1884 1st Test Eng v Aus - What the Papers Said of the England 1st innings
by John Kobylecky

Scorecard:England v Australia
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ENGLAND First Innings ENGLAND First Innings ENGLAND First Innings ENGLAND First Innings
1 1 1 1
The order of going in decided on the previous day was considerably altered, and Mr.Hornby came out with Dr. Grace. The bowling was taken up by Spofforth from the Manchester end; a single was obtained through the slips from the last ball of the over. Yesterday morning opened bright and fine, but at twelve o'clock the weather again turned, and out in the field there looked every prospect of rain. Punctually to time the Australians appeared, followed by Messrs. Hornby and Grace, and met with a most hearty reception. Owing to the recent heavy rain the wicket was soft, but played well. Spofforth delivered the first over from the town end to Dr.Grace at 12.5, a single between point and slip off the fourth ball, being the only score. The first representatives of England were W.G.Grace and A.N.Hornby and they left the pavilion at five minutes past twelve. The bowlers were Spofforth and Boyle, the former commencing to Mr.Grace from the Manchester end. Blackham kept wicket, Murdoch was point, Bannerman mid-off, Scott short leg, Palmer long-off and forward point, Midwinter extra mid-off and deep square leg, Bonnor long-on and short-slip, Giffen third man and long-on, and M'Donnell short slip and long-off. When not bowling, Spofforth and Boyle fielded mid-on. The last ball of the first over he put inside point for a single and.... The order of going in was altered considerably, as, at twelve o'clock, the England captain, A.N.Hornby, took with him as partner to the crease Dr.Grace. The preliminaries of the match took longer than usual to settle, as piles of sawdust were wanted for both batsmen and bowlers. The game was commenced at five minutes past twelve, when Spofforth bowled the first over, from the Manchester wicket, to Dr.Grace. The first three balls were unproductive, but the fourth was cut for a single.
2 2 2 2
Boyle opened from the Stretford end, the champion cutting the first ball for two, and driving the last off for a single. Boyle took the ball at the Stretford end, and his first ball the doctor cut for a couple, and the last in the over for a single. from the other end he played Boyle in the same direction for another couple. The last ball of the over he played past point for a single, and thus once more got the bowling. The Doctor thus got to the other end for the bowling, and off Boyle's initial over the burly Gloucester amateur made cuts for two and a single.
3 3 3 3
The third ball of Spofforth's second over was cut by Grace for a couple, and then.... Another couplet by the doctor for a late cut off Spofforth, and.... Spofforth's third ball he again cut late for a couple. Off Spofforth's second over another pretty cut for two was credited to Dr.Grace, and then...
4 4 4 4
Mr.Hornby received the first ball he had in the match from Boyle, and was stumped from the third ball of the same over before he could score. 6-1-0. Ulyett joined... then the Lancashire captain got a chance, the Australian captain deeming it necessary to place a pretty wide field; but, unfortunately, and to the great disappointment of all present, he fell a victim to Blackham the third ball he received, stepping out to Boyle, and retired without scoring. One for six. Ulyett joined the champion, the Yorkshire crack being loudly applauded upon making his appearance. Mr.Hornby now got his first ball, and after playing two balls from Boyle, the third one beat him, and Blackham had his bails off in an instant. (6-1-0). Ulyett joined Mr. Grace.... Mr.Hornby received his first ball. He played half the over, and then, reaching forward to Boyle, slipped, missed the ball, and was smartly stumped. Six runs only had been put on as Ulyett came out as partner to Dr.Grace, who....
5 5 5 5
Dr.Grace, the latter cutting Spofforth for two..... Grace cut Spofforth for a couple through the slips, and.... who cut Spofforth again late for two. at once cut Spofforth in pretty style for a couple, and...
6 6-7 6 6
which stroke was repeated by Ulyett off the other bowler in the next over, and was followed by a single from the next ball. Ulyett served Boyle similarly in the following over. Ulyett added a single off each bowler, but.... Ulyett cut Boyle similarly for two, very nicely, and ten went up. Ulyett then waited patiently for Boyle, and placed him square for one, and.... Ulyett also cut Boyle very late for two - a very nice stroke indeed.
7 7-8 7 7
After a single from Spofforth..... runs came but slowly, the bowling being too dead on to be taken liberties with. Rain now commenced to fall, and appearances were not of an encouraging character. In Boyle's fourth over Ulyett added a single to the score, but Dr. Grace was caught low down by Palmer at mid-wicket-on. Two for 13. Shrewsbury joined Ulyett, but on the completion of Boyle's over rain stopped the play. from the other end drove Spofforth very hard back along the ground, and a single resulted. The Yorkshireman next let out at Spofforth, but although the bowler partly stopped the ball, a run was obtained.
8   8 8
a similar hit went down to Ulyett, and then Grace put one up from Boyle, which Palmer easily held at mid-on. 13-2-8. Shrewsbury came next, and played out the over, when rain stopped play, after eight overs had been bowled.   He next lifted Boyle to the on for a single, which just touched Palmer's hand, and the players coming in close for Mr.Grace, he was cleverly caught by Palmer, low down, at short mid-on in attempting to hit round to leg. (13-2-8). Shrewsbury joined Ulyett, and by this time rain was falling smartly, and at the finish of the over the players retired. The first twenty minutes' play had proved disasterous, but worse was to come. With the score at 13, another good English wicket fell, as Dr. Grace played a ball from Boyle, which Palmer, running in from mid-on, close up, cleverly held with his right hand, close to the ground. A sharp shower at this point fell, and after Shrewsbury had played the balance of Boyle's over, the players beat a hasty retreat to the pavilion.
9 9 9-10 9
The interruption lasted a quarter of an hour, and on resuming Spofforth bowled a maiden to Ulyett.... Nearly a quarter of an hour was lost, and upon the game being resumed Spofforth bowled his first maiden, and.... After a quarter of an hour's interval the game was resumed, and after two maidens.... Ten minutes after, in much improved light, hostilities were resumed, Spofforth leading off with a maiden to Ulyett.
10 10   10
a similar performance taking place from Boyle to Shrewsbury; while..... Boyle also trundled a maiden, but....   Shrewsbury kept out a maiden from Boyle, but then....
11 11 11 11
the second ball from Spofforth in the following over clean bowled Ulyett, no alteration having taken place in the total. 13-3-5. Mr.A.G.Steel followed in, his appearance on the field being acknowledged by a cheer. After Mr.Steel had played out the over..... in his second over/ball Spofforth bowled Ulyett, the ball breaking in from the off, taking the leg bail. Three for 13. Mr.A.G.Steel was the next man, and, by way of making things more lively..... Spofforth clean bowled Ulyett, middle stump, with a very fine breakback from the off. 13-3-5. This was a very bad start for England. A.G.Steel joined Shrewsbury.... Spofforth, with the second ball of the succeeding over, bowled Ulyett with a ball that broke from the off, and took the leg and middle stumps. Three wickets for 13 was certainly a disasterous start, but A.G.Steel was received with an encouraging cheer as he came out. He carefully batted the first two balls he got, and then....
12 12 12 12
Shrewsbury drove Boyle to the off boundary for four, the hit being loudly cheered. Shrewsbury cut Boyle to the boundary for four - the first big hit of the day - and.... who drove Boyle grandly to the off boundary amid cheers. Shrewsbury was applauded for making the first four of the match, a clinking off-drive from Boyle.
13 13 13 13
A slight off-drive from Spofforth opened Mr.Steel's account with a single, which brought him to.... Steel, after a single off the fast bowler..... Mr.Steel, after playing very carefully at Spofforth, scored a single from him, past point. The amateur then got a single to open his account with....
14 14 14 14
face Boyle, a couple being scored from the second ball of the over (off drive), producing 20 on the register. made a cut for a couple of Boyle's slows; and followed this.... From the other end the amateur off-drove Boyle for two... and drove Boyle to the off for two, which caused 20 to be put up on the indicator.
15 15 15 15
After a single to Shrewsbury, Mr.Steel drove Spofforth to the off for three more, and.... by a similar hit for three, off Spofforth. and Shrewsbury placed Spofforth to leg for one, whilst Mr.Steel opened out at Spofforth and drove him very hard to the off for three. The ball would not travel, for the hit was well worth four. A capital drive to the off-side by Steel off Spofforth realised three runs, and then....
  16 16 16
put Boyle very nicely to leg for a couple from the last ball of the over. He next put Boyle to leg for a couple. From the other end he put Boyle prettily to leg for a couple, whilst.... the old Cantab placed Boyle in the prettiest style imaginable to leg for two.
17 17 17 17
Shrewsbury then let out at Spofforth, driving him to the on for two, Bonnor saving the boundary;..... Shrewsbury followed this up by driving Spofforth straight for 2. the professional lifted Spofforth to the on for two, the boundary being well saved by Bonnor. Shrewsbury next livened up matters by driving Spofforth to the long-on for two, what appeared to be a boundary hit being saved by Bonnor's smartness.
18 18-19 18  
a single followed from Boyle, and then..... Steel got Boyle to leg for a single, the only score for two overs. A single to Mr.Steel from Boyle to leg was the next contribution, and then....  
an unproductive over from Spofforth.      
20 20 20 20
A lofty on-drive by Shrewsbury off Boyle was just out of M'Donnell's reach, although the fielder touched it, the ball going to the boundary. A splendid drive off Boyle by Shrewsbury to long field gave M'Donnell a hard chance, which he failed to secure having got the ball in his left hand, and another boundary hit brought him into double figures (!). Shrewsbury ran out to Boyle and lifted him grandly to the off boundary, M'Donnell making a gallant effort to save the four. Shrewsbury next let out at Boyle, and sent the ball to the long field, where M'Donnell made an attempt to secure the catch. The ball hit him on the left hand, but rolled away to the boundary. Thirty went up with this, and the...
21     21
A single to Mr.Steel and two to Shrewsbury from Spofforth was followed....     Nottingham professional drove Spofforth inside cover-point for two, and...
22 22 22 22
by a grand leg hit by the Notts player from Boyle, which... He subsequently hit the same bowler to the leg boundary, a clean piece of work, and.... The next hit was a four to Shrewsbury to leg, a grand hit to the boundary along the ground. After singles.... swinging round, cracked Boyle to the long-leg boundary for four.
23 23 23 23
Mr.Steel duplicated from Spofforth, but in attempting to repeat the stroke from the next ball, got too much under it, and was easily caught by Midwinter. 45-4-15. Steel afterwards served Spofforth in a similar fashion to the square leg boundary, but on trying to hit him again to the on off the following ball, somehow got under the ball, and was easily caught by Midwinter at mid wicket off for a carefully-played eighteen, which included a 4, a 3, two 2s, and the rest singles. Four for 45. Mr.Steel lifted Spofforth to the leg boundary, but was easily caught at cover point off the next ball. (45-4-15). A good square-leg hit by Steel realised four runs, but, in attempting to repeat the hit, the ball glanced off the edge of the bat and screwed over the batsman's head into Midwinter's hands at cover-point. With the score at 45 for four wickets, A.P.Lucas arrived on the scene, and saw
24 24 24 24
Mr.Lucas came in next, and Shrewsbury cut Boyle to the pavilion rails for four; a single to the same batsman caused 50 to appear after 55 minutes' actual play. Mr.A.P.Lucas followed, and Shrewsbury the next ball drove Boyle to the boundary for four, and a single by the same batsman brought up 50 at twelve minutes past one. The Australians were fielding magnificently, and each hit evoked the greatest enthusiasm. A.P.Lucas followed, and Shrewsbury, who was playing in dashing style, dashed Boyle to the off boundary, and scoring a single off the next ball brought up fifty. Shrewsbury cut a ball from Boyle past Murdoch at point for four, the fifty being completed at ten minutes past one o'clock, or after 50 minutes actual play.
25-27 25-27    
Boyle then bowled an unproductive over, and Spofforth two, when..... After three maiden overs....    
28 28 28 28
Shrewsbury got Boyle to leg for three, and Mr.Lucas drove him nearly straight, the boundary being saved by M'Donnell. Mr.Lucas signalled his debut with a fluky hit for a single off Boyle, and Shrewsbury hit the same bowler rather uppishly to leg for three. Lucas then drove him straight, but owing to a smart piece of fielding on the part of M'Donnell, a single only was secured. Shrewsbury had now the appearance of being set, playing magnificent cricket, but nothing but singles and a leg-bye came from the next eight overs. Mr.Lucas lifted Boyle to the on for a single, and Shrewsbury put him to leg for three rather high, and for the last ball of the over Mr.Lucas, who jumped out, sent Boyle to the off for a single, the boundary being saved in grand style by M'Donnell. Lucas's first contribution was an uppish sort of drive, and then Shrewsbury skied a ball from Boyle to leg for three, out of the reach of any fielder.
  29-36 29 29-37
  Of these, Shrewsbury increased his score by five consecutive singles to telegraph the sixty, and Lucas added two. Each batsman scored a single from Spofforth's next over A stolen run elicited the customary applause. Runs came in driblets, and the strokes about this time were obtained by anything but good cricket. Palmer put in a beautiful piece of fielding just about this time, and was deservedly applauded all round.
    and Shrewsbury drove Boyle to the on for another single.  
    A well-judged short run to Shrewsbury in Spofforth's next over and....  
32   32  
When the score had reached 59, Boyle, who had all the while been bowling round the wicket, began to bowl over it, a single to Shrewsbury going down in the new departure; 60 being signalled.   a lucky single to the same bat from Boyle brought up 60. The Australians about this time were fielding grandly. Bonnor made some capital throws in to the wicket, Palmer, M'Donnell, and Bannerman made some fine stops, and Blackham was in good form behind the wickets  
This only lasted a couple of overs, Boyle returning to his original position, and here the first extra (leg bye) was scored, when....      
after a maiden from Spofforth....      
38 38 38 38
a bowling change took place, Palmer replacing Boyle, the score 63. The second ball of the over Shrewsbury cut for three in the direction of the press enclosures. By way of relieving the monotony, a change of bowling took place at 63, Palmer taking the ball vice Boyle. Shrewsbury late cut the new bowler's second ball for three.... At 63 Palmer bowled for Boyle, and his second ball Shrewsbury cut for three, the boundary being cleverly saved by Scott. With the score at 63 the first change in the bowling was made, Boyle standing down in favour of Palmer, who had his second ball cut for three by Shrewsbury.
39-42 39-40 39-42  
Some rather quiet play ensued for a few overs, singles only being scored, when.... and two singles in the following ones of each bowler. After some slow play....  
43 43 43  
Shrewsbury put Spofforth through the slips for a couple, which caused 70 to appear. A neat cut in the slips for a couple was also placed to his credit. Up to this period Lucas had only scored four singles, his tactics being of a purely defensive nature. After an hour and 35 minutes play 70 was telegraphed, and then.... Shrewsbury snicked Spofforth for a couple, and....  
  45 45  
  Shrewsbury got a single off Spofforth, and.... drove him very hard to the on for a single. Then....  
46 46 46  
An over or two later, after placing Spofforth for one, Shrewsbury cut Palmer to the pavilion rails for four, the ball passing clean through Spofforth's legs at point. At this period Mr.Lucas had been at the wickets while 24 overs had been bowled for four singles, the other man having added 25 in the meantime, when.... cut Palmer to the boundary. Out of the 30 runs which the players had compiled up to this time, 25 were to the credit of the professional. he cut Palmer beautifully for four, and  
47 47 47 47
he got Spofforth to leg to the pavilion for four, and followed this with a single, making the gross score 80. The last bowling change not having produced the desired effect.... Lucas then made his first big hit, getting Spofforth to the square leg boundary. Mr.Lucas cracked Spofforth to the on boundary. He next drove the same bowler very hard straight, but a good stop prevented more than a single, and.... Lucas, who had been at the wickets whilst 24 overs had been bowled for four singles, drove Spofforth to the on-boundary, amid plenty of cheering.
    each bat scored a single from Palmer's next over.  
50 50 50 50
Boyle superseded Palmer at 82. A single was scored by Mr.Lucas, and the third ball of the over bowled Shrewsbury. The ball broke in from the leg and got straight up from the pitch. 83-5-43. The outgoer had five fours in his score, and a couple each of threes and twos. Barnes came in, and was "c and b" Boyle the first ball he received. 83-6-0. The luncheon bell thereupon rang, Mr. Lucas being not out 11. At 82 Boyle resumed his old position, and Lucas drove his second ball for a single. His next ball, however, clean bowled Shrewsbury after a well-played 43, which included five fours, two threes, and three twos. Five for 83. Barnes joined Lucas, but was caught and bowled by Boyle, the first ball. Six for 83. An adjournment for luncheon then took place. At 82 Boyle resumed, and Mr.Lucas drove him for a single, but with the next ball Boyle clean bowled Shrewsbury with a curly one from leg. 83-5-43. Barnes tamely returned the first ball he received to the bowler, and the luncheon interval was taken. At 82, Boyle went on again, with the result that he bowled down Shrewsbury's wicket with the third ball. Barnes came out, and in the most obliging manner possible returned the first ball he got to the bowler. With the fall of this wicket the luncheon bell rang.
51 51 51 51
During the interval the sun shone out brilliantly, with the natural effect of making the wicket more difficult than before. When proceedings were resumed, Mr.O'Brien came in with Mr.Lucas, the latter scoring a single from Spofforth, when Mr.O'Brien was bowled from the first ball sent to him. 84-7-0. On this Barlow came in, and cut the first ball for a couple; but after this..... On the resumption of play Mr.T.C.O'Brien joined Lucas, but after Lucas scored a single, was bowled by Spofforth the next ball - middle stump. Seven for 94. Barnes, whose popularity was in a marked manner confirmed when he made his appearance, filled the vacancy, and at once drove Spofforth's next ball for a couple. After luncheon the weather was improved, and the sun was shining brilliantly. Mr.O'Brien accompanied Mr. Lucas to the wickets, but after Mr. Lucas had scored a single the newcomer was bowled by the first ball he received. 84-7-0. Barlow came in, and put the first ball he received to the on for a couple. At 2.45 O'Brien came out as partner to Lucas, but with one run added by the latter, O'Brien faced Spofforth, and was bowled the first ball he got. Barlow was particularly well applauded on making his appearance, and he at once got Spofforth away to leg for two, and....
52-61 52-61 52-62  
nothing but singles were scored in the next ten overs as runs were only obtained with difficulty. Lucas never seemed puzzled by the bowling, but he could not force the game. Then.... Then the scoring was very slow, Barlow making four singles and Lucas one in nine overs. The fielding being extremely close, more than one of the colonists was warmly applauded for some brilliant display in this respect. A round of maiden overs did not tend to increase the excitement, and to add to the general feeling of despondency.... Each bat scored a single from Boyle, and Barlow put Spofforth prettily to leg for a single. After several maidens Barlow drove Boyle to the on for a single, and Mr. Lucas, who was playing very hard, drove each bowler almost straight for a single. Then, after several maidens (!) Barlow gave a chance to Blackham from Boyle, and the ball was secured by Bonnor at slip. 93-8-6 Pilling joined Mr.Lucas, and was caught at cover point from a dreadful skier off the first ball he received (!) 93-9-0.  
      drove Boyle to the on for a single. Ninety went up at three minutes to three, when Barlow drove Boyle almost straight for a single.
62 62   62
Barlow was had in the slips after the ball had just touched the wicket-keeper's hands. 93-8-6. Pilling, who came next, was caught from a skyer at cover-point, from the second ball he had sent down. 93-9-0. Peate, who followed in last.... Barlow fell to Bonnor in the slips, the ball turning off the wicket-keeper's glove. Eight for 93. Pilling joined Lucas, but did not increase the total, being caught the second ball he received by Scott at mid-off. Nine for 93.   A very smart catch at short slip by Bonnor then got rid of Barlow at 93, and Pilling arrived on the scene. The wicket keeper survived an appeal for leg before from the first ball he got, but the succeeding delivery proved fatal to him, as on driving he screwed the ball over to the off-side, where Scott effected an easy catch.
63 63 63 63
drove Spofforth slightly to the on for two, and was then bowled, the innings closing at ten minutes past three. Peate was the last man. He drove Spofforth for a couple, but the third ball (!) settled him, he being clean bowled by the same bowler. The innings terminated about eight minutes past three for 95. Peate was the last man, and he drove Spofforth straight for a couple, but was then clean bowled next ball, and the innings closed for the small total of 95. With the arrival of Peate the innings was quickly brought to a conclusion, for the Yorkshireman, after driving Spofforth for a couple, had his wicket upset by the "demon." The total was 95 and the time 3.11


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