Scotland v Lancashire 18, 19 & 20 May 1899
by Cricket Scotland

Ground:Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Scorecard:Scotland v Lancashire
Event:Lancashire in Scotland 1899

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Day 1:
Play in this important fixture of the present Scottish season was to have begun at Raeburn Place yesterday. From half past seven in the morning, however, rain fell heavily.


After waiting till twelve o'clock, there being no cessation of the downpour, it was definitely decided to abandon play for the day.


There are two changes in the Lancashire team. Hallam, as was anticipated after his breakdown in the Hampshire match, is unable to play, but he accompanies the team as umpire. His place is taken by Webb (late of Middlesex), a very fair bowler and one of the ground staff at Old Trafford.


Sugg has not recovered sufficiently to be able to resume his place, and Radcliffe, the clever county wicket keeper has come north instead. Play will, weather permitting, begin today at noon.


Day 2:
Scotland in her solitary representative cricket match this season has experienced a run of ill-luck which has seldom been equalled in these encounters. On Thursday her three days' engagement with Lancashire was to have commenced, but, thanks to the weather, the stumps were not even placed on the pitch. A start was made yesterday, but again the weather played havoc with the game.


At noon the air was sultry, and the rain laden clouds held out little prospect of a fine afternoon. Before a moderate attendance, Scotland in whose team there was one change, W.J. Thomson (West of Scotland) taking the place of T. Pride, Langholm, who, owing to indisposition, was unable to play, having won the toss sent T. Johnston and Hallas , to the bowling of Webb and Briggs.


The batsmen opened with extreme caution, Briggs frequently beating Johnston with his deliveries. About half a dozen overs had been bowled when the threatened rain came down, and the players had to seek shelter.


After an absence of eight minutes they resumed, but the partnership did not last much longer, Hallas departing clean bowled by Webb, one wicket for 5. This made way for Captain Cunningham, who at once infused some life into the game, Johnston also playing with greater freedom.


The Grange man put one up to point, but the catch was not accepted. The West of Scotland representative treated the deliveries of both bowlers with scant courtesy, getting each away for 3, and on both occasions having hard lines in not recording a boundary.


The fielding of the Englishmen was superb, eliciting frequent and hearty applause from the spectators. The rain, which had by this time settled down to a steady drizzle, made the wicket somewhat easier, though it kept the ball from travelling.


When the score had reached 38 the players were again driven to the pavilion, and at half past one it was decided to take luncheon. Players and spectators waited on in hopes that the downpour would cease.


At four o'clock, however, the weather showed no signs of clearing up, and play had reluctantly to be abandoned for the day. The game will be resumed at half past eleven this forenoon.


Day 3: No play was possible on the final day.

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