Scotland's Muslim cricketer covers up beer logo
by AFP

Player:RM Haq
Event:ICC World Cup 2006/07

DateLine: 14th March 2007


Scottish Muslim cricketer Majid Haq made his World Cup debut on Wednesday with a beer manufacturer's logo blacked out on his strip because of his strong anti-alcohol views.


The Scottish team, who were playing world champions Australia in St Kitts, are sponsored by a brewery and the logo, Deuchars IPA, one of the country's most popular ales, is on the arms of the players' shirts.


"It's for religious reasons," said Haq when he explained why the brewer's name is missing from his strip.


"We were on tour in Kenya in January when I first heard that Deuchars was going to be our shirt sponsor, and I just told Cricket Scotland straight away that I wouldn't be able to wear their logos because of my religion. They respected my beliefs."


Euan McIntyre, Scotland's tour manager, tolds The Scotsman newspaper: "Majid felt that because of his religion it would not be appropriate to wear any branding promoting alcohol.


"As far as I understand he wasn't unhappy about the situation, but just asked politely if there was any way he could avoid wearing the logos.


"Unfortunately, it came to our attention too late for the company that makes our merchandise to reprint the shirts specially for Majid."


Haq is not the first Muslim cricketer to take this form of action against alcohol sponsorship.


Hashim Amla, the South Africa batsman, refused to wear shirts emblazoned with Castle Lager logos on his Test debut in 2004.

(Article: Copyright © 2007 AFP)


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