Queensland First-Class Matches played on Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth (68)

17th December 1948 Sheffield Shield 1948/49  Western Australia v Queenslandf18174
16th December 1950 Sheffield Shield 1950/51  Western Australia v Queenslandf18987
19th December 1952 Sheffield Shield 1952/53  Western Australia v Queenslandf19854
16th December 1955 Sheffield Shield 1955/56  Western Australia v Queenslandf21139
15th December 1956 Sheffield Shield 1956/57  Western Australia v Queenslandf21582
20th December 1957 Sheffield Shield 1957/58  Western Australia v Queenslandf22047
9th January 1959 Sheffield Shield 1958/59  Western Australia v Queenslandf22568
18th December 1959 Sheffield Shield 1959/60  Western Australia v Queenslandf23003
31st December 1960 Sheffield Shield 1960/61  Western Australia v Queenslandf23566
16th December 1961 Sheffield Shield 1961/62  Western Australia v Queenslandf24083
15th February 1963 Sheffield Shield 1962/63  Western Australia v Queenslandf24657
19th December 1963 Sheffield Shield 1963/64  Western Australia v Queenslandf25075
19th December 1964 Sheffield Shield 1964/65  Western Australia v Queenslandf25583
22nd January 1966 Sheffield Shield 1965/66  Western Australia v Queenslandf26131
17th December 1966 Sheffield Shield 1966/67  Western Australia v Queenslandf26582
27th January 1968 Sheffield Shield 1967/68  Western Australia v Queenslandf27125
17th January 1969 Sheffield Shield 1968/69  Western Australia v Queenslandf27606
19th December 1969 Sheffield Shield 1969/70  Western Australia v Queenslandf28024
18th December 1970 Sheffield Shield 1970/71  Western Australia v Queenslandf28486
30th October 1971 Sheffield Shield 1971/72  Western Australia v Queenslandf28915
17th February 1973 Sheffield Shield 1972/73  Western Australia v Queenslandf29530
26th January 1974 Sheffield Shield 1973/74  Western Australia v Queenslandf29984
20th December 1974 Sheffield Shield 1974/75  Western Australia v Queenslandf30400
8th November 1975 Sheffield Shield 1975/76  Western Australia v Queenslandf30812
5th February 1977 Sheffield Shield 1976/77  Western Australia v Queenslandf31457
12th November 1977 Sheffield Shield 1977/78  Western Australia v Queenslandf31787
17th February 1979 Sheffield Shield 1978/79  Western Australia v Queenslandf32460
23rd February 1980 Sheffield Shield 1979/80  Western Australia v Queenslandf32969
6th March 1981 Sheffield Shield 1980/81  Western Australia v Queenslandf33493
26th February 1982 Sheffield Shield 1981/82  Western Australia v Queenslandf33993
3rd December 1982 Sheffield Shield 1982/83  Western Australia v Queenslandf34352
16th December 1983 Sheffield Shield 1983/84  Western Australia v Queenslandf34962
9th March 1984 Sheffield Shield 1983/84 FinalWestern Australia v Queenslandf35124
17th January 1985 Sheffield Shield 1984/85  Western Australia v Queenslandf35602
21st February 1986 Sheffield Shield 1985/86  Western Australia v Queenslandf36258
6th March 1987 Sheffield Shield 1986/87  Western Australia v Queenslandf36908
15th January 1988 Sheffield Shield 1987/88  Western Australia v Queenslandf37331
18th March 1988 Sheffield Shield 1987/88 FinalWestern Australia v Queenslandf37467
24th February 1989 Sheffield Shield 1988/89  Western Australia v Queenslandf37995
16th February 1990 Sheffield Shield 1989/90  Western Australia v Queenslandf38603
11th January 1991 Sheffield Shield 1990/91  Western Australia v Queenslandf39132
13th February 1992 Sheffield Shield 1991/92  Western Australia v Queenslandf39831
5th March 1993 Sheffield Shield 1992/93  Western Australia v Queenslandf40449
29th October 1993 Sheffield Shield 1993/94  Western Australia v Queenslandf40713
24th November 1994 Sheffield Shield 1994/95  Western Australia v Queenslandf41353
13th February 1996 Sheffield Shield 1995/96  Western Australia v Queenslandf42300
14th February 1997 Sheffield Shield 1996/97  Western Australia v Queenslandf42930
21st March 1997 Sheffield Shield 1996/97 FinalWestern Australia v Queenslandf43011
19th December 1997 Sheffield Shield 1997/98  Western Australia v Queenslandf43429
16th January 1999 Sheffield Shield 1998/99  Western Australia v Queenslandf44114
2nd March 2000 Pura Milk Cup 1999/00  Western Australia v Queenslandf45022
13th October 2000 Pura Cup 2000/01  Western Australia v Queenslandf45291
8th November 2001 Pura Cup 2001/02  Western Australia v Queenslandf46120
4th January 2003 Pura Cup 2002/03  Western Australia v Queenslandf47019
11th January 2004 Pura Cup 2003/04  Western Australia v Queenslandf47719
21st November 2004 Pura Cup 2004/05  Western Australia v Queenslandf48285
15th January 2006 Pura Cup 2005/06  Western Australia v Queenslandf49126
12th November 2006 Pura Cup 2006/07  Western Australia v Queenslandf49586
9th November 2007 Pura Cup 2007/08  Western Australia v Queenslandf50335
31st October 2008 Sheffield Shield 2008/09  Western Australia v Queenslandf51026
13th October 2009 Sheffield Shield 2009/10  Western Australia v Queenslandf51802
3rd March 2011 Sheffield Shield 2010/11  Western Australia v Queenslandf53016
1st November 2011 Sheffield Shield 2011/12  Western Australia v Queenslandf53481
14th March 2013 Sheffield Shield 2012/13  Western Australia v Queenslandf54718
29th November 2013 Sheffield Shield 2013/14  Western Australia v Queenslandf55170
8th November 2014 Sheffield Shield 2014/15  Western Australia v Queenslandf55875
25th February 2016 Sheffield Shield 2015/16  Western Australia v Queenslandf56985
5th December 2016 Sheffield Shield 2016/17  Western Australia v Queenslandf57556

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