Brief profile of Vince Clarke
by Matthew Reed

Player:VP Clarke

DateLine: 25th October 2005


When Derbyshire announced they’d signed the leg spinning all-rounder Vince Clarke, members murmured their approval at the prospect of seeing googlies and flippers torment opposition batsmen. Clarke’s bowling was his stronger suite, although it was medium paced dobbers which he used, on occasion, to very good effect, as they could wobble alarmingly as well as being hard to get after. He was a very important cog in the wheel as Derbyshire were runners up in the 1998 Natwest Cup Final, and his bowling of the 60th over against Leicestershire in the semi-final was a master class in cool headed composure, even if his broad grin was somewhat artificial. However, Clarke was reported as being overweight when he came back from pre-season in 1999, and he left the club shortly afterwards, a sad way for the association to end. Clarke is one of those poor cricketing souls whose highest First-class score was 99 (vs. Warwickshire in 1997), although the fact that he scored that after coming in at 16-4 and with the shock resignation of captain Dean Jones having been announced that morning added significant value to his innings. The nerves Clarke felt at being so close to his century obviously needed soothing, although it is thought that the sight of no.11 Devon Malcolm marching out to bat at the other end did little to help in this regard.


(October 2005)


(Article: Copyright © 2005 Matthew Reed)


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