A profile of Arthur Gilligan
by Dave Liverman

Player:AER Gilligan

Arthur was the best cricketer of the Gilligan brothers, an aggressive fast bowler, and hard hitting bat. With Tate, he formed a fearsome opening partnership for Sussex and England, bowling genuinely fast, usually on an accurate off-stump line. He made his maiden first-class hundred batting number 11, but a respectable career average of over 20 classifies him as an all-rounder, with twelve first-class hundreds in all. He was an exceptional fielder at mid-off, and insisted on good fielding as captain. He led Sussex for seven years, with much success, and England to a series win over South Africa, and the first win over Australia after the first World War in 1924/25. In 1924 taking 6 for 7, he combined with Tate in dismissing South Africa for the lowest Test score of 30. Shortly afterwards, he was struck over the heart when batting. Although badly hurt he made a hundred in the second innings after his side followed on. On his doctor's advice, he gave up fast bowling, although playing for six more years. After retirement he became a successful author, following England on tour and writing several books, and was a popular radio commentator. He was President of Sussex, and later the MCC, and also acted as a selector.

(Article: Copyright © 1998 Dave Liverman)


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