Cook2003
13SB Styris2005
13NRD Compton2009
13NJ Dexter2009
13DJ Malan2010
12WE Russell1969
12NG Featherstone1969
12RW Hooker1969
12KV Jones1970
12WE Russell1970
12CJR Black1971
12PH Edmonds1974
12MW Gatting1976
12WW Daniel1979
12JE Emburey1981
12MW Gatting1981
12MWW Selvey1981
12PH Edmonds1982
12JE Emburey1985
12AJT Miller1986
12MW Gatting1987
12MA Roseberry1989
12M Keech1993
12JE Emburey1993
12RL Johnson1996
12JP Hewitt1997
12ARC Fraser1997
12RL Johnson1997
12DC Nash1998
12BL Hutton2002
12SJ Cook2004
12BL Hutton2005
12PN Weekes2006
12OA Shah2007
12EJG Morgan2008
12EC Joyce2008
12OA Shah2010
12SA Newman2010
12GK Berg2010
12SA Newman2011
12DJ Malan2011
12PR Stirling2011
11FJ Titmus1971
11FJ Titmus1972
11CJR Black1972
11DA Marriott1973
11FJ Titmus1974
11MWW Selvey1975
11JE Emburey1976
11AA Jones1976
11JE Emburey1980
11PR Downton1981
11NF Williams1983
11ARC Fraser1988
11ARC Fraser1989
11PN Weekes1991
11MW Gatting1993
11MA Roseberry1993
11ARC Fraser1995
11JL Langer1999
11OA Shah2000
11SJ Cook2000
11RMS Weston2001
11MA Roseberry2001
11JWM Dalrymple2003
11BJM Scott2006
11NRD Compton2007
11TJ Murtagh2008
11BJM Scott2008
11GK Berg2009
11EJG Morgan2009
11DJ Malan2012
11PR Stirling2013
11DJ Malan2013
10WE Russell1971
10WE Russell1972
10JSE Price1972
10MWW Selvey1977
10PH Edmonds1978
10MJ Smith1979
10RO Butcher1983
10NF Williams1984
10JE Emburey1987
10CT Radley1987
10A Needham1988
10NF Williams1990
10P Farbrace1991
10NF Williams1991
10JE Emburey1995
10RL Johnson1995
10OA Shah1997
10RL Johnson2000
10JWM Dalrymple2002
10SB Styris2006
10J Louw2006
10NRD Compton2006
10SD Udal2009
10BJM Scott2009
10NJ Dexter2010
10NJ Dexter2011
10JL Denly2013



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