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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1931

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EN Backhouse24240    
W Barber12030    
A Booth162124111-2241.00 00
WE Bowes471119317641177-7115.07 124
F Dennis5221320842-3752.00 00
H Fisher4082416352-2332.60 00
FE Greenwood5112821-114.00 00
CH Hall1263850    
P Holmes18160    
TA Jacques13235155-3310.20 10
M Leyland104948472122-2339.33 00
GG Macaulay55283571528977-2415.75 51
A Mitchell301110    
E Oldroyd542100    
E Robinson40382341248517-2724.47 10
H Sutcliffe6100    
H Verity5933320214916910-3612.71 174







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