Deaths on 3rd May

1833J Sargent(Eton College)
1843GE Dawson(Sheffield, Yorkshire)
1876C Birch(Huntingdonshire)
1876OR Hanbury(Louth, Oxfordshire, Rugby School, The Auberies)
1879G Griffith(Married, Players of Surrey, Surrey, Surrey Club)
1882O Hanbury(Oxford University)
1882RC Rayson(Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Gentlemen of Yorkshire, Staffordshire)
1885GC Westbrook(South)
1894FS Whitall(Young America, Young America Second XI)
1898JP MacGregor(Marlborough College, Marlborough College Second XI)
1900W Dummett(New South Wales)
1900GR Ruxton(Marylebone Cricket Club, Old Cheltonians)
1902GH Prichard(Cheshire, Malvern College)
1903JPJ Sensenderfer(American Baseball Players)
1906GR Atkinson(Yorkshire, Yorkshire)
1906HO Bateman(Chatham Garrison, Marlborough College)
1906E Woodthorpe(Pembroke College, Oxford)
1910FC Almond(Colts of England, Essex)
1910TJ O'Reilly(Berkeley Athletic Club, Bloomingdale, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Wanderers, Brooklyn Zingari, Hoboken, Kings County, Kings County Second XI, Manhattan, Manhattan Summer XI, Morris Heights, Morris Park, New York and District, New York Cricket Club, Somersetshire)
1911F Aspinall(Liverpool and District)
1912W Bouchier(Clifton, South Wales Cricket Club, Winchester College)
1913NRH Bullen(Wiltshire)
1915LO Lindley(North)
1916J Fellowes(Hampshire, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1916RH Mawdsley(Bacup)
1917J Bennett(Durham, Durham Colts)
1917NF Callaway(New South Wales)
1917ME Coxhead(Middlesex, Oxford University)
1917WN Gale(Dover College)
1917HR Longbourne(Repton School)
1917TM Macartney(Essendon)
1917RHW Upton(Haileybury College)
1922EA White(Gentlemen of the South, Kent)
1931LY Barnby(Lords and Commons, Westminster School)
1933L Stokes(Kent)
1934RG Currie(Norfolk)
1934HS Hall(Christ's College, Cambridge, Classical)
1935G Nicholson(Berkshire)
1937K McPhillamy(New South Wales)
1938WMA Anderson(Shropshire)
1938EW Brooke(Wellington)
1943BC Abrams(Felsted School)
1943FC Boult(Harrow School, Oxford University)
1943DT Everett(Western Australia)
1943NL Henwood(Rhodesia)
1946FAH Boynton(Hawksburn, University)
1946WH Patterson(Gentlemen of Kent, I Zingari, Kent, Oxford University)
1948CW Radmall(Honourable Artillery Company)
1949JA Ballantyne(Hawksburn, Malvern)
1949RE Bonner(All New York, Livingston, Livingston Field Club, Marylebone Cricket Club, New Jersey, St Austin's School, St George's Athletic Club, Staten Island Cricket Club, Staten Island Cricket Club A, Staten Island Cricket Club B, Staten Island Cricket Club Juniors, Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
1949EJ Lock(Somerset)
1949FI Walden(Northamptonshire)
1951WM Flintoft(Melbourne)
1952EB Wheeler(Dover College)
1953CH Walter(Gentlemen of Norfolk, Norfolk)
1955RGE Mortimer(Lancashire)
1956GE Tatham(Natal)
1957CWP Aggleton(Stourbridge, Stourbridge Second XI)
1958FR Foster(England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Warwickshire)
1959AV Berry(Natal, Transvaal)
1959DK Pearse(Natal)
1961RW Hayes(Rhodesia)
1961HB Williams(Hawke's Bay)
1962D Scott(Devon)
1963I Gibson(Derbyshire, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
1963HA Reed(Gloucestershire)
1967FD Ahl(Worcestershire)
1967CF Garlike(Wiltshire)
1968JW Johnson(Staffordshire)
1969H Forsyth(Canterbury)
1970FW Bryan(Cambridgeshire)
1970VUT Watson(Western Province)
1971JAM Beveridge(Border)
1973RHJ Brooke(Free Foresters, Gloucestershire, Minor Counties, Oxford University)
1976JTH Comber(Cambridge University, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1977AV Cooper(Essex)
1977FR Kerr(University)
1981JF Derham(University)
1982RC Townley(Tasmania)
1982EA Watts(Surrey)
1982WFM Whitelaw(Scotland)
1983JD Eggar(Derbyshire, Hampshire, Oxford University)
1983AW McDougall(Otago)
1987RL Fuller(Jamaica, West Indies)
1989Athar Khan(Baluchistan, Central Provinces and Berar)
1989K McCanlis(Bedfordshire, Buccaneers, Royal Air Force, Surrey Second XI, The Forty Club)
1996EH Maule(Berkshire)
1997IDF Coutts(Oxford University)
1999TG Evans(England, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1999HA Price(Queensland)
2000B Lobb(Somerset, Warwickshire)
2003RD Bates(Queensland Country Colts, South Queensland Colts)
2004DH Robins(Warwickshire)
2005SJ Bradley(Ireland)
2012TME Pugh(Eton Ramblers)





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