Scotland v Parsees 28 & 29 June 1886
by Cricket Scotland

Ground:Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Scorecard:Scotland v Parsees
Event:Parsees in British Isles 1886

DateLine: 4th February 2013




Day 1:
At Raeburn Place yesterday afternoon a two days' match between the Gentlemen of Scotland and the Parsees was commenced, the Parsees going first to the wickets to the bowling of Macnair and Pearson and afterwards of Scott and Thompson. Dr Patel made a long stand at the wickets, but playing with exceeding care, making in the course of about two hours only four hits, equal to nine runs.


After lunch Mannes was put on the bowling. The second half of the Indian team were disposed of with comparative rapidity, and at five minutes past four the Parsees innings closed for 89. The Gentlemen played a good game, and at six o'clock when the wickets were drawn, had scored 95 for the loss of six wickets.


Day 2:
Yesterday this match was resumed at Raeburn Place and ended in a win for the Gentlemen by one innings and 23 runs.


The not outs of the previous day who continued play for the Gentlemen were Thompson and Macnair, and in about an hour the innings closed for 173, and the Parsees began their second innings. The Indian team played a vigorous game, but there were no long stands made, Scott's bowling playing havoc with the wickets.


At 40 Pearson displaced Macnair and in a minute or two Khambatta was held at point by Duncan from Pearson's bowling, when five wickets were down for 43. Only 3 runs had been added when Scott took Balla's (the sixth) wicket.


A smart throw-in by Duncan enabled Johnston who was at the wickets to secure the seventh wicket, Framjee being run out. The next break was at 51 when Dr Patel was caught at mid wicket by Thompson.


At 57 Bazanjee was caught by Johnston at wickets from Scott's bowling and Pochkhanawala the last man went in. Scott soon disposed of him and the innings closed for 61. Scott had eight wickets for 32 runs.

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