Tragic end of Faaqer in the playing field
by CricketArchive

DateLine: 25th April 2008


The tragic passing of Syed Faaqer Ali has left us all stunned. His last moments were spent playing the game that he dearly loved, with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm that he always displayed for everything in life. It is this that we should all enshrine in our memories.


Faaqer was a cricketer, and a gentleman, and above that a devoted son and a proud husband and father. His family and cricket were his life and blood, and he handled both of them in a manner that we can all learn from.


The cricket world has lost an individual who was destined to do great things for the game. The game was everything to him, and yet he always put the game and it's future first. He epitomised the much talked about Spirit of the Game, and inspired others around him to do the same - playing with a smile and a passion that was always positive. He had grand dreams for the future of cricket, for youngsters both in the US and his native homeland of India. It is in our hands now to ensure that those dreams live on, and are realised.


The loss to his beloved family is unthinkable. His father, Syed Abid Ali, was rightly proud of the man his son had become, and in turn Faaqer's greatest joys lay in his own young family, his wife Fatima and his young son, Hyder. He cherished every moment with them all, and once again, it is in our hands to help ensure that they can live the life he dreamed of for them.


Rest in Peace, Faaqer - we will remember you and celebrate you every day, and as you watch down over us, we will strive to finish what you set out to do.


There are three ways to contribute to the memorial fund for Faaqer:


1. PayPal - send money via paypal to (NCALCRIC - please double check the spelling before sending).


2. Online or Wire Transfer -- we have a bank account at Bank of America for the fund. The Routing Number is 121000358 and the account number is 05704-69264


3. Check - Your check needs to be payable to "Rohan Chandran" and marked for the "Syed Abid Ali Family Fund". You can deposit directly using the account information above at any Bank of America Branch, or you can mail me the checks at Rohan Chandran, 830 Stewart Drive Suite 204, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. I will provide a complete accounting of all checks received and deposited for the sake of complete transparency since as the sponsor of the account my name is on the checks. If you include your email address on the check, I will send you an email once it is deposited as well.


Finally - there is also a tribute page set up at via which people can donate.


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