Deaths on 17th September

1846HF Green(Amateur Club)
1872GDO Templer(Dorset)
1872W Thornhill(Huntingdonshire)
1872W Thornhill(Rugby School)
1873RD Thorpe(Westminster School)
1879AM Webster(Haileybury College, Harrow School, The Easter Club)
1884J Peck(Gippsland)
1887JA Lambert(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1888W Bullough(South Australia)
1888AA Morgan(Hull, Lincolnshire, Louth)
1899H Linthwaite(Cambridge University Long Vacation Club)
1902TM Howson(Huntingdonshire)
1904JA Luttman-Johnson(Gentlemen of Sussex, Oxford University Freshmen, Priory Park, Winchester College)
1906J Street(Surrey, Surrey Club)
1907JE Page(Wellington)
1911WJ Farrer(Eton College)
1918CY Adamson(Queensland)
1918WW Knight(Kent)
1921HA Richardson(Cambridge University, Gentlemen, Gentlemen of the South, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
1922GWA Render(Yorkshire)
1924RB Vincent(Wellington)
1926R Mitchell(Victoria)
1927J Mylne(Gentlemen of Scotland, Scotland, West of Scotland)
1929WF Moulton(Cambridgeshire)
1930AM Archer(Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present)
1932A Dobson(Yorkshire)
1932RO Doig(Western Australia)
1937HC Preece(Essex)
1937JWH Wood(Hawke's Bay, Nelson, Wellington)
1941AS Caldwell(Fettesian Lorettonians, Lasswade, Loretto School, Scotland)
1941EW Jones(Gentlemen of Glamorgan, Glamorgan, South Wales, Swansea)
1943OG Douglas(Hobart, North, Northern Tasmania Cricket Association, South, Tasmania)
1943RK Tyldesley(England, Lancashire, Marylebone Cricket Club, The Rest)
1947W Seymour(Eachwick Hall, Northumberland)
1948CJ Alsop(Victoria)
1951GP Barbour(Toowoomba)
1953TD Ball(Auckland)
1955A Butcher(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1959AS Barlow(N Whitfield's XI)
1961G Aste(Cricket Club of India, Delhi, Europeans, Sind)
1961EE Goward(Bengal)
1961GC Gunter(Jamaica)
1962RB Strange(Canterbury)
1964RG O'Dwyer(Argentina)
1965PW Dive(New South Wales)
1965GM Locks(Essex)
1966NF Grant(Queensland)
1966FH Robertson(Taranaki, Wellington)
1967CF Bowick(umpire)
1967CF Smith(Border)
1968JB Dold(Eastern Province)
1968PB Sanger(Army)
1970EGF French(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1971EJ Mann(Marlborough College, Middlesex Second XI, Norfolk, Southgate)
1972AC Williamson(Oxford University)
1973FW Newton(Canterbury)
1974AL Berry(Border)
1975HM Lawrence(Army, Kent)
1976DBL Dold(Eastern Province)
1976AM Inglis(Toronto, Toronto Cricket Club, Western Ontario)
1976DC Jackson(Transvaal, Western Province)
1976A Tulip(Northumberland Second XI)
1979E Chester-Master(Gloucestershire)
1982N Lloyd(England Young Cricketers, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-25s)
1985HB Willsmore(South Australia)
1986RA Ashworth(Europeans, Radley College, Singapore Cricket Club, Straits Settlements)
1986VF Hyde(Rhodesia)
1987VJ Carrick(Gordon, New South Wales Cricket Association, New South Wales Great Public Schools)
1987HS Sampson(umpire)
1998J Howard(Leicestershire)
1998WB Roberts(Lancashire Second XI)
1999KC Glasgow(Demerara, Guyana)
2001TC Dodds(East, Essex, Marylebone Cricket Club, South, The Rest)
2001BK Shepherd(Australia, Western Australia)
2005MLG Pedi(Northerns, Northerns B)
2007F Falkiner(Public Schools, Radley College, The Rest)





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