Deaths on 18th January

1835Lord Milsington(Surrey)
1871PD Nichol(Northumberland Club)
1872RS Brodie(Victoria)
1872E Thwaites(Kent, Sussex)
1880M Norman(Harrow School)
1885Lord G de Wilton(Household Brigade, Lords and Commons, Opposition)
1886AH Knox(The Oratory School)
1889HH Hornby(Gentlemen of the North)
1892TM Brown(St Catharine's College, Cambridge)
1892JG Pearson(Nottinghamshire)
1904EB Hewett(Huntingdonshire)
1905HC Phillips(Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Tonbridge School)
1905GP Street(Staffordshire, Staffordshire Club and Ground)
1906PD Hornby(Cheltenham College)
1907T Crump(Somerset)
1907BS Darbyshire(Oxford University)
1910T Harland(Northumberland Colts)
1910JW Hoffman(Germantown, Merion, Merion Summer XI, Merion Veterans, University Barge Club)
1911I Grimshaw(Yorkshire)
1911J Mirehouse(Bristol, Clare College, Cambridge, Gentlemen of Gloucestershire)
1915EF Chinnery(Surrey)
1915WA Ferguson-Davie(Bristol, Gentlemen of Devon, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1915HG Rooper(Huntingdonshire Militia Officers)
1915FR Wickham(Harlequins, New College, Oxford, Wimbledon, Winchester College)
1916HN Latham(Cheshire, Revellers)
1917AC Craig(Chester City, Dorian, Foresters, Germantown, Haverford College, Merion, Merion Second XI, Merion Veterans, Modocs, Philadelphia Colts)
1917AC Faulkner(Gentlemen of Hampshire, Great Marlow, Henley, Maidenhead)
1918AW de Winton(East Gloucestershire, Malvern College)
1918Earl of Elgin(Balliol College, Oxford)
1923JT Walker(Darling Downs)
1924WB Green(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1926FP Francis(Middlesex)
1927GH Bigg(Huntingdonshire)
1927J Paterson(Coburg, East Melbourne, Fitzroy, Melbourne Juniors, Victoria Juniors)
1929WB Allcock(Assyrians, Cambridge University Long Vacation Club, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Emmanuel College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club, King Edward's School, Birmingham)
1929WF Deey(Newcastle and District)
1930J Hall(Northumberland Colts)
1932B Frank(Malton)
1932WE Robinson(Benwell, Elswick Works, Northumberland)
1932CS van der Poel(Western Province)
1932DA Williamson(Northumberland Next XVI)
1936AF Smith(Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
1938S Richardson(Derbyshire)
1939J Gordon(University)
1939HCA Steele(Melbourne)
1942FW Capron(Marylebone Cricket Club)
1942LT Yearwood(Barbados)
1943W Quaife(Sussex, Warwickshire)
1944JH Lloyd(Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Gentlemen of Warwickshire, Staffordshire)
1945AGB Urmston(Devon)
1947HH Brown(Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
1948LA Orford(Cambridge University)
1949JM Magee(Ireland)
1951RF Ould(Cheshire, Keble College, Oxford)
1952HE Symes-Thompson(Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club)
1953A Cipriani(Trinidad)
1954J Bissett(Griqualand West)
1954RE Vernon(Northcote)
1956WR Smith(Essendon)
1957HF Austin(Barbados)
1957EJ Waddington(Dulwich College)
1959SW Smart(Orange Free State)
1961E Mayfield(Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)
1963FS Farebrother(Wiltshire)
1963AA Lord(St Kilda)
1963AG Moyes(South Australia, Victoria)
1965GH White(Royal Air Force)
1969CRE Wakefield(Border)
1970FS Lovie(Richmond, South Melbourne)
1971CT van Geyzel(Cambridge University, Ceylonese)
1973S Bardsley(Cheshire)
1974CME Seaman(Christ's Hospital)
1977N Wijesena(Combined Services, St Peter's College, Colombo)
1978TAM Vass(Nelson)
1979KD Savage(Queensland)
1982BL Muncer(Glamorgan, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
1984JN Banerjee(Bengal)
1984AN Brewer(Europeans)
1987TGC Jameson(Hampshire, Royal Navy)
1989OS Graham(Barbados)
1990HG Albiston(Collingwood, Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
1992DPT Deshon(Somerset)
1995CJ Kenneally(South Australia)
2001PF Roux(Griqualand West)
2007IL Kingstone(Northland)
2008TEC Hoare(Radley College)
2009P Downing(Ormskirk, Ormskirk Second XI)
2011JWE Bleackley(Harrow School, Wiltshire)
2011ZE Hocking(Canterbury Women)
2016BK Shah(Saurashtra)





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