A profile of Ian Botham
by Dave Liverman

Player:IT Botham

Ian Botham was the single undoubted world-class player in the England sides of the 1980s, whose ability to turn the course of a game with either bat or ball was best seen in the 1982 series against Australia, where he in effect won two matches single handed. He was an aggressive fast medium bowler, able to swing the ball away from the batsman, and obtain movement off the pitch. He was capable of scoring runs quickly against any attack, driving and hooking with enormous power. He took chances, hitting the ball in the air often, but his strength allowed even mishits to clear the field. He was also an exceptional fielder in any position. "He bats the way small boys dream of batting, with his shoulders opened wide whenever he decides to hit, with great swings and sweeps of his blade that sends the ball bounding past fieldsmen who can only stand and gape". Geoffrey Moorhouse, The Best Loved Game.

(Article: Copyright © 1998 Dave Liverman)


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