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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1890

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BC Bolton55153179125-4014.91 10
JT Brown3841815854-4331.60 00
L Hall3523311-1533.00 00
GP Harrison1083105323315-2810.41 42
H Hayley251190    
FS Jackson165137873-2111.14 00
J Parratt5061211-1212.00 00
R Peel585152416861318-6012.87 113
E Smith56942258146-8518.42 10
HJ Tinsley9555743-1514.25 00
G Ulyett1580130696296-4524.00 21
S Wade2401911263-4318.66 00
E Wainwright2203165778566-4413.89 21
L Whitehead111597405143-5628.92 00
JF Whitwell3021111-1111.00 00
WF Whitwell135099518255-5620.72 10







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