Deaths on 10th December

1822Earl of Tankerville(Hampshire, Surrey)
1861J Nicholson(Cambridge University)
1863R Griffith(Wadham College, Oxford)
1865SF Cleasby(Eton College, Eton Ramblers, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1876COF Cator(Quidnuncs)
1878NM Osborne(Victoria)
1881JM Bryant(Surrey, Victoria)
1886T Groves(Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Shropshire)
1887G Berry(Yorkshire)
1898H Whitmore(Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)
1899FWG Wix(Lancing College)
1901T Broughton(Australian Club)
1903MR Shaw-Stewart(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1904J Cranston(England, Gentlemen of the South, Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1905HW Schreiber(Trinity Hall College, Cambridge)
1906E Reeves(Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Surrey, Surrey Club)
1916JR Renner(Wellington)
1920HF Montgomery(Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Navy, Somerset)
1922H Lucas(Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire Militia Officers, St George's Hospital)
1923TH Richardson(Derbyshire)
1923W Saunders(Cambridgeshire)
1927CW Bourne(Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, St John's College, Cambridge)
1929RL Crankshaw(Cheshire, Gentlemen of Cheshire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1929CI Thornton(Cambridge University, Gentlemen of Kent, Gentlemen of the South, Kent, Lyric Club, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Orleans Club)
1930RCS Bunbury(Quidnuncs)
1931FG Foster(Hampshire)
1931AHC Waters(Bradfield College, Essex)
1932FA Vane-Tempest(I Zingari)
1936R Abel(England, Home Counties, Married, Surrey)
1937RAB Ponsonby(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1938HJ Tinsley(Lancashire, Yorkshire)
1940HT Eve(Bedfordshire)
1941JH Goodband(Lowerhouse, Northumberland)
1941RG Hallamore(Hawke's Bay, Southland)
1941JC Leach(Royal Naval College Dartmouth)
1942HA Arkwright(Essex, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
1942WR Collins(Middlesex)
1942WF Jameson(Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Repton School)
1943OB Martyn(Glamorgan, Marylebone Cricket Club, South Wales Cricket Club, Welsh Etceteras, Wimbledon)
1943EHO Purnell(Northern Command)
1944JF Sheppard(Queensland)
1945HFP Palmer(Devon, Gentlemen of Devon)
1946J Driver(Yorkshire)
1948RL Rutter(American I Zingari, Incapables, Merion, University of Pennsylvania)
1948LH van Dusen(Tioga, Tioga Second XI)
1949HC Maplestone(Victoria)
1950RHJ Camm(Southland)
1951AG Hurn(Wiltshire)
1953AN Cave(umpire)
1953GRK Mugliston(Rossall School, Singapore Merchants, Straits Settlements)
1954CL Crowson(umpire)
1954AC Eyton(Shropshire, Wellington College)
1955ER Gammon(Trinidad)
1956HJ Stewart(Melbourne University, University)
1958JE Phillips(Barbados, Scotland)
1959EAT Bayley(Radley College)
1959CEL Jones(British Guiana, West Indies)
1960DL Haines(Devon, South Devon)
1961FA Baring(Victoria)
1968HE Owles(Southland)
1970H Capewell(Staffordshire)
1972P Adams(Haileybury College)
1972EN Syfret(Royal Navy)
1973A Flann(South Women, West Women)
1974HR Fawcett(Natal)
1976BD Inniss(Barbados)
1977NC Chatterjee(Bengal)
1977RR Ledwidge(umpire)
1977WR Moodie(umpire)
1986KV Bhandarkar(Central India, Hindus, Holkar, Maharashtra)
1986E van Pelt(Philadelphia Cricket Club)
1988ED Evans(Hawke's Bay, Waikato)
1988J Lawrence(Lincolnshire, Somerset)
1989RH Edmunds(Leicestershire)
1991MJJ Faber(Oxford University, Sussex)
1994AWH Mallett(Free Foresters, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
1994DF Rixson(Christ's Hospital)
1995PF Allen(Canterbury)
1995K Bhattacharya(Bengal)
1995JH Elliott(New Zealand Services)
1996HA Nakhuda(Gujarat, Muslims, Western India)
1997LM Cole(Nelson Women)
1998HW Dalling(scorer)
2000JS Rebecca(Oxton, Wallasey)
2001EW Simpson(Malvern, Prahran)
2002A Waddington(Griqualand West)
2004NF Borrett(Essex)
2004RM Gibbon(Sherborne School)
2011SS Raynor(Bermuda)
2013I Allitt(Australia Women)
2013GF Anderson(Canterbury)
2014D Loughrey(North West)
2014SE Stirling(Central Districts Second XI, Manawatu)
2015GW Fawcett(Ireland)





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