A profile of Frank Hearne
by Dave Liverman

Player:F Hearne

A member of the famous Hearne family, brother of Test players Alec and George, cousin of Test player J.T. and first-class cricketers G.F., Herbert and Walter; father to Test player G.A.C., and son of George Hearne of Middlesex, Frank had the most unusual career of the three Hearne brothers, playing both for England against South Africa, and for South Africa against England. In 1891/92, he represented South Africa against a side that contained his two brothers and his cousin J.T. A short man, he was a solid batsman with a strong defence and a range of attacking shots, favouring the off-side. He also occasionally bowled fast round-arms. He toured South Africa in 1888/89, playing in two Tests, and subsequently decided to settle there (mainly for health reasons), leaving Kent, and playing for Western Province. As well as playing in the Test of 1891/92, he also returned to England with the South African tourists of 1894, and played in the 1895/96 return tour to South Africa.

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