Michael Hussey
by CricketArchive Staff Reporter

Player:MEK Hussey

DateLine: 26th May 2009


Australia took so long to recognise Michael Hussey's Test claims and once he was given a chance when Justin Langer fractured a rib he never looked back. He also owns the mark for the fastest player to 1000 Test runs after taking only 166 days to rub out the achievement of England's Andrew Strauss. Hussey is scrupulous at practice and has a tidy, compact style. Skilled off front foot and back, he is attractive to watch once. After Bevan was found unfit for the Australian ODI plans Hussey has taken up the role of Bevan, rebuilding if the innings is rocked, accelerating towards the end or shepherding a chase. An agile fieldsman and innovative middle-order bat with cool head and loose wrists it took 29 matches for his average to drop below 100.


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