Deaths on 26th November

1873SG Jenyns(Cambridge Town Club)
1885W Holmes(Nelson, Wellington)
1887RA Denne(Band of Brothers, Gentlemen of Kent)
1890JM Preston(Yorkshire)
1891WWCD Bignell(Agra, Cheltenham College, Northern India)
1891JE MacDonnell(Gloucestershire)
1891HO Wilson(Darling Downs, Queensland, Queensland I Zingari)
1897JRO Bridgeman(Huntley Hall Rangers)
1898J Smith(Derbyshire)
1901RO Clayton(Marylebone Cricket Club, Single, Yorkshire)
1906MF MacLeod(Hobart, North, Northern Tasmania Cricket Association, South, Southern Tasmania Cricket Association)
1908WH Andrews(Sussex)
1913CAL Swale(Gentlemen of Yorkshire, Settle)
1915BP Mainprice(St John's School, Leatherhead)
1917AW Chater(Gentlemen of Northumberland, Northumberland)
1918CE McLeod(Australia, Victoria)
1919TH Belcher(Oxford University)
1925MH Gurney(Durham, Haileybury College, Portage la Prairie, Prince's Club and Ground, Private Banks)
1928LMH Gooder(Surrey)
1928G Johnson(Tonbridge School)
1928HB Lockhart(Northumberland, Northumberland)
1932IJ Salmon(Wellington)
1934ER Hodson(Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Cambridge University Next XVI, Gentlemen of Hertfordshire, Grange, Hertfordshire, North Middlesex, Trinity Hall College, Cambridge)
1936JW Bonner(Essex)
1936WA Boughton(Gloucestershire)
1937G Watson(Scarborough)
1939L Pattie(Nelson)
1940JA Spedding(Cumberland)
1940RF Steele(umpire)
1941P Eastman(The Leys School)
1942EM Lawson-Smith(Gentlemen of Yorkshire, Harrow School, Harrow Wanderers, Northumberland)
1946ER Bubb(New South Wales)
1946RH Weaver(Shropshire)
1948HF Read(Cambridgeshire)
1951C Wreford-Brown(Gloucestershire, Oxford University)
1956RJ Bamberger(Devon)
1958AC Ahamath(Ceylon, Ceylonese, Colts Cricket Club, St Thomas College)
1961WAJ Gibson(Hawke's Bay)
1968CW Turner(Berkshire)
1969C Budden(Hampshire)
1971GA Pratt(Boughton Hall, Cheshire)
1971P Vithal(Hindus, Rajputana and Bombay Baroda & Central India Railways)
1972RP Keigwin(Cambridge University, Essex, Gloucestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1972AGC Reid(Orange Free State)
1973A Sanderson(Cheshire)
1975GA McEntyre(Boughton Hall, Cheshire, Liverpool and District, Oxton, Wallasey)
1978OM Andrews(Comp Women A, Ibis Women, Scotland Women, The Rest, Women's Cricket Association)
1981SA Cawtheray(Canterbury Women)
1981GA Shaikh(India Under-22s)
1982SA Pragg(Queen's Park, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s, West Indies Young Cricketers)
1987OL Wrigley(New Zealand Air Force, Wellington)
1988JW Hart(Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire Over-50s)
1989WLF Barber(Combined Services)
1991DJT Moon(Association of Kent Cricket Clubs Under-19s, Kent Second XI)
1993KR Butler(umpire)
1993SG Walker(Derbyshire)
1994JFH Tyler(Berkshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Southgate, The Forty Club)
1997FC Bennett(South Australia, Western Australia)
2004WE Alley(New South Wales, Somerset, South)
2004HS Seaford(Devon, Nigeria Europeans, Repton School)
2006GRJ Roope(Berkshire, England, England Under-25s, Griqualand West, Marylebone Cricket Club, Minor Counties, Surrey)
2007HT Schuster(Auckland, Northern Districts)
2008J Hilton(Lancashire, Somerset)
2008RR Phillips(Border, Cape Province)
2011KG Peake(Leicestershire)
2012DM Haynes(Marylebone Cricket Club)





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