Deaths on 24th August

1866H Linton(Oxford University)
1882GD Whitehall(Barbados)
1889WC Kennedy(Wellington)
1890HD Purdon(Ireland)
1893WD Llewelyn(Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
1903FR Byng(Charterhouse School)
1904JC Beal(New South Wales)
1905K Tully(82nd Regiment, Toronto, Toronto Garrison, Upper Canada)
1907J Orange(Nottinghamshire)
1908LF Philbrick(Europeans)
1909JJ Harding(Devon, Gentlemen of Devon, Oxford University Freshmen, Oxford University Undergraduates, Rugby School)
1910RA Thorold(Gentlemen of Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire)
1911J Brierley(Rossall School and Old Boys)
1911G Hibberd(Lancashire)
1912CT Dent(Eton Ramblers, Trinity College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club)
1914J Carmichael(Surrey)
1914LE Russell(Haileybury College)
1915GS Saxton(Ceylon, Clifton College, Devon, Europeans, Gentlemen of Devon, Rossall Rangers, Rossall School, Up-Country XI)
1916EJ Bilton(Cambridge Town Club, Cambridgeshire)
1916HO Smith(Tasmania, Victoria)
1917JG Francis(Gentlemen of Suffolk, Stowmarket, Suffolk)
1918RFM Buller(St John's School, Leatherhead)
1919JP Stafford(Surrey)
1921J Chirnside(Northumberland, Northumberland, Wallsend)
1922RA Bayford(Cambridge University, Cambridgeshire, Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club, Gentlemen of the North, Gentlemen of the South, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Middlesex, Southgate, Surrey)
1923JH Richards(Surrey)
1923E Swinburne(Cheshire, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Knutsford, St Helens, Vale of Clwyd)
1926F Goodhue(Belfield)
1929BHM Smith(Devon)
1930AW Pritt(Trinity Hall College, Cambridge)
1930IT Starr(Haverford College, Haverford College Second XI, Philadelphia Cricket Club, Young America, Young America Second XI)
1931JL Byrom(Gentlemen of the North, Yorkshire)
1932W Pearce(Kent)
1933EA Copleston(Marlborough College)
1934E Hubbard(Radley College)
1934HR Rogers(Maryborough)
1935WH Knapp(Nelson)
1937S McMurray(Canterbury)
1938BW Taylor(Nottinghamshire)
1939WH Moule(Australia, Victoria)
1940J Badcock(Hampshire)
1940JS Curlewis(Kimberley Cricket Club, Pretoria)
1942GR Collins(Carlton)
1943WH Cade(Ramsey and District, Royal Armoured Corps Officer Cadet Training Unit Sandhurst)
1943RG Musson(Combined Services)
1944Lord Brackley(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1948SV Raines(Southland)
1948AFM Townsend(Essex, Gloucestershire)
1950A Hinde(Europeans)
1950JM Hussey(Auckland, Hawke's Bay, Otago)
1955EJ North(Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
1959RE Harenc(Bedford Grammar School)
1961JS Ellison(Haverford College, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
1961RG Hare(Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Merion, Merion A, Merion B, Merion C, Merion Second XI, Merion Summer XI)
1963DL Cox(Hertfordshire, Highgate School)
1963RL Martin(Germantown, Germantown Academy, Germantown Colts, Germantown Juniors, Germantown Second XI, Germantown Third XI, Germantown Zingari, Young America, Young America Juniors, Young America Juniors Second XI, Young America Second XI)
1965E Bowen(Glamorgan)
1965HG Witchell(Gloucestershire, Minor Counties)
1967THS Horsfall(Norfolk)
1968CL Vincent(South Africa, Transvaal)
1969RD Carter(East)
1971MB Brain(Glamorgan)
1973Akhtar Hussain(umpire)
1975JL Daly(Griqualand West)
1975J Tasker(Army, Yorkshire)
1975ALB Thompson(Christ's Hospital)
1976RH Blake(Natal)
1977JR Chisholm(Middlesex)
1979RKM Saker(Rajputana)
1980R Pascal(King Edward's School, Birmingham, Old Edwardians Association)
1982IJ Siedle(Natal, South Africa)
1983KG Gogler(South Australia)
1986GH Palmer(South Australia)
1992HA Price(Eastern Province)
1993DB Deodhar(Cricket Club of India, Hindus, Maharashtra, Western India States)
1994CG Turich(Queensland Colts)
1997EJE Readwin(Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire)
1999PGT Kingsley(Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Minor Counties, Oxford University)
2001HR Jordan(Barbados)
2002HA Bates(Liverpool)
2002HW Glerum(Free Foresters)
2003MR Dimble(Essendon)
2003BB Higgins(Northern Districts)
2006RR Bhatt(Baroda)
2011DR Yardley(Taranaki)
2013PW Vidanagamage(umpire)





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