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MtInnScoreTeam ScoreHow OutFielderBowlerOvsMdnsRunsWktsOpp ScoreCtStMatchDateMatch Id
1111  124bChorlton    1741 St Peter's School, York Second XI v Giggleswick School Second XI19 Jun 1929misc630616
2221  114ro    117-2  St Peter's School, York Second XI v Ampleforth College Second XI10 Jul 1929misc630618
330  213-6lbwFH Barnby    123  St Peter's School, York v SM Toyne's XI24 May 1930misc452908
444  201bJT Davies    1261 St Peter's School, York v St Peter's School, York Masters29 May 1930misc452909
5517  237-7cAC GilpinAC Gilpin    114  St Peter's School, York v Bootham School31 May 1930misc452910
662  239ro    86  St Peter's School, York v Worksop College07 Jun 1930misc452911
7710  228cJ MoleP Brears    91  St Peter's School, York v HL Lyon's XI11 Jun 1930misc452912
883  106bLV Gallagher101102811 St Peter's School, York v Giggleswick School18 Jun 1930misc120097
991  148-9bJE Verity    191  St Peter's School, York v Leeds Grammar School21 Jun 1930misc452914
101014*94no    212-6  St Peter's School, York v Ampleforth College25 Jun 1930misc120103
11112  165bTG Fraser    192-8  St Peter's School, York v Durham School28 Jun 1930misc452916
121210  230bLA Waghorn    1921 St Peter's School, York v Marylebone Cricket Club05 Jul 1930misc452917
13130  128bPR Whitaker    129-4  St Peter's School, York v Wagtails09 Jul 1930misc452918
14144  156cJ SunderlandJH Craven    269-4d  St Peter's School, York v Craven Gentlemen12 Jul 1930misc452919
151512  135cJN BlenkinJ Tasker    1611 St Peter's School, York v Old Peterites18 Jul 1930misc452921
16166  141-4bFH Barnby    124  St Peter's School, York v St Peter's School, York Masters15 May 1931misc455398
171735  144bEH Grimley    181-62 St Peter's School, York v Northumberland Fusiliers27 May 1931misc455399
18187  95cTR TheakstonAS Maw    781 St Peter's School, York v Bootham School30 May 1931misc455400
191912  247-9dcJW ScottJW Scott2041154-7  St Peter's School, York v Craven Gentlemen13 Jun 1931misc412100
20201  67bGC Burgess    861 St Peter's School, York v Giggleswick School20 Jun 1931misc120153
212152  151cJA BrettWH Johnston    961 St Peter's School, York v Durham School27 Jun 1931misc404593
222242  181-2cE ThompsonEG Tew    170-6d  St Peter's School, York v Yorkshire Gentlemen01 Jul 1931misc404504
23231  66cTEW BrinckmanWA Beadsmoore    255-8  St Peter's School, York v Marylebone Cricket Club04 Jul 1931misc400527
242427  207-8dbTasker    74  St Peter's School, York v 4th Hussars08 Jul 1931misc455406
252521  93cBJ WoodRB Green    161-0  St Peter's School, York v Worksop College11 Jul 1931misc387908
262611  103ro    175-9d  St Peter's School, York v Old Peterites17 Jul 1931misc387996
 2751*113-3no    63-3d1 
27286  122-7cSM ToyneKG Chilman533154  St Peter's School, York v St Peter's School, York Masters19 May 1932misc464517
28290  66-4cClarkAS Maw159113962 St Peter's School, York v Bootham School28 May 1932misc464518
29303  125bPenns      St Peter's School, York v West Yorkshire Regiment29 May 1932misc464519
303119  113bLV Gallagher95110103  St Peter's School, York v Giggleswick School01 Jun 1932misc120178
313249  158bGE Holderness140540272-4d  St Peter's School, York v Leeds Grammar School04 Jun 1932misc464520
323321  96cWM WormaldCE Anson8312372  St Peter's School, York v Yorkshire Gentlemen06 Jun 1932misc464521
3334108  258cR BurtonF Martin142311201-2  St Peter's School, York v Worksop College08 Jun 1932misc464522
3435160  286-8dcFH BruntonJEI Grey212074-3  St Peter's School, York v Durham School11 Jun 1932misc464523
353665  179-9dro8.50541184-51 St Peter's School, York v 2nd Battalion East Surrey Regiment14 Jun 1932misc464524
363738  104bEG Waddilove120641362-71 St Peter's School, York v Ampleforth College15 Jun 1932misc464525
373870  253-6bPM Hall61302204  St Peter's School, York v Craven Gentlemen25 Jun 1932misc464526
38396  96hwWA Beadsmoore163493262-8d2 St Peter's School, York v Marylebone Cricket Club29 Jun 1932misc464527
3940110  299cKG ChilmanKG Chilman122253180-91 St Peter's School, York v Old Peterites02 Jul 1932misc464528
40412  207cFW PutnerJA Young    391-9d  Young Amateurs v Young Professionals05 Aug 1932misc136506
 420  123bLH Gray      
41430  71lbwJA Young    139-5d  Young Amateurs v Young Professionals06 Aug 1932misc136507
42442  258-6dcJA AdamsonAL Howell    78  Yorkshire Second XI v Durham22 Aug 1932minc2807
 450  97-5bAL Howell    276  
4346148*236-3dno52261153  St Peter's School, York v St Peter's School, York Masters25 May 1933misc468846
444716  158-8bBoyd??1451191 St Peter's School, York v Bootham School27 May 1933misc468847
454824  227-4dstMachinEW Towsey??17195  St Peter's School, York v Durham Light Infantry07 Jun 1933misc468849
4649140  216-2lbwMcCance    100  St Peter's School, York v Northumberland Fusiliers10 Jun 1933misc468850
47504  73bPG Turner??5349  St Peter's School, York v Worksop College14 Jun 1933misc468851
48510  106cS LovellHS Coghlan??3041191 St Peter's School, York v Ampleforth College17 Jun 1933misc468852
49   ??522197  St Peter's School, York v Leeds Grammar School21 Jun 1933misc468853
505261  197bWT Oliver??53596  St Peter's School, York v Durham School28 Jun 1933misc468855
515383  247-6bH Wood??5461851 St Peter's School, York v Craven Gentlemen01 Jul 1933misc468854
525443  150cWoodwardSymonds??183921 St Peter's School, York v 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment05 Jul 1933misc468856
535586  225bRJ Covill??621234-5  St Peter's School, York v Marylebone Cricket Club08 Jul 1933misc468857
545676  234-5dcButlerCrabtree??575173  St Peter's School, York v Giggleswick School15 Jul 1933misc468858
5557125  252-4dcJR TinnCE Anson??582198-41 St Peter's School, York v Yorkshire Gentlemen26 Jul 1933misc468859
5658167*240-3no??3922261 St Peter's School, York v Old Peterites29 Jul 1933misc468860
5759189  330-8dlbwDCS Compton302202871 Young Amateurs v Young Professionals11 Aug 1933misc136519
 6031  190-5dcHarrisLH Gray----166-8  
586111  181cWS ShieldJL Allan    1152 Yorkshire Second XI v Northumberland23 Aug 1933minc2912
 625  143-6dbT Atkinson    85  
596323  230cBJH WoodDC Rought-Rought    147  Yorkshire Second XI v Norfolk06 Sep 1933minc2916
    42-1dnb    122  
60646  142-6dbC Elton6281108  St Peter's School, York v St Peter's School, York Masters24 May 1934misc470664
616514  184-7dcEH ReddihoughTL Kirkham84220163-51 St Peter's School, York v Bootham School26 May 1934misc470665
626636  184-6dlbwP Craig4.10101140  St Peter's School, York v York Garrison30 May 1934misc470666
636767  163cPA JohnsonJEI Grey1744252243 St Peter's School, York v Durham School06 Jun 1934misc470667
6468145*232-0dno80222138  St Peter's School, York v Weetwood09 Jun 1934misc470668
656960  148cJT KnightJWJ Steele100372182-5  St Peter's School, York v Catterick Garrison13 Jun 1934misc470669
667039  107bHM Hinde122320211-5d  St Peter's School, York v Catterick Garrison20 Jun 1934misc470671
677111  178cJV ElmhirstDB Parkinson142221991 St Peter's School, York v Yorkshire Gentlemen28 Jun 1934misc470672
68725  264-9dbEC Smith131273167  St Peter's School, York v Leeds Grammar School30 Jun 1934misc470673
697398  212-9cWR GendersL Hardy195427120  St Peter's School, York v Craven Gentlemen04 Jul 1934misc470674
70744  228-7dcRM WilsonRG Lascelles100511233-5  St Peter's School, York v Marylebone Cricket Club07 Jul 1934misc470675
71754  123lbwGR Abbs2574121133 St Peter's School, York v Giggleswick School14 Jul 1934misc120305
727695  207lbwW Elliott1352161241 St Peter's School, York v Old Peterites28 Jul 1934misc470676
737738  173lbwAM Hayfield----263  The Rest v Lord's Schools06 Aug 1934misc94847
 781  191-7lbwPK Mayhew80251221  
7479117  303-8dcLG IrvineJWA Stephenson81230319  Public Schools v Army08 Aug 1934misc30574
 8063  215-6dcCP HamiltonRGW Melsome----105-2  
758117  146-6dlbwT Atkinson    129  Yorkshire Second XI v Northumberland13 Aug 1934minc2994
 8211  95-4lbwHC Lee    111  
768328  295-4dcKH McEntyreRM Dutton    285  Yorkshire Second XI v Cheshire15 Aug 1934minc2997
 842  103-5bTJ Bartley      
77850  97cJG LangridgeJ Langridge    3731 Cambridge University v Sussex01 May 1935f14884
 8624  182cJH ParksC Oakes      
788756  252cKGC CampbellBR Darewski----911 GW Parker's XI v HT Bartlett's XI04 May 1935misc376839
798825  253stRJ WilliamsDS Tomlinson511704851 Cambridge University v South Africans08 May 1935f14894
 8915  192bDS Tomlinson----  
80901  97cTF SmailesH Verity    268  Cambridge University v Yorkshire15 May 1935f14907
 915  229lbwH Fisher    61-3  
819216  163stPA GibbHRW Butterworth    1951 Cambridge University v Minor Counties18 May 1935f14914
 9322  174-6cPA GibbDC Rought-Rought    1411 
82940  405bA Staples    3451 Cambridge University v Nottinghamshire22 May 1935f14923
839537  265lbwRC Rought-Rought    3891 Cambridge University v Free Foresters08 Jun 1935f14968
 960  195cWM WelchFR Brown    72-3  
849778  319cAG PowellR Smith    157  Cambridge University v Essex15 Jun 1935f14987
 984  98-3c[unknown]TPB Smith    259  
859913  100lbwWJ Edrich----112  Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club22 Jun 1935f15008
 1000  139cJM SimsJM Sims6.31110128-2  
8610121  213bJH Cornford    1091 Cambridge University v Sussex29 Jun 1935f15027
 1023  158bGS Pearce    172  
8710319  302stRCM KimptonTGL Ballance    221  Cambridge University v Oxford University08 Jul 1935f15048
 10436  223ro    109  
881053  104bWH Barber    2253 Yorkshire Second XI v Cheshire17 Jul 1935minc3055
 10623  116bWH Barber      
891073  180-7dbNB Stephenson???1103-2  Yorkshire Gentlemen v St Peter's School, York24 Jul 1935misc473190
9010845  232-8lbwNB Stephenson???1255-4d1 Old Peterites v St Peter's School, York27 Jul 1935misc473191
911091  244bAE Nutter402212821 Yorkshire Second XI v Lancashire Second XI05 Aug 1935minc3080
 1105  110-6bA Bennett81313186-5d  
92   315-3ddnb6181134  Yorkshire Second XI v Cheshire07 Aug 1935minc3089
931111  250-9dbJL Allan19.16512253-9d  Yorkshire Second XI v Northumberland21 Aug 1935minc3117
 1120  135-7dcA BoothH Robson7461120-6  
941130  205stWL CornfordJF Robinson----395  Cambridge University v Sussex06 May 1936f15287
 11452  359cC OakesAF Wensley306065-1  
9511542  243cRES WyattAJW Croom    432 Cambridge University v Warwickshire13 May 1936f15301
 11640  199lbwK Wilmot    112  
9611732  424bHJ Butler1050559-8d  Cambridge University v Nottinghamshire20 May 1936f15318
97118101  238cES ColeBEW McCall    1512 Cambridge University v Army23 May 1936f15327
 11918  109lbwJHH Whitty    1912 
981205  260lbwTA Jacques----439-4d  Cambridge University v Yorkshire27 May 1936f15337
9912143*217no    1611 Cambridge University v Indians30 May 1936f15343
1001223  228cDR WilcoxFR Brown7.403623351 Cambridge University v Free Foresters13 Jun 1936f15377
 12334  132-3stJTH ComberFR Brown----  
10112432  209cGS PearceJ Langridge    198  Cambridge University v Sussex20 Jun 1936f15404
 1254  237-8lbwJ Langridge    274  
102126116*359no    2911 Cambridge University v Surrey24 Jun 1936f15415
10312710  215lbwGB Burrough2130323  Cambridge University v Somerset27 Jun 1936f15422
1041293  282cJM SimsCIJ Smith    1552 Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club01 Jul 1936f15431
 13014  155-5dcBO AllenCIJ Smith    63-5  
10513190  432-9dcAP SingletonRFH Darwall-Smith    2092 Cambridge University v Oxford University06 Jul 1936f15444
 1322*17-2no    2391 
1061332  113cH GibbonS Ellis20171981 Yorkshire Second XI v Durham15 Jul 1936minc3164
10713412  218lbwAV Pope----2161 Yorkshire v Derbyshire22 Jul 1936f15483
10813515  167cJH ParksMW Tate1010162  Yorkshire v Sussex25 Jul 1936f15492
 13645  253cJH ParksHE Hammond----163-4  
1091370  124-3cW FarrimondTA Higson802812711 Yorkshire Second XI v Lancashire Second XI03 Aug 1936minc3187
1101388  183bS Crump15.15403198  Yorkshire Second XI v Staffordshire12 Aug 1936minc3207
11113926  360cH GimblettH Gimblett2051130  Yorkshire v Somerset15 Aug 1936f15541
11214022  208cFE WoolleyWH Ashdown193590406  Yorkshire v Kent19 Aug 1936f15543
 1410  266cBH ValentineCG Cole----70-1  
11314266  315cLB FishlockRJ Gregory1434804951 Yorkshire v Surrey22 Aug 1936f15555
 14315  157-8cRJ GregoryJV Daley----  
11414415  328bJ Langridge40130225  Yorkshire v Sussex26 Aug 1936f15564
11514589  378-8dcWCL CreeseOW Herman    174  Yorkshire v Hampshire29 Aug 1936f15567
    25-0dnb    2281 
11614658  441cWFF PriceCIJ Smith113321186  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club02 Sep 1936f15575
11714711  190bHE Hammond30802621 Cambridge University v Sussex05 May 1937f15670
 14811  109cHW ParksJH Parks102251283-5d1 
1181499  259lbwJ Knowles    37-0  Cambridge University v Nottinghamshire19 May 1937f15699
1191506  231bCIJ Smith712813411 Cambridge University v Middlesex22 May 1937f15707
 1510  107bLH Gray60170199-7d  
12015225  102stTC LowryDAR Moloney----1351 Cambridge University v New Zealanders26 May 1937f15718
 15332  128cJR LamasonN Gallichan517196-2  
12115484  395cJWA StephensonCT Orton311002653 Cambridge University v Army29 May 1937f15726
12215537  387lbwJE Timms5.11622572 Cambridge University v Northamptonshire09 Jun 1937f15753
1231561  292bFR Brown31402312 Cambridge University v Free Foresters12 Jun 1937f15763
 15719  105-3cGB CuthbertsonWM Welch1.501312571 
1241581  112bJWA Stephenson102231346  Cambridge University v Essex16 Jun 1937f15773
 1592  201lbwR Smith----  
1251600  218cCIJ SmithJM Sims511401991 Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club19 Jun 1937f15783
 1611  213bIAR Peebles62110233-3  
126162104  314stSC GriffithJY Oakes142364317  Cambridge University v Sussex23 Jun 1937f15797
1271637  461cRH MooreGEM Heath153474316  Cambridge University v Hampshire26 Jun 1937f15802
12816584  219cJF ParkerKCW King161611480  Cambridge University v Surrey30 Jun 1937f15815
 16630  219lbwKCW King----  
129167101  253cMH MatthewsAP Singleton209342267  Cambridge University v Oxford University05 Jul 1937f15824
 1686  173lbwNS Mitchell-Innes41210160-3  
1301694  364cGL WeirMP Donnelly51151223  Yorkshire v New Zealanders10 Jul 1937f15841
 17045  207-6dcMP DonnellyHG Vivian52120203-9  
1311717  165bWR Hammond2090229  Gentlemen v Players14 Jul 1937f15843
 1724  184bAW Wellard----121-2  
13217315  209bH Larwood9.41201326  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire17 Jul 1937f15856
 17413  101-3bGFH Heane----145-7d  
13317598  255bDE Davies30601501 Yorkshire v Glamorgan21 Jul 1937f15859
13417774  346lbwBH Lyon3150286  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire24 Jul 1937f15869
 17831  273-4dcWL NealeBH Lyon4220214  
13517944  279cDR WilcoxLC Eastman4291184  Yorkshire v Essex28 Jul 1937f15881
1361803  246cAJ BirtwellAJ Birtwell    324  Yorkshire v Lancashire31 Jul 1937f15890
 1811  168cE PaynterJ Iddon    91-5  
1371828  333-9dcNF ArmstrongG Geary93211202  Yorkshire v Leicestershire04 Aug 1937f15894
 1832  183-9dbWH Flamson8490185  
13818443  291lbwA Paris30141104  Yorkshire v Scotland11 Aug 1937f15917
13918540*258-8dno    120  Yorkshire v Worcestershire14 Aug 1937f15926
14018642  356cD DaviesADG Matthews72122243  Yorkshire v Glamorgan18 Aug 1937f15935
141188101  463cEWJ BrooksAR Gover51140273  Yorkshire v Surrey21 Aug 1937f15943
14218916  457cJH ParksJ Langridge    198  Yorkshire v Sussex25 Aug 1937f15950
14319045  191cNT McCorkellGEM Heath----93  Yorkshire v Hampshire28 Aug 1937f15954
14419128  316cDR WilcoxFR Brown30130213  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club01 Sep 1937f15962
14519242  380cMP DonnellyDAR Moloney    2851 HDG Leveson-Gower's XI v New Zealanders08 Sep 1937f15966
 1931  206cAW RobertsN Gallichan    156  
14619447  401lbwJM Sims    185  Yorkshire v Middlesex11 Sep 1937f15968
14719539  399cYE SheikhYE Sheikh    177  Lord Tennyson's XI v Baroda26 Oct 1937misc30695
1481964  303bKhadim Hussain----348  Lord Tennyson's XI v Sind31 Oct 1937f15981
14919744  225bLW Wooldridge    80  Lord Tennyson's XI v North-West Frontier Province06 Nov 1937misc30696
 1982  23-2bGC Kapoor    167  
15019960  376-8dcAdhyaruYS Ramaswami    139  Lord Tennyson's XI v Indian Universities10 Nov 1937misc30697
15120096  207bL Amarnath    121  Lord Tennyson's XI v India13 Nov 1937f15987
    114-1dnb    1991 
15220146  212bL Amarnath    2371 Lord Tennyson's XI v Rajputana19 Nov 1937f15990
 2026  112lbwNP Kesari    89-8  
1532032  126cND MarshallMH Mankad    206  Lord Tennyson's XI v Jam Sahib of Jamnagar's XI27 Nov 1937f15994
 20422  269lbwAF Wensley    223-7d  
15420550  319cJG HarrisSW Sohoni    273  Lord Tennyson's XI v Maharashtra04 Dec 1937misc30698
15520687  367cLP JaiMH Mankad----189  Lord Tennyson's XI v Cricket Club of India07 Dec 1937f15998
15620714  191bL Amarnath    153  Lord Tennyson's XI v India11 Dec 1937f15999
 2082  171-4bL Amarnath    208  
1572091  145bM Nissar    154  Lord Tennyson's XI v United Provinces18 Dec 1937misc30699
 21028  201-7dlbwASN Murthy    67-1  
15821121  192lbwVS Hazare    191  Lord Tennyson's XI v Central India21 Dec 1937f16008
 21210  126-4cYousuf AliCK Nayudu    182-9d  
159   211-6dnb    84  Lord Tennyson's XI v Bihar29 Dec 1937misc30700
16021338  257cDD HindlekarM Nissar    350  Lord Tennyson's XI v India31 Dec 1937f16020
 21415  192cS Mushtaq AliL Amar Singh    192  
1612150  445-9dbShahabuddin    142  Lord Tennyson's XI v Maharaja of Patiala's XI11 Jan 1938f16032
1622160  353-6dlbwAJH Cassels3080305-8  Lord Tennyson's XI v Delhi15 Jan 1938misc30701
16321729  151-9dbCT Sarwate    76  Lord Tennyson's XI v Central Provinces and Berar19 Jan 1938misc30702
 21810*39-2no    112  
16421939  448-8dcHP WardC Ramaswami    3051 Lord Tennyson's XI v Madras23 Jan 1938f16041
 22071  324-5cJPM McIverMJ Gopalan      
1652215  148cShahabuddinMohammad Lateef    3171 Lord Tennyson's XI v Nawab of Moin-ud-Dowlah's XI27 Jan 1938f16042
 22210  293bMohammad Lateef    127-4  
16622318  305-6dcE KrishnaswamyK Hosking    83  Lord Tennyson's XI v Mysore01 Feb 1938misc30703
16722431  130bM Nissar    131  Lord Tennyson's XI v India12 Feb 1938f16049
 2250  288bL Amar Singh    131  
16822642  264bL Hutton1204005403 Cambridge University v Yorkshire04 May 1938f16067
 2272  171cH VerityH Verity----  
169   403-7ddnb    2073 NWD Yardley's XI v PM Studd's XI07 May 1938misc376853
    16-0dnb    2111 
17022867  120cJHW FingletonWJ O'Reilly51170708-5d  Cambridge University v Australians11 May 1938f16082
 22929  163bWJ O'Reilly----  
17123033  209cAW SnowdenEJ Herbert721311683 Cambridge University v Northamptonshire14 May 1938f16089
 23115  379-7dcD BrookesEJ Herbert----172-41 
17223229  212hwD Watkin176500397-8d  Cambridge University v Nottinghamshire18 May 1938f16097
1732336  218bMS Nichols1515713851 Cambridge University v Essex25 May 1938f16114
 23495  236cRM TaylorR Smith4024173-1  
17423523  169cBRM HaylesHH van Straubenzee70572387-8d  Cambridge University v Army28 May 1938f16121
17523631  298cLEG AmesK Farnes    377  The Rest v England01 Jun 1938f16130
 23728  188-3bK Farnes      
1762382  456-8dlbwVS Hazare1513514061 Cambridge University v Rajputana06 Jun 1938misc30785
17723949  301cCL BadcockLO Fleetwood-Smith    397  Gentlemen of England v Australians15 Jun 1938f16166
 24022  149lbwFA Ward    335-4d  
1782412  338bERK Glover1872913882 Cambridge University v Glamorgan18 Jun 1938f16176
17924257  330lbwG Hill1324503331 Cambridge University v Hampshire22 Jun 1938f16185
 24318  95lbwGS Boyes211093-1  
18024475  293cRG StaintonAG Tuppin401701162 Cambridge University v Sussex XI25 Jun 1938misc30812
 24534  86stVJ EatonTGL Ballance81210329  
1812468  370bRHB Bettington50170270-8d2 Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club29 Jun 1938f16206
 2474  192-5dbCIJ Smith62160236-9  
18224861  425cDE YoungDH Macindoe1323003171 Cambridge University v Oxford University02 Jul 1938f16215
18324933  198cWH CopsonGH Pope21301581 Yorkshire v Derbyshire09 Jul 1938f16227
18425188  411cWFF PriceTF Smailes    218  Gentlemen v Players13 Jul 1938f16236
 25234  172-8dbTPB Smith    232  
18525311  144cDCS ComptonLH Gray----205  Yorkshire v Middlesex16 Jul 1938f16248
 2546  103bCIJ Smith211143-2  
18625513  311cMEF DunkleyRJ Partridge1984322831 Yorkshire v Northamptonshire27 Jul 1938f16276
18725721  453lbwAE Nutter411301331 Yorkshire v Lancashire30 Jul 1938f16280
18825813  440-6dlbwG Lester142331297  Yorkshire v Leicestershire03 Aug 1938f16289
1892595  192cAEG RhodesGH Pope712521131 Yorkshire v Derbyshire06 Aug 1938f16301
 2600  232-9dcH ElliottWH Copson----101  
19026123  324stJ BuckinghamAJW Croom3060263  Yorkshire v Warwickshire10 Aug 1938f16309
19126297  346cTWJ GoddardWR Hammond    119  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire17 Aug 1938f16327
1922630  320cW VoceGFH Heane3195914031 Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire20 Aug 1938f16332
 26443  267-5cA StaplesA Staples----  
1932653  210cW KnoxRA Hollingdale101262193  Yorkshire v Scotland24 Aug 1938f16344
19426643  326-8dcNW HardingLJ Todd    1682 Yorkshire v Kent27 Aug 1938f16348
19526714  330-9dcSC GriffithJH Cornford8122377  Yorkshire v Sussex31 Aug 1938f16359
19626928  325cH SutcliffeTF Smailes101452429  Gentlemen v Players07 Sep 1938f16364
 27084  233-6dbL Hutton3.20391133-51 
19727129  141-7r??601642 Yorkshire v North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League17 Sep 1938misc312070
198272142  676cF NicholsonJP McNally    114  Marylebone Cricket Club v Griqualand West19 Nov 1938f16373
199273182*412-6dno    128  Marylebone Cricket Club v Orange Free State26 Nov 1938f16379
20027410  458cEL DaltonRH Henderson----307  Marylebone Cricket Club v Natal03 Dec 1938f16383
20127542  379-6dbLS Brown    161  Marylebone Cricket Club v North Eastern Transvaal10 Dec 1938f16386
20227613  268bEQ Davies    428-8d  Marylebone Cricket Club v Transvaal16 Dec 1938f16389
2032777  422cB MitchellB Mitchell    390  England v South Africa24 Dec 1938t267
    291-4ddnb    108-1  
20427818  518-6dcF McDonaldWC Procter    172  Marylebone Cricket Club v Eastern Province07 Jan 1939f16407
205279126  320stGGL MandyRD Chapman    121  Marylebone Cricket Club v Border13 Jan 1939f16410
    79-1dnb    275  
2062800  434stRE GrievesonB Mitchell    304  Marylebone Cricket Club v Combined Transvaal XI27 Jan 1939f16418
20728122*307-5dno    242  Marylebone Cricket Club v Rhodesia04 Feb 1939f16424
2082822  180cA HydeRJ Noble    96  Marylebone Cricket Club v Rhodesia10 Feb 1939f16427
 28313  174-2dlbwA Hyde    95-6  
20928450  140cHS SquiresAR Gover    221  Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey03 May 1939f16439
 2854  121bEA Watts    139  
2102864  92cTF SmailesEP Robinson    1481 Marylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire06 May 1939f16443
 2870  114lbwH Verity    59-1  
2112880  435-7ro      Marylebone Cricket Club v West Indians13 May 1939f16461
212289140*350-2dno7115184  Yorkshire v Cambridge University24 May 1939f16480
2132900  528-8dcAE NutterAE Nutter1535233001 Yorkshire v Lancashire27 May 1939f16490
21429151  417cHE DolleryWE Hollies60311219  Yorkshire v Warwickshire31 May 1939f16503
215   493-1ddnb611411741 Yorkshire v Hampshire03 Jun 1939f16512
21629274  500-7dlbwHA Smith101461366  Yorkshire v Leicestershire07 Jun 1939f16523
2172937  430-5dlbwWJ Edrich----62  Yorkshire v Middlesex10 Jun 1939f16530
2182944  207-8cHW GreenwoodRJ Partridge    180  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire14 Jun 1939f16540
2192957  244lbwA Jepson92150120  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire17 Jun 1939f16546
 2960  108lbwHJ Butler----3-4  
2202976  328cD ThomasPF Judge42901681 Yorkshire v Glamorgan21 Jun 1939f16558
22129821  83cC GladwinAV Pope----20  Yorkshire v Derbyshire24 Jun 1939f16569
 29934  310cAEG RhodesAEG Rhodes205097  
22230012  176bTWJ Goddard52110168  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire28 Jun 1939f16572
 3016  105bTWJ Goddard----114-31 
2233021  406bAR Gover1205932901 Yorkshire v Surrey01 Jul 1939f16587
 3038  199-6dcHT BarlingFR Brown50351138  
22430413  114bLN Constantine82220234  Yorkshire v West Indians05 Jul 1939f16593
2253051  171bJM Sims71311292  Yorkshire v Middlesex08 Jul 1939f16602
 3067  172-5bJM Sims----  
22630793  502-4dcEJ HerbertRJ Partridge61211216  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire12 Jul 1939f16608
227   133340208-6  Yorkshire v Derbyshire15 Jul 1939f16611
22830817  386cG CoxJK Nye111290156  Yorkshire v Sussex19 Jul 1939f16625
2293096  94-3bW Voce20712002 Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire22 Jul 1939f16634
23031018  91stBP KingR Howorth    102  Yorkshire v Worcestershire26 Jul 1939f16642
 3117  113bSH Martin    118  
23131230  431cLB FishlockHS Squires2040219  Yorkshire v Surrey29 Jul 1939f16649
23231385  234bW Wooller----1941 Yorkshire v Glamorgan02 Aug 1939f16654
23331514  163bRG Garlick3150217  Yorkshire v Lancashire05 Aug 1939f16667
 3168  147-5cW FarrimondR Pollard----92  
2343170  155cCH DrakeCH Drake40200891 Yorkshire v Leicestershire09 Aug 1939f16671
2353189  171lbwRTD Perks20121194  Yorkshire v Worcestershire12 Aug 1939f16685
 31920  309lbwR Howorth70380197  
236320108  403cJH MayerCWC Grove2080158  Yorkshire v Warwickshire16 Aug 1939f16693
2373226  131cSJ CrayK Farnes122241343  Yorkshire v Essex19 Aug 1939f16702
 32313  208cRM HeavenTPB Smith----  
2383241  338bDVP Wright    1091 Yorkshire v Kent23 Aug 1939f16706
239325108  392cJ LangridgeJ Langridge90480387  Yorkshire v Sussex30 Aug 1939f16723
24032634  159bJR Bridger    518-5d1 British Empire XI v Cambridge University11 May 1940misc30841
 327138  251lbwMRG Earls-Davis      
2413283  224cHS SquiresHS Squires----144  Army XI v Royal Air Force02 Aug 1941misc30904
2423290  91cJ BrockwayP Kelly152512112  Green Howards v JW Walsh's XI20 Sep 1941misc225951
24333024  291cER ConradiBS Hobson636175  Yorkshire v Cambridge University08 May 1946f17065
24433140  252cLJ ToddNW Harding    69  Yorkshire v Kent18 May 1946f17081
2453329  251cJN BartlettDH Macindoe    2151 Yorkshire v Oxford University22 May 1946f17092
 33335  123-4bJN Bartlett    1581 
24633429  139bL Amarnath20130438  Marylebone Cricket Club v Indians25 May 1946f17099
 3359  105cRS ModiL Amarnath----  
2473360  236bJW Martin    1061 Yorkshire v Kent29 May 1946f17109
 33710  175bC Lewis    113  
24833815  336-6lbwC Cook5070369  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire01 Jun 1946f17110
24933922*171-3dno2190127-4  Yorkshire v Lancashire08 Jun 1946f17133
2503405  268bMP Barker    99  Yorkshire v Warwickshire12 Jun 1946f17141
25134153*140no    74  Yorkshire v Middlesex15 Jun 1946f17146
 34210  108stWFF PriceJA Young    101  
252343137  417-9dcFH WinrowGFH Heane4090209  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire22 Jun 1946f17169
2533441  83bDE Davies    1651 Yorkshire v Glamorgan26 Jun 1946f17178
 34526  179-4cAH DysonDE Davies    96  
25434670  251bJM Mills2210296259  Marylebone Cricket Club v Cambridge University29 Jun 1946f17185
 34720  172ro167171165-6  
2553488  344-9dcDD HindlekarSN Banerjee    1381 Yorkshire v Indians03 Jul 1946f17197
25634929  195cRJ GregoryEA Watts----167  Yorkshire v Surrey06 Jul 1946f17208
 35025  167-4cRJ GregoryAV Bedser122190191  
25735139  321-7dbRTD Perks----1751 England v The Rest10 Jul 1946f17210
 35211  179-9dcEJ PriceEJ Price731803071 
25835343  300-6dcGul MohammadVS Hazare112230490-5d1 Yorkshire v Indians13 Jul 1946f17228
25935421  144cTG EvansWE Hollies30120399-5d  Gentlemen v Players17 Jul 1946f17230
 3550  115cHE DolleryR Pollard----  
2603564  152bPF Jackson    119  Yorkshire v Worcestershire20 Jul 1946f17244
 35712  90-9bPF Jackson    1211 
2613580  312-7cWT LuckesHFT Buse81280508  Yorkshire v Somerset24 Jul 1946f17248
2623592  197bAR Gover    1141 Yorkshire v Surrey27 Jul 1946f17257
 3604  113-2bAV Bedser    1941 
26336120  168cCJ KnottOW Herman    972 Yorkshire v Hampshire14 Aug 1946f17299
 36216  69bOW Herman    841 
2643639  226cJDB RobertsonGOB Allen    169  Yorkshire v Middlesex17 Aug 1946f17308
 36410  202-8dcJA YoungGOB Allen    144-81 
26536520  188bTWJ Goddard    106  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire21 Aug 1946f17316
    8-1dnb    891 
2663667*197-4dno    138-61 Marylebone Cricket Club v Western Australia Colts07 Oct 1946misc31314
26736738  477bCW Puckett    366  Marylebone Cricket Club v Western Australia11 Oct 1946f17346
26836856  302cIWG JohnsonB Dooland    4621 Marylebone Cricket Club v Western Australia Combined XI17 Oct 1946f17347
26936912  487-6dcL CorrieL Veal    87  Marylebone Cricket Club v South Australia Country22 Oct 1946misc31315
27037054*506-5dno    266  Marylebone Cricket Club v South Australia25 Oct 1946f17349
27137170  358cGE TribeGE Tribe    1891 Marylebone Cricket Club v Victoria31 Oct 1946f17350
 37220  279-7dlbwIWG Johnson    204  
27237311  314bCL McCool4081327-5  Marylebone Cricket Club v Australian XI08 Nov 1946f17353
273   156-2dnb    165-4d1 Marylebone Cricket Club v New South Wales15 Nov 1946f17356
27437414  310cCL McCoolCL McCool6.70193400  Marylebone Cricket Club v Queensland22 Nov 1946f17361
27537629  141cD TallonERH Toshack1314706451 England v Australia29 Nov 1946t279
 3770  172cAL HassettERH Toshack----  
27637833  282cCGR StibeLJ Johnson    208  Marylebone Cricket Club v Queensland Country07 Dec 1946misc24373
27737925  255cD TallonIWG Johnson90231659-8d  England v Australia13 Dec 1946t280
 38035  371bCL McCool----  
27838161  351bCL McCool204502365  England v Australia01 Jan 1947t281
2793834  278bDJ Clark20160374  Marylebone Cricket Club v Tasmania Combined XI10 Jan 1947f17408
 38419  353-9dbJFL Laver----145-2  
280   467-5ddnb----1031 Marylebone Cricket Club v Tasmania15 Jan 1947f17410
28138518*460no3171013487  England v Australia31 Jan 1947t282
 38618  340-8dcD TallonRR Lindwall130691215-1  
28238718  355bKR Miller71271327  Marylebone Cricket Club v Victoria14 Feb 1947f17428
 38828  118lbwGE Tribe----  
28338925  266cJ PettifordJ Pettiford    342  Marylebone Cricket Club v New South Wales21 Feb 1947f17432
    205-3dnb    262-6d1 
2843902  280cKR MillerRR Lindwall52802531 England v Australia28 Feb 1947t283
 39111  186bCL McCool3170214-5  
285392126  385-6dbAW McDougall3070340  Marylebone Cricket Club v Otago15 Mar 1947f17444
 3938  216-9cAW RobertsAW Roberts61150262-7d  
28639422  265-7dbJ Cowie40121345-9d  England v New Zealand21 Mar 1947t284
28739544  240cWM WallaceRWG Emery    851 Marylebone Cricket Club v Auckland28 Mar 1947f17450
28839620*127-3no40811261 Yorkshire v North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League26 Apr 1947misc85351
2893976  81cJDB RobertsonRA Shaddick    134  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club03 May 1947f17455
 39817  233cW WoollerJA Young    343-9d  
29039964  380-6dcRH MaudsleyAH Kardar    1241 Yorkshire v Oxford University07 May 1947f17460
2914006  320bPF Judge    90  Yorkshire v Glamorgan10 May 1947f17462
29240179  246cTE BaileyRD Pearsall40100402  Yorkshire v Cambridge University14 May 1947f17469
29340220*230no30911272 Marylebone Cricket Club v South Africans17 May 1947f17481
294404137  326cPF JudgeW Wooller84111154  Yorkshire v Glamorgan21 May 1947f17489
29540525  209cGA EdrichK Cranston103381327  Yorkshire v Lancashire24 May 1947f17492
 40637  251-5cBP KingWB Roberts40200176-7d  
29640711  113cKA TaylorCWC Grove    471 Yorkshire v Warwickshire28 May 1947f17505
 40820  233bWE Hollies    198  
29740943  128cJF CrappC Cook    1761 Yorkshire v Gloucestershire31 May 1947f17509
 41058  119cTWJ GoddardCJ Barnett    72-1  
29841122  208lbwLTD Tuckett502405331 England v South Africa07 Jun 1947t285
 41299  551cLTD TuckettOC Dawson----166-1  
2994131  187cWJ EdrichJA Young141501350-2d  Yorkshire v Middlesex14 Jun 1947f17545
3004155  554-8dcAMB RowanLTD Tuckett    327  England v South Africa21 Jun 1947t286
    26-0dnb    2522 
30141641  85lbwDCS Compton2020124  Yorkshire v Middlesex28 Jun 1947f17590
 4170  186bJA Young----2341 
30241819  151lbwDVP Wright702703031 Yorkshire v Kent02 Jul 1947f17593
 4194  163cF RidgwayNW Harding----681 
30342041  478cA MelvilleJB Plimsoll    3391 England v South Africa05 Jul 1947t287
    130-3dnb    267  
30442196  353cEA MeadsA Jepson511303301 Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire12 Jul 1947f17617
3054229  302bC Gladwin----334-8d  Gentlemen v Players16 Jul 1947f17622
 42346  209lbwCJ Barnett1.51003-0  
30642411  308cDV DyerVI Smith4180279  Yorkshire v South Africans19 Jul 1947f17637
30742536  317-7dcAD NourseVI Smith    1751 England v South Africa26 Jul 1947t288
    47-0dnb    1841 
30842640  310-8dlbwR Pollard----1601 Yorkshire v Lancashire02 Aug 1947f17667
309427100  541-9dcJE WalshVE Jackson    344  Yorkshire v Leicestershire06 Aug 1947f17672
31042818  228lbwTWJ Goddard73901821 Yorkshire v Gloucestershire09 Aug 1947f17685
 42932  227cC CookC Cook711802811 
311430177  522cGH PopeGH Pope    3091 Yorkshire v Derbyshire13 Aug 1947f17694
31243159  427bNBF Mann----3021 England v South Africa16 Aug 1947t289
 43211  325-6dcDW BegbieNBF Mann1010423-7  
31343321  401bFH Vigar2065604681 Yorkshire v Essex27 Aug 1947f17721
 4342  280cR HorsfallTPB Smith8126195-2  
314435136  464-5dcGEM HeathG Hill81340308  Yorkshire v Hampshire30 Aug 1947f17729
31543649  257cGFH HeaneGFH Heane20.464843622 Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club03 Sep 1947f17737
 4379  205lbwJA Young42501591 
316438126  397cMP DonnellyR Howorth    574-6d11North v South06 Sep 1947f17738
31743935  135cC WashbrookAV Bedser    362  Gentlemen v Players10 Sep 1947f17742
 44023  217cL HuttonL Hutton      
3184410  246bDCS Compton    543-9d  The Rest v Middlesex13 Sep 1947f17743
 44271  317lbwJA Young    21-1  
319   199-6ddnb    157  Thomas Owen's XI v Glamorgan28 Apr 1948misc2611
    81-2dnb    126-4d  
3204430  210bCWC Grove    1841 Yorkshire v Warwickshire19 May 1948f17894
 4440  142lbwA Townsend    222  
32144517  189bRR Lindwall    552  Marylebone Cricket Club v Australians22 May 1948f17900
 44624  205cDG BradmanCL McCool      
3224470  309-5dbAE James    781 Yorkshire v Sussex29 May 1948f17919
32344846  213-7bWH Copson5280158-9d  England v The Rest02 Jun 1948f17920
32444990  392hwDCS Compton    186  Yorkshire v Middlesex05 Jun 1948f17934
3254503  165lbwERH Toshack176322509  England v Australia10 Jun 1948t299
 45122  441cWA JohnstonWA Johnston----98-2  
326   141-3dnb421001531 Yorkshire v Ireland16 Jun 1948misc1171
32745210  206bERH Toshack----2492 Yorkshire v Australians19 Jun 1948f17970
32845344  215bRR Lindwall1543523501 England v Australia24 Jun 1948t300
 45411  186bERH Toshack134362460-7d  
32945522  287bEJ Price3170232  Yorkshire v Essex30 Jun 1948f17988
330457114  355-5dhwHS Squires    42  Yorkshire v Surrey03 Jul 1948f18006
33145822  363cIWG JohnsonERH Toshack40120221  England v Australia08 Jul 1948t301
33245961  266-9dbBL Muncer961112171 Gentlemen v Players14 Jul 1948f18021
 46015  183-5dcTL PritchardDCS Compton----233-3  
33346143  372bA Jepson1031914791 Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire17 Jul 1948f18034
33446225  496bKR Miller176382458  England v Australia22 Jul 1948t302
 4637  365-8dcRN HarveyWA Johnston131441404-3  
33546428  359cND HowardP Greenwood112270361-5d1 Yorkshire v Lancashire31 Jul 1948f18062
 46515  241-5cWB RobertsR Pollard----  
3364664  204cVE JacksonJE Walsh5190300  Yorkshire v Leicestershire04 Aug 1948f18076
 46719  200cM TompkinVE Jackson30100170-9d  
33746865  302-6dcFH VigarTE Bailey    148  Yorkshire v Essex07 Aug 1948f18085
33846918*380-4no      Yorkshire v Derbyshire11 Aug 1948f18093
3394707  52bRR Lindwall5170389  England v Australia14 Aug 1948t303
 4719  188cKR MillerWA Johnston----  
34047234  137bMF Tremlett    253  Yorkshire v Somerset21 Aug 1948f18118
 4739  181c[unknown]MF Tremlett    55-51 
34147425  245bKR Miller245880610-5d  Gentlemen of England v Australians25 Aug 1948f18122
 47518  284bDT Ring----  
34247639  315-9dcG CoxC Oakes    1922 Yorkshire v Sussex28 Aug 1948f18135
 47720  119cC OakesJ Langridge    243-51 
343   175-1dnb123290444-5d  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club01 Sep 1948f18137
34447815  273bAV Bedser    347  HDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Marylebone Cricket Club South African Touring Team04 Sep 1948f18138
 47949*259-8no    239-5d  
34548034  177bIWG Johnson132561489-8d1 HDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Australians08 Sep 1948f18142
346   248-7ddnb51150320  England XI v Glamorgan18 Sep 1948f18144
 48145  182-6lbwAJ Watkins----118-8d  
3474824  309-8dcW WoollerWE Jones92161276-7  Thomas Owen's XI v Glamorgan27 Apr 1949misc2636
3484834  346bJ Cowie60210370-7d  Yorkshire v New Zealanders30 Apr 1949f18236
3494852  218cNS Mitchell-InnesHFT Buse1723131123 Yorkshire v Somerset07 May 1949f18248
35048650*317-6dno731102831 Yorkshire v Cambridge University11 May 1949f18249
35148711  222bJN Bartlett    209  Yorkshire v Oxford University14 May 1949f18263
 48810  141cPA WhitcombeJN Bartlett    2232 
3524890  83cNS Mitchell-InnesHL Hazell    146  Yorkshire v Somerset18 May 1949f18273
 49066  196-7cAW WellardHL Hazell    132  
3534919  153cRO JenkinsRO Jenkins2120263  Yorkshire v Worcestershire21 May 1949f18283
 4921  147cRO JenkinsRTD Perks4160223-7d  
35449317  346-9dcTPB SmithTE Bailey    174  Yorkshire v Essex25 May 1949f18290
3554940  194cGO DawkesC Gladwin    69  Yorkshire v Derbyshire28 May 1949f18291
 4954  79-7dcC GladwinHL Jackson    90  
356   289-1ddnb113160170  Yorkshire v Scotland01 Jun 1949f18307
3574960  326-7dcJG LomaxJG Lomax    177  Yorkshire v Lancashire04 Jun 1949f18311
 49715  168-3dcC WashbrookKJ Grieves    227-5  
35849840*238no4230206  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire08 Jun 1949f18326
 49927  309-7dlbwFR Brown30110235  
35950051  231bR Berry    210  Yorkshire v Minor Counties11 Jun 1949f18333
 50114  250bB Shardlow    1351 
36050268  210lbwRTD Perks24152621371 Yorkshire v Worcestershire15 Jun 1949f18342
 50372  177cRES WyattPF Jackson137102215  
36150441  322-8dlbwJA Young2911353316  Yorkshire v Middlesex18 Jun 1949f18345
3625051  398cSC GriffithJ Langridge134391285  Yorkshire v Sussex22 Jun 1949f18358
 50642  247-5bJY Oakes269562359-8d  
36350729  252cEA MeadsFG Woodhead153271492-5d  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire25 Jun 1949f18369
36450941  520-7dcJG LangridgeJ Langridge111320181  Yorkshire v Sussex29 Jun 1949f18377
36551052  328bEA Bedser1132512791 Yorkshire v Surrey02 Jul 1949f18386
366512103  293stFJ MillerE Ingram    57  Yorkshire v Ireland06 Jul 1949misc8438
 51329*174-8dno    2481 
36751481  336cLH ComptonLH Gray166290400  Yorkshire v Middlesex09 Jul 1949f18402
3685157  105lbwWE Hollies103181234  Gentlemen v Players13 Jul 1949f18405
 5169  267bRO Jenkins----139-6  
369   150-2ddnb    146  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire16 Jul 1949f18415
37051721  169cEA BedserWS Surridge61141263  Yorkshire v Surrey23 Jul 1949f18431
 5182  100bGAR Lock----1381 
371519134*321no226461261  Yorkshire v New Zealanders27 Jul 1949f18437
 5202  108-8bGF Cresswell----2281 
37252112  404lbwJE Walsh----2791 Yorkshire v Leicestershire03 Aug 1949f18451
 52236  162-5lbwVE Jackson931312822 
37352311  523-8dbV Broderick102180354  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire06 Aug 1949f18459
37452441  227cDE BlakeRA Carty    208  Yorkshire v Hampshire10 Aug 1949f18472
 5251  262-8dcDE BlakeD Shackleton    175  
37552684*401-4dno40120941 Yorkshire v Derbyshire13 Aug 1949f18482
 52711  185-4cJD EggarHL Jackson318711491  
37652828  484-8dcAH KardarA Townsend40120245  Yorkshire v Warwickshire17 Aug 1949f18489
37752960  268cAE FaggF Ridgway    1591 Yorkshire v Kent20 Aug 1949f18491
 53031*281-4dno    2681 
37853112  161cBO AllenTWJ Goddard    771 Yorkshire v Gloucestershire24 Aug 1949f18506
 53223*130-7no    213  
3795330  224lbwNG Hever    1161 Yorkshire v Glamorgan27 Aug 1949f18508
 53442  239-8dcAJ WatkinsM Robinson    69  
38053558*429-8dno82130430-9d  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club31 Aug 1949f18521
381536159  419-6dstAJW McIntyreJA Young111290384-6d1 North v South03 Sep 1949f18523
 5370  195-7cRO JenkinsRO Jenkins----265-6d  
38253824*348-5dno----338  HDG Leveson-Gower's XI v New Zealanders07 Sep 1949f18526
38353911  113cD KenyonRO Jenkins133271284-4d  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club29 Apr 1950f18631
 54025  192cRWV RobinsR Berry----23-1  
38454115  247cPDS BlakeAD Jose711402691 Yorkshire v Oxford University03 May 1950f18638
 5429  182cMB HofmeyrD Henderson----163-21 
3855439  91cJB StollmeyerGE Gomez    1321 Yorkshire v West Indians10 May 1950f18654
 54417  127cPEW JonesPEW Jones    87-7  
38654537  404cJF CrappC Cook    269  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire17 May 1950f18665
 5467*141-5dno    229-8  
3875477  188cCL WalcottAL Valentine    1702 Marylebone Cricket Club v West Indians20 May 1950f18676
 54826  247lbwCB Williams    147  
3885491  189cJ LawrenceEP Robinson----73  Yorkshire v Somerset24 May 1950f18687
38955027*193-8dno401602571 Yorkshire v Lancashire27 May 1950f18697
 55151  167cJT IkinR Berry----117  
39055213  229cFS TruemanRO Jenkins    27  England v The Rest31 May 1950f18698
39155336  229cGO DawkesDC Morgan811502893 Yorkshire v Derbyshire03 Jun 1950f18714
 5542  219bAEG Rhodes----238-8d  
3925550  312cGE GomezAL Valentine    215  England v West Indies08 Jun 1950t323
 55625  288lbwGE Gomez    1831 
39355710  339-5dbR Smith2040120  Yorkshire v Essex14 Jun 1950f18742
39455876  437-6dbLH Gray114180288-9d  Yorkshire v Middlesex17 Jun 1950f18746
 5590  158-7dcLH ComptonLH Gray----78  
39556019  337cTPB SmithR Smith137171159  Yorkshire v Essex21 Jun 1950f18753
39656116  151bAL Valentine41120326  England v West Indies24 Jun 1950t324
 56219  274cED WeekesAL Valentine----425-6d  
397563104  271bJC Laker1331721981 Yorkshire v Surrey01 Jul 1950f18789
 56411  147-6dlbwWS Surridge714102151 
39856543  407-9dcRA DareD Shackleton1233423881 Yorkshire v Hampshire05 Jul 1950f18798
 5664  209-9dcCJ KnottVHD Cannings30100127-42 
39956711  502ro104181292  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire08 Jul 1950f18803
400568101  314-9dbGW Youngson4260188  Yorkshire v Scotland12 Jul 1950f18812
401   17-0dnb81140356-4d  Yorkshire v Middlesex15 Jul 1950f18823
40257041  223cJDC GoddardAL Valentine2738215582 England v West Indies20 Jul 1950t325
 5717  436bS Ramadhin----103-0  
4035725  325ro101230308-9d  Gentlemen v Players26 Jul 1950f18840
4045730  217-9dbAL Valentine103252198  Yorkshire v West Indians29 Jul 1950f18854
 5744  175cPEW JonesFMM Worrell138112229  
4055752  279cH GimblettHL Hazell521312602 Yorkshire v Somerset02 Aug 1950f18860
406577119  226bKJ Grieves1051402331 Yorkshire v Lancashire05 Aug 1950f18866
 5780  282-7dcKJ GrievesR Tattersall1020160-3  
40757918  354-8dcAE NutterAE Nutter3070298  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire09 Aug 1950f18880
40858038  337bRR Dovey    1002 Yorkshire v Kent16 Aug 1950f18897
40958139  183cJH CornfordJH Cornford10.44132290  Yorkshire v Sussex19 Aug 1950f18904
 58224  262-7cRT WebbJY Oakes2811413151  
41058313  390-7dcSC GriffithFR Brown142530249  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club02 Sep 1950f18936
41158410  288-7dcMM WalfordR Smith71300284-7d  North v South06 Sep 1950f18938
 58511  245-5dbJA Young----251-7  
4125860  190bS Ramadhin    245  HDG Leveson-Gower's XI v West Indians09 Sep 1950f18940
 5870  170bS Ramadhin    86-4  
4135885  218cRO JenkinsRO Jenkins11.21391411-7d  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club28 Apr 1951f19067
4145898*210-5no    1151 Yorkshire v Oxford University02 May 1951f19071
415   214-4ddnb    76  Yorkshire v South Africans05 May 1951f19082
41659065*143-7dno51221131-6  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire09 May 1951f19089
41759138  313cP GreenwoodR Tattersall132250289  Yorkshire v Lancashire12 May 1951f19092
 5926  172cGA EdrichR Tattersall----111-4  
41859328  333-7dcOJ WaitOJ Wait    138  Yorkshire v Cambridge University16 May 1951f19099
41959475  182cCS ElliottTA Hall83164114  Yorkshire v Derbyshire19 May 1951f19109
4205950  128cHE DolleryCWC Grove    1711 Yorkshire v Warwickshire23 May 1951f19125
 5960  49bCWC Grove    92  
42159767  349cGEE LambertC Cook1133612571 Yorkshire v Gloucestershire30 May 1951f19140
42259852  380-6dcDJ InsoleR Smith226510317  Yorkshire v Essex13 Jun 1951f19169
 59911  237-7dcR SmithWT Greensmith----186-91 
4236003  250cLH ComptonDCS Compton2483712281 Yorkshire v Middlesex16 Jun 1951f19183
 60122  294-6dbWJ Edrich4270195-4  
4246027  210lbwBL Muncer    66  Yorkshire v Glamorgan27 Jun 1951f19216
42560357  579cCN McCarthyHJ Tayfield247601454-8d  Yorkshire v South Africans30 Jun 1951f19226
42660448  318cJG LangridgeDJ Wood2410410420-6d  Yorkshire v Sussex11 Jul 1951f19250
427   431-3ddnb206283156  Yorkshire v Surrey14 Jul 1951f19258
 6051  30-6cLB FishlockOJ Wait30100317  
42860617  301-9dbDCS Compton1844713611 Gentlemen v Players18 Jul 1951f19260
 6074  227cTW GraveneyR Tattersall80300188-3d  
42960816*377-5dno91211122  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire21 Jul 1951f19273
4306093  249cRT SpoonerWE Hollies198292362  Yorkshire v Warwickshire28 Jul 1951f19292
 61023  97cCWC GroveWE Hollies----  
4316115  389ro53130339  Yorkshire v Derbyshire01 Aug 1951f19301
432   34-2dnb3.401442151 Yorkshire v Lancashire04 Aug 1951f19310
43361233  123bVE Jackson----75  Yorkshire v Leicestershire08 Aug 1951f19316
 61321  338bCRD Wooler53511741 
43461416  295-6dcWT GreensmithWT Greensmith2121601 Yorkshire v Essex11 Aug 1951f19328
435615183*378-7dno521102221 Yorkshire v Hampshire18 Aug 1951f19346
43661655*258no174372184  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire22 Aug 1951f19353
 61720  69-8bAE Nutter30181280-9d  
43761826  216cC OakesASM Oakman1241211131 Yorkshire v Sussex25 Aug 1951f19362
438   192-3ddnb    101  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire29 Aug 1951f19366
43961940  333cKC PrestonR Tattersall4230158  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club01 Sep 1951f19376
44062021  204bWK Laidlaw???1153  Yorkshire XI v RB Proud's XI02 Sep 1951misc482723
4416217  318bL Hutton245935371  Gentlemen v Players05 Sep 1951f19378
 6221  191cJV WilsonAV Bedser----128-91 
4426237  101stWR EndeanPNF Mansell    95  TN Pearce's XI v South Africans08 Sep 1951f19379
 62413  248cHJ TayfieldMG Melle    245  
44362589  345cMH BushbyR Subba Row296733375-6d  Yorkshire v Cambridge University10 May 1952f19518
44462718*371-6dno4310117  Yorkshire v Somerset14 May 1952f19532
44562877  399cRE BirdRO Jenkins70171114  Yorkshire v Worcestershire17 May 1952f19542
4466291  385-9dbC Gladwin134191116  Yorkshire v Derbyshire24 May 1952f19559
447   347-2ddnb183652260-9d  Yorkshire v Lancashire31 May 1952f19576
 63019  145-8dbMJ Hilton83121146-82 
44863137  406-7dcAE WilsonCJ Scott19.155132321 Yorkshire v Gloucestershire11 Jun 1952f19603
4496328  308-6dbWJ Edrich7281277  Yorkshire v Middlesex14 Jun 1952f19607
 6330  226-9dcJA YoungJA Young132441201-71 
45063493  389-7dcWGA WileyDCPR Jowett50703251 Marylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University25 Jun 1952f19635
451   401-3ddnb621111811 Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire28 Jun 1952f19651
4526364  283-5dbJCT Page----144  Yorkshire v Kent02 Jul 1952f19659
 63715  273lbwDVP Wright82170306  
4536386  137cAJW McIntyreWS Surridge1242912851 Yorkshire v Surrey05 Jul 1952f19668
 63925  249cAJW McIntyreWS Surridge40240103-2  
45464016  321-6dbNG Hever82210222  Yorkshire v Glamorgan09 Jul 1952f19677
4556419  192cMK MantriRV Divecha298722377-5d1 Yorkshire v Indians12 Jul 1952f19686
4566434  492cJ HardstaffA Jepson73130333  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire19 Jul 1952f19701
45764536  325cBL ReynoldsRW Clarke206611405-6d1 Yorkshire v Northamptonshire23 Jul 1952f19709
 64666  304-6cRW ClarkeV Broderick----  
45864758  354cJDB RobertsonDCS Compton207402250  Yorkshire v Middlesex26 Jul 1952f19721
45964820  378-8dcTW GraveneyCJ Scott63711902 Yorkshire v Gloucestershire30 Jul 1952f19724
46065012  200cW PlaceR Berry    65  Yorkshire v Lancashire02 Aug 1952f19733
 65110  163-8dcFD ParrJG Lomax    166-9  
46165212  267cVE JacksonTJ Goodwin6271142  Yorkshire v Leicestershire06 Aug 1952f19743
462   187-4ddnb53130188-5  Yorkshire v Sussex09 Aug 1952f19755
4636535  270bVHD Cannings145240294  Yorkshire v Hampshire13 Aug 1952f19763
 6543  217-7dlbwG Hill2020176  
46465540*423-5dno73120192  Yorkshire v Surrey16 Aug 1952f19772
46565639  364cWE HolliesWE Hollies812713371 Yorkshire v Warwickshire23 Aug 1952f19788
 65718  150-9bWE Hollies----222-9d1 
4666588  311-7dcPA GibbTE Bailey122251107  Yorkshire v Essex27 Aug 1952f19789
46765921  319bAV Bedser2431066366-6d  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club03 Sep 1952f19807
46866017  270cTG EvansJH Wardle60420321-7d  Gentlemen v Players06 Sep 1952f19808
 66134  252-8bAV Bedser3030202-5d  
46966251  289-6cDM HaynesWE Hollies    240-4d  England XI v SF Barnes' XI26 Apr 1953misc210261
47066318  183cGL WillattJB Statham    87  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club02 May 1953f19940
47166450*145no110451453-6d  Yorkshire v Australians06 May 1953f19949
47266685  366-7dbWT Greensmith91340370-6d  Yorkshire v Essex09 May 1953f19958
 66739  196-8dcR HorsfallR Smith----179-91 
473   75-2dnb215550422-9d  Yorkshire v Oxford University13 May 1953f19965
47466833  258bRTD Perks3090166  Yorkshire v Worcestershire20 May 1953f19983
4756690  249-9dcGA EdrichR Tattersall3120173  Yorkshire v Lancashire23 May 1953f19986
47667064  366-7dbW Wooller82310128-4  Yorkshire v Glamorgan30 May 1953f20012
47767153  288-6dro134240251  Yorkshire v Leicestershire03 Jun 1953f20022
47867214  354bJJ Warr185382364  Yorkshire v Middlesex06 Jun 1953f20028
47967316  308bDW Drummond    79-1  Yorkshire v Scotland17 Jun 1953f20056
48067411  377cD TallonJC Hill311503231 Yorkshire v Australians20 Jun 1953f20068
48167521  280cR SmithCG Mitchell92150279  Yorkshire v Somerset01 Jul 1953f20092
48267618  137cWS SurridgeJC Laker1161612921 Yorkshire v Surrey04 Jul 1953f20101
 6774  172cTH ClarkGAR Lock314021-0  
48367880*306-6dno----722 Yorkshire v Gloucestershire15 Jul 1953f20126
48467910  121cCS ElliottC Gladwin60160300-9d  Yorkshire v Derbyshire18 Jul 1953f20130
 68021  195cDC MorganC Gladwin----19-0  
48568117*350-4dno    263  Yorkshire v Kent29 Jul 1953f20162
    226-3ddnb    1611 
4866820  177ro162260373  Yorkshire v Lancashire01 Aug 1953f20171
4876846  255-8dcCH PalmerCH Palmer154293251  Yorkshire v Leicestershire05 Aug 1953f20173
 6859  172cG LesterCT Spencer----1821 
48868611  299cJD BannisterAVG Wolton51130377-5d  Yorkshire v Warwickshire08 Aug 1953f20188
48968812  167cJM KellyHL Jackson    1631 Yorkshire v Derbyshire12 Aug 1953f20196
 68969  284-6dcCS ElliottHL Jackson    1793 
49069088  274cA TownsendTL Pritchard    277  Yorkshire v Warwickshire22 Aug 1953f20220
49169112  420-6dcH YarnoldJA Flavell164250421-8d  Yorkshire v Worcestershire26 Aug 1953f20228
49269233  318cRA DareRA Dare95101185  Yorkshire v Hampshire29 Aug 1953f20231
493   391-4ddnb1615913621 Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club02 Sep 1953f20241
49469462  447-8dcL HuttonR Tattersall150800532-5d  Gentlemen v Players05 Sep 1953f20243
4956966  320bJC Hill    3171 TN Pearce's XI v Australians09 Sep 1953f20246
 69719  316-8dcR BenaudAK Davidson    325-8  
496   62-2dnb2080163  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club01 May 1954f20371
497   293-4ddnb324058  Yorkshire v Oxford University05 May 1954f20375
49869811  350cH GimblettYawar Saeed31602161 Yorkshire v Somerset12 May 1954f20393
 69923  171-7dcHW StephensonJ Hilton----48  
4997000  138lbwFP McHugh    171  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire26 May 1954f20429
 70139*178-4no    143  
5007021  225cIM KingIM King    1422 Yorkshire v Warwickshire29 May 1954f20438
    4-0dnb    83  
50170335  352-9dbRG Marlar3170154  Yorkshire v Sussex02 Jun 1954f20446
50270478  348-7dstA WilsonA Wharton      Yorkshire v Lancashire05 Jun 1954f20456
50370546  161-6dlbwJ Hilton    115  Yorkshire v Somerset09 Jun 1954f20463
50470622  166bE Smith    2801 Yorkshire v Derbyshire12 Jun 1954f20466
 7071  194-4cR SaleC Gladwin    158-9d  
505   351-4ddnb61220328  Yorkshire v Leicestershire16 Jun 1954f20483
 70822  113bCT Spencer----136  
50670941  400cAE MossJA Young803014301 Yorkshire v Middlesex19 Jun 1954f20489
 71013  175cJDB RobertsonJA Young----  
5077117  386-9dcDJ InsoleTE Bailey    157  Yorkshire v Essex23 Jun 1954f20495
    35-2dnb    263  
50871227  433-9dbKhalid Hasan92251199  Yorkshire v Pakistanis26 Jun 1954f20512
50971442*361-5dno229462210  Yorkshire v Surrey03 Jul 1954f20527
51071612  293-9dcBL ReynoldsRW Clarke    901 Yorkshire v Northamptonshire07 Jul 1954f20536
    28-1dnb    2301 
5117174  142ro41901301 Yorkshire v Surrey10 Jul 1954f20547
51271818  126bR Appleyard----1441 Gentlemen v Players14 Jul 1954f20549
 7199  160bJB Statham103251191  
51372042  157cJD ClayJ Kelly41120378-6d  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire17 Jul 1954f20562
 72127  139cJD ClayB Dooland----  
514   122-4dnb    1931 Yorkshire v Worcestershire24 Jul 1954f20583
5157223  119bE Smith    272  Yorkshire v Derbyshire28 Jul 1954f20592
 72330  207cGO DawkesC Gladwin    55-4  
51672467  248cGA EdrichJB Statham    73  Yorkshire v Lancashire31 Jul 1954f20595
51772543  334-9dcDS SheppardRG Marlar----117  Yorkshire v Sussex04 Aug 1954f20609
5187261  302-5ro      Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire07 Aug 1954f20618
5197271  339-6dhwP Cousens    106  Yorkshire v Essex11 Aug 1954f20625
5207284  113lbwJA Young    197  Yorkshire v Middlesex14 Aug 1954f20634
 7299  119cWJ EdrichFJ Titmus    131  
5217300  113cMD BurdenVHD Cannings----51  Yorkshire v Hampshire18 Aug 1954f20637
 73111  216bMD Burden2080162  
52273223  290-9dcJ PettifordAC Shirreff    76  Yorkshire v Kent21 Aug 1954f20645
5237330  265lbwHBO Robinson    154  Yorkshire v Canadians28 Aug 1954f20666
    245-4ddnb    1071 
52473423  165bRG Marlar5331143  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club01 Sep 1954f20669
5257355*198-6dno50220346-8d  Gentlemen v Players04 Sep 1954f20671
 73625  176cJH WardleEA Bedser----78-2d  
5267377  396bMahmood Hussain    234  TN Pearce's XI v Pakistanis08 Sep 1954f20675
 7387*27-1no    188  
52773917  285-9dcJM ParksFJ Titmus    110  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club30 Apr 1955f20799
52874074*374-6dno    240-9d  Yorkshire v Cambridge University04 May 1955f20801
    114-1ddnb    138-4  
5297415  94lbwV Broderick    61  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire07 May 1955f20813
 74210  104cRW ClarkeGE Tribe    59  
53074372  317cJM AllanR Bowman    138  Yorkshire v Oxford University11 May 1955f20820
531744100*358-5dno    51  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire14 May 1955f20825
53274523  161bJ Hilton    84  Yorkshire v Somerset18 May 1955f20841
    213-4ddnb    127  
53374633  272-9dcDB CarrHL Jackson    184  Yorkshire v Derbyshire21 May 1955f20842
 74758*141-7dno    90  
5347480  73cA TownsendJD Bannister    148  Yorkshire v Warwickshire25 May 1955f20858
 7497  218-5lbwWE Hollies    141  
53575025  271cJ JordanR Tattersall    204  Yorkshire v Lancashire28 May 1955f20861
 75113*168-5no    230  
53675224  131cAJW McIntyreGAR Lock----85  Yorkshire v Surrey04 Jun 1955f20887
 75315  174lbwAV Bedser4180261-7d  
5377545*375-5dno115120249  Yorkshire v Kent15 Jun 1955f20915
53875523  166cAJW McIntyreJC Laker    268  Yorkshire v Surrey18 Jun 1955f20925
 7562*178-4no    75  
53975723  220cDW BarrickV Broderick----231  Yorkshire v Northamptonshire22 Jun 1955f20932
54075811  389-9dcEJ MartinK Smales94150384  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire25 Jun 1955f20940
54175934  165cPJ SainsburyMD Burden    103  Yorkshire v Hampshire29 Jun 1955f20947
 7606  165cEDR EagarVHD Cannings    131  
5427614  198bHJ Tayfield    209  Yorkshire v South Africans02 Jul 1955f20963
 76214  178bHJ Tayfield    360  
54376325  381-6dcHD DaviesAJ Watkins64712451 Yorkshire v Glamorgan06 Jul 1955f20970
5447645  340cAAK LawrenceAE James176282250  Yorkshire v Sussex09 Jul 1955f20979
54576518  279bJJ Warr601412231 Yorkshire v Middlesex16 Jul 1955f20991
54676617  157bJ Lawrence    288  Yorkshire v Somerset20 Jul 1955f21001
 76711  285-2cCF DaveyB Lobb    152  
547   354-3ddnb    98  Yorkshire v Warwickshire23 Jul 1955f21011
    46-0dnb    298  
54876817  446-7dcB TaylorJA Bailey62121302  Yorkshire v Essex27 Jul 1955f21020
5497696  312cJ JordanA Wharton115101139  Yorkshire v Lancashire30 Jul 1955f21029
5507700  317cMR HallamJE Walsh    3011 Yorkshire v Leicestershire03 Aug 1955f21034
 77117  164-8bJE Walsh    176  
55177232  360cDC MorganDC Morgan101094  Yorkshire v Derbyshire06 Aug 1955f21047
55277319  291bKJ Poole811602031 Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire10 Aug 1955f21056
55377421  151bFJ Titmus    1591 Yorkshire v Middlesex13 Aug 1955f21065
 77521  175cFJ TitmusFJ Titmus    170-51 
5547762  100cP RochfordFP McHugh    168  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire17 Aug 1955f21073
 7770  219lbwBD Wells    841 
55577876  378-7dcRTD PerksRO Jenkins    203  Yorkshire v Worcestershire20 Aug 1955f21082
    63-1dnb    236  
55677918  296bTE Bailey16813196  Yorkshire v Essex24 Aug 1955f21084
5577801  304-9dbDJ Shepherd1100152  Yorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club31 Aug 1955f21104
5587817  331cJV WilsonFS Trueman    2761 Gentlemen v Players03 Sep 1955f21106
 7826  159-6dcR IllingworthEA Bedser    217-8  
Matches Inns NO Runs HS   Ave 50 100
558 782 84 22325 189   31.98 101 39
Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB Ave Ct St
23860 934 10224 394 7-42 26.14 388 1
Batting details
How out Number
bowled 205
caught 371
hit wicket 5
lbw 84
not out 84
retired out 1
run out 14
stumped 18
Total 782
Bowling details
How out Number
bowled 127
caught 204
hit wicket 1
lbw 54
stumped 8
Total 394





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