Birmingham and District Premier League Division Two 1998

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18 Apr 1998  Old Edwardians v Worcester Norton Taverners The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24853a
25 Apr 1998  Highway v Old Edwardians Fletchamstead Highway Ground, Coventry misc24854a
02 May 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Four Oaks Saints Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
02 May 1998  Old Edwardians v Solihull Blossomfield The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24855
03 May 1998  Four Oaks Saints v Old Edwardians Clarence Road, Four Oaks misc24856
03 May 1998  Kenilworth v Kenilworth Wardens Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc
09 May 1998  Bedworth v Worcester Norton Taverners Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc28185
09 May 1998  Droitwich Spa v Four Oaks Saints St Peter's Field, Droitwich misc28186
09 May 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Water Orton Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
09 May 1998  Old Edwardians v Kenilworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24857
09 May 1998  Redditch v Walmley Bromsgrove Road, Redditch misc28187
09 May 1998  Warwick v Solihull Blossomfield Hampton Road, Warwick misc28194
16 May 1998  Redditch v Kenilworth Wardens Bromsgrove Road, Redditch misc
16 May 1998  Water Orton v Old Edwardians Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc24858
23 May 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Walmley Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
23 May 1998  Old Edwardians v Redditch The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24859
25 May 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Old Edwardians Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc24860
30 May 1998  Droitwich Spa v Kenilworth Wardens St Peter's Field, Droitwich misc
30 May 1998  Walmley v Old Edwardians The John Findlay Memorial Ground, Walmley misc24861
06 Jun 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Warwick Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
06 Jun 1998  Old Edwardians v Droitwich Spa The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24862
13 Jun 1998  Pelsall v Kenilworth Wardens Walsall Road, Pelsall misc
13 Jun 1998  Warwick v Old Edwardians Hampton Road, Warwick misc24863a
20 Jun 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Bedworth Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
20 Jun 1998  Old Edwardians v Pelsall The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24864a
27 Jun 1998  Bedworth v Old Edwardians Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc24865a
04 Jul 1998  Highway v Kenilworth Wardens Fletchamstead Highway Ground, Coventry misc
04 Jul 1998  Worcester Norton Taverners v Old Edwardians Gordon Jones Memorial Ground, Norton misc24866
11 Jul 1998  Droitwich Spa v Worcester Norton Taverners St Peter's Field, Droitwich misc28189
11 Jul 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Solihull Blossomfield Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc57521
11 Jul 1998  Old Edwardians v Highway The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24867
11 Jul 1998  Pelsall v Walmley Walsall Road, Pelsall misc28190
11 Jul 1998  Redditch v Four Oaks Saints Bromsgrove Road, Redditch misc57526
11 Jul 1998  Warwick v Bedworth Hampton Road, Warwick misc28191
11 Jul 1998  Water Orton v Kenilworth Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc28192
18 Jul 1998  Four Oaks Saints v Kenilworth Wardens Clarence Road, Four Oaks misc
18 Jul 1998  Solihull Blossomfield v Old Edwardians The Wardens, Solihull misc24868
25 Jul 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Kenilworth Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
25 Jul 1998  Old Edwardians v Four Oaks Saints The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24869
01 Aug 1998  Kenilworth v Old Edwardians Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc24870a
01 Aug 1998  Water Orton v Kenilworth Wardens Coleshill Road, Water Orton misc
08 Aug 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Redditch Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
08 Aug 1998  Old Edwardians v Water Orton The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24871
15 Aug 1998  Redditch v Old Edwardians Bromsgrove Road, Redditch misc24872
15 Aug 1998  Walmley v Kenilworth Wardens The John Findlay Memorial Ground, Walmley misc
22 Aug 1998  Old Edwardians v Kenilworth Wardens The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24873
29 Aug 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Droitwich Spa Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
29 Aug 1998  Old Edwardians v Walmley The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24874
31 Aug 1998  Droitwich Spa v Old Edwardians St Peter's Field, Droitwich misc24875
31 Aug 1998  Warwick v Kenilworth Wardens Hampton Road, Warwick misc
05 Sep 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Pelsall Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
05 Sep 1998  Old Edwardians v Warwick The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24876a
12 Sep 1998  Bedworth v Kenilworth Wardens Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc
12 Sep 1998  Pelsall v Old Edwardians Walsall Road, Pelsall misc24877a
19 Sep 1998  Kenilworth Wardens v Worcester Norton Taverners Glasshouse Park, Kenilworth misc
19 Sep 1998  Old Edwardians v Bedworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc24878





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