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Bowling for Yorkshire in 1985 County Championship

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PA Booth4812918931-3163.00 00
G Boycott602290    
P Carrick42571841914657-9929.44 21
SJ Dennis12225022-3725.00 00
SD Fletcher1943451185244-9149.37 00
PJ Hartley1895401175315-7537.90 20
SN Hartley4481027294-5130.22 00
PW Jarvis2231531330447-10530.22 30
JD Love60811-88.00 00
MD Moxon162113141-1632.75 00
S Oldham2341010242-1325.50 00
CS Pickles6752434552-3169.00 00
K Sharp15686011-1560.00 00
C Shaw2388901230325-7638.43 10
A Sidebottom122028667224-7030.31 00
GB Stevenson4361025263-3942.00 00
IG Swallow135046670124-5355.83 00







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