Scotland National Cricket League Division One 2007

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28 Apr 2007  Arbroath United v Aberdeenshire Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2141
28 Apr 2007  Drumpellier v Forfarshire Langloan, Coatbridge csl2144
28 Apr 2007  Penicuik v Freuchie Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2149
28 Apr 2007  Stenhousemuir v Renfrew The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2152
28 Apr 2007  West Lothian v Watsonians Boghall, Linlithgow csl2154
05 May 2007  Aberdeenshire v Renfrew Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2156
05 May 2007  Forfarshire v West Lothian Forthill, Dundee csl2161
05 May 2007  Freuchie v Stenhousemuir The Park, Freuchie csl2162
05 May 2007  Penicuik v Arbroath United Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2165
05 May 2007  Watsonians v Drumpellier Myreside, Edinburgh csl2169
12 May 2007  Arbroath United v Watsonians Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2172
12 May 2007  Drumpellier v West Lothian Langloan, Coatbridge csl2172b
12 May 2007  Forfarshire v Penicuik Forthill, Dundee csl2175a
12 May 2007  Freuchie v Renfrew The Park, Freuchie csl2175b
12 May 2007  Stenhousemuir v Aberdeenshire The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2176a
19 May 2007  Arbroath United v Drumpellier Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2181
19 May 2007  Penicuik v Renfrew Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2187
19 May 2007  Stenhousemuir v Forfarshire The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2189a
19 May 2007  Watsonians v Freuchie Myreside, Edinburgh csl2190
19 May 2007  West Lothian v Aberdeenshire Boghall, Linlithgow csl2190b
26 May 2007  Aberdeenshire v Drumpellier Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2196
26 May 2007  Freuchie v Arbroath United The Park, Freuchie csl2201
26 May 2007  Renfrew v Forfarshire King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2205
26 May 2007  Watsonians v Penicuik Myreside, Edinburgh csl2208
26 May 2007  West Lothian v Stenhousemuir Boghall, Linlithgow csl2210
02 Jun 2007  Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2214
02 Jun 2007  Arbroath United v West Lothian Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2215
02 Jun 2007  Drumpellier v Freuchie Langloan, Coatbridge csl2219
02 Jun 2007  Renfrew v Watsonians King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2224
02 Jun 2007  Stenhousemuir v Penicuik The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2226
09 Jun 2007  Aberdeenshire v Watsonians Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2230
09 Jun 2007  Freuchie v Forfarshire The Park, Freuchie csl2236
09 Jun 2007  Penicuik v West Lothian Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2238
09 Jun 2007  Renfrew v Drumpellier King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2241
09 Jun 2007  Stenhousemuir v Arbroath United The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2242
16 Jun 2007  Aberdeenshire v Penicuik Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2250a
16 Jun 2007  Arbroath United v Renfrew Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2251
16 Jun 2007  Drumpellier v Stenhousemuir Langloan, Coatbridge csl2253a
16 Jun 2007  Forfarshire v Watsonians Forthill, Dundee csl2255
16 Jun 2007  West Lothian v Freuchie Boghall, Linlithgow csl2257a
23 Jun 2007  Aberdeenshire v Freuchie Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2259
23 Jun 2007  Forfarshire v Arbroath United Forthill, Dundee csl2262
23 Jun 2007  Penicuik v Drumpellier Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2263b
23 Jun 2007  Renfrew v West Lothian King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2265a
23 Jun 2007  Watsonians v Stenhousemuir Myreside, Edinburgh csl2266a
30 Jun 2007  Aberdeenshire v Arbroath United Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2267
30 Jun 2007  Forfarshire v Drumpellier Forthill, Dundee csl2272
30 Jun 2007  Freuchie v Penicuik The Park, Freuchie csl2273
30 Jun 2007  Renfrew v Stenhousemuir King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2274a
30 Jun 2007  Watsonians v West Lothian Myreside, Edinburgh csl2279
07 Jul 2007  Arbroath United v Penicuik Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2280
07 Jul 2007  Drumpellier v Watsonians Langloan, Coatbridge csl2282
07 Jul 2007  Renfrew v Aberdeenshire King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2286a
07 Jul 2007  Stenhousemuir v Freuchie The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2287
07 Jul 2007  West Lothian v Forfarshire Boghall, Linlithgow csl2288a
14 Jul 2007  Aberdeenshire v Stenhousemuir Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2290
14 Jul 2007  Penicuik v Forfarshire Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2296
14 Jul 2007  Renfrew v Freuchie King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2296a
14 Jul 2007  Watsonians v Arbroath United Myreside, Edinburgh csl2300
14 Jul 2007  West Lothian v Drumpellier Boghall, Linlithgow csl2301
21 Jul 2007  Aberdeenshire v West Lothian Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2304
21 Jul 2007  Drumpellier v Arbroath United Langloan, Coatbridge csl2307
21 Jul 2007  Forfarshire v Stenhousemuir Forthill, Dundee csl2311
21 Jul 2007  Freuchie v Watsonians The Park, Freuchie csl2312
21 Jul 2007  Renfrew v Penicuik King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2316
28 Jul 2007  Arbroath United v Freuchie Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2322
28 Jul 2007  Drumpellier v Aberdeenshire Langloan, Coatbridge csl2325
28 Jul 2007  Forfarshire v Renfrew Forthill, Dundee csl2329
28 Jul 2007  Penicuik v Watsonians Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2331
28 Jul 2007  Stenhousemuir v West Lothian The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2335
04 Aug 2007  Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire Forthill, Dundee csl2342
04 Aug 2007  Freuchie v Drumpellier The Park, Freuchie csl2343
04 Aug 2007  Penicuik v Stenhousemuir Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2348
04 Aug 2007  Watsonians v Renfrew Myreside, Edinburgh csl2352
04 Aug 2007  West Lothian v Arbroath United Boghall, Linlithgow csl2353
11 Aug 2007  Arbroath United v Stenhousemuir Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2354a
11 Aug 2007  Drumpellier v Renfrew Langloan, Coatbridge csl2354d
11 Aug 2007  Forfarshire v Freuchie Forthill, Dundee csl2354i
11 Aug 2007  Watsonians v Aberdeenshire Myreside, Edinburgh csl2354n
11 Aug 2007  West Lothian v Penicuik Boghall, Linlithgow csl2354o
18 Aug 2007  Freuchie v West Lothian The Park, Freuchie csl2354s
18 Aug 2007  Penicuik v Aberdeenshire Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2354x
18 Aug 2007  Renfrew v Arbroath United King George V Playing Fields, Renfrew csl2354z
18 Aug 2007  Stenhousemuir v Drumpellier The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2354ab
18 Aug 2007  Watsonians v Forfarshire Myreside, Edinburgh csl2354af
25 Aug 2007  Arbroath United v Forfarshire Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2355
25 Aug 2007  Drumpellier v Penicuik Langloan, Coatbridge csl2357
25 Aug 2007  Freuchie v Aberdeenshire The Park, Freuchie csl2361
25 Aug 2007  Stenhousemuir v Watsonians The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2364
25 Aug 2007  West Lothian v Renfrew Boghall, Linlithgow csl2369





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