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Yorkshire in Second XI Matches in 1920

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Home Grounds used:
St George's Road, Harrogate; Thrum Hall, Halifax; Clifton Lane Sports Ground, Rotherham; Savile Park, Castleford; Hall Park, Horsforth; Duke's Park, Bridlington

Away Grounds visited:
Old Trafford, Manchester; The Recreation Ground, Bollington; Fartown, Huddersfield; Town Fields, Doncaster

Second XI playing record:
P 10     W 3     D 3     L 4

Click on this link for the season's Second XI scorecards and results

29 players appeared in Second XI matches for Yorkshire in 1920:
WR Allen; HD Badger; GW Bayes; JT Bell; RCJ Chichester-Constable; W Colley; D Dobson; G Dobson; H Firth; F Gledhill; I Greenwood; AD Hall-Watt; EF Holdsworth; Horseman; WA Hutton; A Jebson; C Kilner; N Kilner; M Leyland; EJ Pye-Smith; G Robshaw; RC Sargent; CW Shaw; E Smith; F Stead; HP Ward; AC Watson; CP Whiting; WM Wilson.







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