Scotland v Australia 16, 17 & 18 July 1930
by Cricket Scotland

Ground:Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Scorecard:Scotland v Australians
Event:Australia in British Isles 1930

DateLine: 2nd February 2013




Day 1:
The first day's play in the Scotland-Australia match at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, was seriously interrupted by rain. There was an adjournment for ten minutes shortly after play had resumed following lunch, and a little later the rain came on more heavily, and the players retired again, not to return to the field. The captains, W.M. Woodfull and G.W.A. Alexander, examined the wicket about half past four, and it was decided straightaway that there would be no further cricket.


All told, play lasted for rather less than two hours, and Scotland, having won the toss, did well to make 129 runs for the loss of but three wickets. There was a good deal of sap in the ground, and at least two of the Australian bowlers, Grimmett and P.M. Hornibrook, appeared to get a good deal of assistance from the pitch.


They proved troublesome to the batsmen, but not unduly so, as the Scottish score fully demonstrates. Both the bowlers referred to had to be carefully watched, but it was shown that both could be hit, even Grimmett, who has been so successful in England. He has an unusual action, easy and graceful, and does not raise his bowling arm higher than the shoulder. But though he nearly bowled both of Scotland's opening batsmen round their legs, and beat them without hitting the wicket, his two victims were claimed at considerable expense, 20 runs apiece.


Five 4's were hit from his bowling. There were no fewer than five Australian bowlers tried, and the other three were A. Hurwood, E.L. a'Beckett, and D. G. Bradman. There was general satisfaction over the fact that the last named was included in the side, and also that the Australian captain, Woodfull, Grimmett, and W.H. Ponsford were playing. The absentees were A. Fairfax, who did not come to Edinburgh, W.A. Oldfield, S. McCabe, and T. Wall, who are all Test match players.


There was an attendance of between 4000 and 5000, and in the many hundreds of schoolboys who were present in the afternoon Fettes College appeared to be specially well represented. While much pleasure was expressed that the Australian players the public wanted most to see were present in the field, keen disappointment was, of course, felt that the period of play was such a brief one, and particularly so as the Scottish batsmen did such a good performance.


The Australians showed good work in the field, but seemed inclined to take matters leisurely at times after the strain of the Test struggle at Leeds.


Scotland's most experienced batsmen, Alexander and Kerr, opened the batting, and if they were quiet to start with, and if Hurwood bowled four maiden overs straight off, the Scots soon got to work, and both scored at a smart rate. Kerr got busy first, but the captain quickly passed him, thanks to two 4's and a 2, from his bat from Hurwood's sixth over.


They kept close together all the time they were together, which was about an hour, with Alexander slightly ahead, and when Kerr was out lbw, which is not an infrequent manner of dismissal for him, the score of the side stood at 53, and he had made 20. Alexander left just on lunch time, and he too was out for obstruction. The total was then 89 for two wickets. It was a most promising start.


Neither batsman had taken risks, and, if both had been troubled by breaking balls, they had played good cricket, and had shown plenty of confidence. The innings of Kerr, who had two 4's, and did not give a chance, was perhaps the sounder.


Alexander had a bad spell, during which he might have been stumped off Hornibrook, sent a high ball in the direction of fine leg in attempting to drive Grimmett, and gave a very hard chance too a'Beckett, who was fielding at silly mid-on to the "googlie" bowler. It would have been a great catch had it been taken. Alexander's innings, however, was a valuable one.


A.K. McTavish also batted with assurance and skill, and hit with power. He had six 4's in his useful 35, and he got his runs in less than an hour. One of his drives was but a few yards short of being a 6. He was beating by the break of a well-pitched ball from Grimmett, and his dismissal came from the second delivery after the adjournment owing to rain. Scotland suffered no more losses, and her men who had gone to the wicket had done so well that the spectators would have liked to have seen them carrying on for a longer spell.


Play will start today at 11.30 a.m.


Day 2:
There was no play yesterday in the Scotland-Australia match at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh. Rain fell practically all day, and at two o'clock it was decided to give up hope of making a start. The wicket has been protected, and, the weather and the state of the ground permitting, a resumption will be made this forenoon at 11.30.


The attendance on Wednesday would be about 5000. Of these 3900 paid for admission, and the rest represented schoolboys, who required to have tickets, and members of the Grange Club.


It was learned yesterday that C.V. Grimmett, the Australian bowler, was indisposed, and was suffering from stomach trouble. His illness is not of a serious nature, though if play had been possible yesterday he would not have been able to take the field.


Day 3:
There was no play yesterday in the Scotland-Australia match at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, and early in the afternoon it was decided to abandon the game. For a time it was thought that play would be possible, and as a matter of fact it had been arranged to make a start at half past two, Scotland declaring at 129 for the loss of three wickets and putting the Australians in to bat.


That, however, was found to be impracticable. At half past two the ground was still very wet, with more rain threatening, and as the arrangement was that play would stop at 5.30, it was not considered to be worthwhile resuming the game, which had lasted but two hours.


A considerable number of people were waiting at the gates, which were never opened. There was keen disappointment in cricket circles in Edinburgh over the fact that no opportunity had been afforded of seeing the Australians batting, and particularly so as in the late afternoon the weather was fine.


C.V. Grimmett had made so good a recovery from his indisposition that he was at the ground yesterday and prepared to take part in the game. He had two wickets for 40 runs on Wednesday.

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