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Teams George Macaulay played for

TestEngland (1922/23-1933)
Main FCYorkshire (1920-1935)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (1922/23)
Other FCPlayers (1922-1925)
 Marylebone Cricket Club South African Touring Team (1922)
 England (1922/23-1933)
 The Rest (1923-1928)
 CI Thornton's XI (1925)
 Marylebone Cricket Club Australian Touring Team (1928-1933)
Lancashire LeagueTodmorden (1938-1939)
Lancashire League Worsley CupTodmorden (1938-1939)
County ChampionshipYorkshire (1920-1935)
MiscellaneousYorkshire (1920-1931)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (1922/23)
 G Palmer's XI (1926)
 Royal Air Force (1940)







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