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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1971 County Championship

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MK Bore32311921184446-6326.90 10
PD Borrill9662811-228.00 00
P Carrick788200    
HP Cooper4021717052-5334.00 00
GA Cope26671451084375-9529.29 10
JH Hampshire185811285-3714.00 10
RA Hutton28771301038576-3818.21 41
C Johnson10225411-1154.00 00
B Leadbeater301511-15.00 00
AG Nicholson38811841411535-4826.62 30
CM Old26521031184425-7028.19 10
DEV Padgett3040    
AL Robinson2761410432-2234.66 00
D Schofield24170    
D Wilson2833187979496-3519.97 30
JD Woodford219158242-2020.50 00







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