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Teams Mark Bott played for

Main FCCambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (2006-2009)
Minor Counties ChampionshipBedfordshire (2009)
Minor Counties TrophyCambridgeshire (2007)
 Bedfordshire (2009)
Second Eleven ChampionshipWorcestershire Second XI (2008)
East Anglia Premier LeagueCambridge Granta (2006-2010)
Nottinghamshire Premier LeagueWollaton (2003-2004)
 Notts Unity Casuals (2005-2006)
MiscellaneousNottinghamshire Under-21s (2003)
 Nottinghamshire Under-17s (2003)
 Wollaton (2004)
 Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League (2004-2005)
 Ordsall Bridon (2005)
 Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (2006-2009)
 Cambridgeshire (2006-2008)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (2006)
 Cambridge Granta (2006-2011)
 Cambridge Granta Second XI (2006-2009)
 Cambridgeshire Under-25s (2006-2008)
 Cambridge University (2008)
 Subiaco Marist (2009/10-2011/12)
 West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Association (2009/10)
 London Maccabi Vale (2010)
 Botany Bay (2011-2014)
 Wandering Crows (2012)
 Foxton (2013)
 HIP Cricket (2013)




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