Brief profile of Tolly Burnett
by Dr.A.K.Hignell

Player:AC Burnett

Tolly Burnett was educated at Lancing and Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he won a cricket Blue in 1949. He subsequently went into teaching, and played occasionally for Sussex 2nd XI and the M.C.C. during his summer holidays from teaching science at Eton.


Given his very limited experience of county cricket, it was something of a surprise for many people when the Glamorgan committee invited Burnett to have a trial as their captain in August 1958. At the time, the club were considering a replacement for the long-serving Wilf Wooller. However, Burnett enjoyed modest success and he opted to remain at Eton.


His son R.J.Compton-Burnett won a Blue in 1981.


( December 2003)

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