Scotland v Philadelphians 7, 9, & 10 June 1884
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Ground:Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Scorecard:Scotland v Gentlemen of Philadelphia
Event:Gentlemen of Philadelphia in British Isles 1884

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Day 1:
This match to which more than ordinary interest attached was begun in fine weather on the Grange ground, Raeburn Place, on Saturday and will be continued today. The contest was changed from July 9 and 10 to the present dates to suit the visitors, who were anxious to spend the Sunday in the Scottish capital. The team came with a good reputation and had shown well in Ireland by drawing through heavy scoring against Dublin University, and then defeating the Gentlemen of Ireland by six wickets.


In such circumstances some good cricket was naturally anticipated and in this a large turnout of spectators, which included many of the older generation of players, were not disappointed. As the run of the game shows the match was a remarkable one in a variety of ways, not least being the disposal of a strong batting team of Scottish Gentlemen, nine of whom had, in some cases repeatedly, earned three figure scores.


While the ground favoured bowling and fielding, not a little of this result was due to some remarkably sharp fielding, especially after the first wicket fell, which the onlookers again and again cheered. The magnificent catch by Brockie which got rid of P. Thompson off a tremendously hard off drive was worth going a long way to see. Some brilliant bits of fielding were also shown by the Scottish Gentlemen, notably Allan at point; Macdonald's good running catch between square leg and leg in taking one of the best American scorers (Thayer); and Don Wauchope's taking of Brockie at cover, the old Cantab captain running in and just scooping the ball above the ground.


In batting, Scott, one of the youngest players in the team, showed capital patience for his 57 in the first innings while his cutting and hitting were very clean and very similar to the Edinburgh Academy style of play. Law also hit hard and clean; as did also Clark, Brockie, and Morgan. Newhall, the American captain, who excelled in the field and is reputed one of the best bats in the team failed to come off. Allan was the only one of the Scottish team who played up to usual form, and as the Scotsmen have 135 to get to win they will be fairly put on their mettle today.


It may interest Scottish cricketers to know that the veteran Robert Carpenter (Cambridgeshire), well known in connection with the United All-England and All-England Elevens when they tested the Grange in its pristine Grove Street days, nearly twenty years ago, accompanies the team as umpire.


Winning the toss, the Philadelphians went to the wickets sharp with Messrs J.A. Scott and H. Brown, Messrs R Macnair and Hay-Brown bowling. Scott opened well by punishing Macnair's first over to the tune of 7, in which was a 4 to leg. He took to Hay-Brown, whom he drove for 2 and then 4's in succeeding overs, doing all the scoring until 22 was reached, when Brown got his first runs riskily past cover for a brace. Brown then drove Macnair for 4, which an overshy converted into a 6, but the next ball after he played to short leg, Thompson fielded it so well that it led to Mr Balfour getting him run out at 30.


In being joined by J.B. Thayer, Scott gave a hard chance to Macdonald at long off, which was not taken, and 4 scored for it. P. Thompson now relieved Hay-Brown, and with his first ball the Brunswick crack carried away Thayer's off stump. The American captain Newhall ran some nice hits off Scott before he drove Macnair for 4 and then got bowled at 47. J.M. Fox put Macnair to the boundary for 4, but the next ball was splendidly held at point.


S. Law filled the vacancy and 60 was rapidly hung out through an on drive from Scott which brought on Macdonald. Runs however still came and just an hour and a quarter from the start loud applause from the pavilion let the spectators know that Scott had earned his 50. This is the first one in the tour, his 48 against Dublin being the nearest and he now became entitled to top bat.


At 75 Hay-Brown was again tried and Thompson returned to the pavilion end. In Hay-Brown's third over after, Scott was held at point with an excellent 57 made up of four 4's, a 3, thirteen 2's, and singles. W Brockie succeeded but was early tempted by the slows and paid the penalty to Mr Balfour at 83 making six wickets down. E Clark's wickets were spread at 84 and W.C. Morgan came in.


This partnership proved a prosperous one for the Americans, Law cementing it with an on drive for4 while Morgan wrought out the three figures at a quarter to two by a rare hit to leg for 4. Some time elapsed before 110 was reached and after another 4 from Law, Thompson uprooted Morgan's stumps. Eight for 114, and the lunch bell rang. On resuming F. Brewster joined Law and was smartly stumped at 119, at which figure Lowry was bowled.


A few minutes after three the Scotsmen went in to wipe out what most people considered an easy score. Messrs L.M. Balfour and F.R. Sanderson led the defence, Messrs Fox and Lowry bowling.


The start augured well, as Balfour cut Lowry for 3 and got him square for 4. Sanderson then got Fox prettily to leg for 4, and Balfour Lowry for a like figure. At 23 however the Scottish captain played one softly between point and mid off which was held. On getting Hay-Brown for his partner the High Schoolman had some neat hits before 35 was reached when Sanderson was bowled.


W.A. Bettesworth joined Hay-Brown, and the scoring of the Blair Lodge master last season led to anticipations of lively hitting. After pulling two balls off his off-stump to the on for 2 and 4 he was clean bowled at 44. A.O. Mackenzie next partnered Hay-Brown who was got lbw 47 and made way for J.A. Allan. Some neat cuts from the Drumpellier man followed till 53 was reached, when Brewster was tried, and off his first ball the old Oxonian was held at wickets.


J Macdonald, another of the three figure scorers of the year, came next, but was smartly taken by the bowler at 56. C Leggatt cut his first prettily for 4 and was clean bowled at 66; while Dom Wauchope had the misfortune to get himself badly run out through Allan changing his mind a minute after.


P. Thompson opened with a drive for 4, but at 73 he drove one hard to the off which at first bounded out of Brockie's hands into the air, and was then captured by the Philadelphian amid great cheers making nine wickets down. A smart catch got rid of Macnair at the same figure, leaving the Scotsmen 40 runs behind.


The Philadelphians began their second innings well, till Scott was run out at 14, at which figure Brown and Law were also bowled. Brewster and Brockie, however, mated well and treated the spectators to some hard hitting till Brewster was smartly stumped by Balfour (who was in good form all through) at 39.


Thayer came next, and after being missed by the bowler, was splendidly taken off a hard hit by Macdonald, who ran a considerable distance from square leg to the on to take it. Newhall was beaten at 46, but when Clark joined Brockie more lively hitting, frequently cheered, ensued, till Brockie was brilliantly taken at cover at 70, after a pretty 20. Clark, however, was not got rid of till 95 at which point he sent one back to Bettesworth, with a useful 28 to his credit. Bettesworth bowled his successor immediately after. Play will be resumed today at noon.


Day 2:
The match was concluded at Raeburn Place yesterday before a fair gathering of spectators. The day was dull and cold but the wicket was in finer run getting order that Saturday.


With 136 to get to win the Scotsmen made a bad start, Mr Balfour not playing in his usual form, and two good wickets were down for 9 runs. Messrs Hay-Brown and Bettesworth, however, made a stand despite repeated bowling changes and good fielding. The old Academy lad's innings was one of the best of the match, and was characterised by a great patience and clean hitting. With the exception of a hard chance to the bowler, it was a faultless performance, and on his return to the pavilion with 55 not out, Mr Brown was heartily cheered. Mr Bettesworth hit hard and clean, though he gave a chance when he had scored 20, and another towards the close. Before the match was won the Scotsmen lost five wickets. The Philadelphian fielding was generally sharp, and the bowling good to the end, as the following short run of the game shows:-


At 12.15, the Scottish captain went to the wickets with Mr F. Sanderson, Messrs Fox and Lowry bowling. Both had singles to start with, and then Balfour cut Fox for a couple: but so good was the bowling and fielding that ten overs were bowled before Balfour sent one back to Lowry at 9 which that fielder took in fine style just above the ground falling in the attempt. In the next over, Sanderson cut one high to the off, which was held, making two wickets down.


Messrs Hay-Brown and Bettesworth were now in possession, the Blair Lodge man driving Lowry for the first 4 of the day. He then cut Lowry for 3 and got Fox square for 4, while Hay-Brown brought out 30 by an on drive, and Brewster went on for Fox. Bettesworth here gave a chance at cover when he had scored 20, and then got his next away for 4. At 42 Brewster was tried and Law at 51, both leading off with maidens. Bettesworth next played Law prettily to the on for 4, which was the principal hit till 60 was signalled, and Lowry again resumed.


Hay-Brown at this point sent one back to Brewster who fell taking it amid cries of "well held" but an appeal to Parnell was given against the Philadelphians. A long time elapsed before 70 was hoisted, Bettesworth in the interval giving a hot chance to Thayer at the off. Immediately after Bettesworth was held at mid-off, after scoring 42, in which were four 4's.


Mr J.A. Allan put his first through Brewster's hands and soon after cut one for 3. Hay-Brown got Brewster to leg for 4, which brought the total to 86, when Fox was tried from the north end. Hay-Brown played Fox neatly off his legs, and Allan drove Brewster loftily to the on for 4. Another nice leg hit from Hay-Brown brought the 100 on to the board at two o'clock amid cheers. At 104 Thayer was tried and in his second over got the Drumpellier man smartly held at the wicket, at 105.


Mr A.O. Mackenzie came next and ran some hits for his partner till 115 was reached, when Lowry was tried, and then Law and Thayer at 120, Law 4 runs later, after scattering Mackenzie's stumps. Mr J. Macdonald succeeded and ran a 3 for his partner. He then put Thayer to leg for 4, and drove one high for 2, bringing the total to 133. Singles followed from Hay-Brown which brought the match to a tie. A good drive by Macdonald to the on made the match a win for the Scottish Gentlemen by five wickets.

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